The Rose will bloom [Rose|Rosaïwira]

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The rose will bloom

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How long was it? Time flew by, dragged her further away from the Forest which she Called Home once. Surely her Mind changed but her Heart stayed the Same. A deep burning Heartache, a longing for something dragged her back. She knew well that everything changed in the Time she left the Forest and upon her arrival back into it Today. But maybe it could be a new beginning, a Start for her to make things right this Time.

Came back into the Forest, checked the Den which was empty with no trace of any Scent lingering close. Settled down and watched the Forest, so much she had forgotten over the past months away. Was approached shortly after by a small Child, let it come close and gave it a sniff. Smiled at it as it settled down, which reminded her of her own kids shortly. Raised her Head in the Air as a familiar Scent got carried over, turned to see Aurik and froze kinda for a moment. Unsure where they are standing now and gave him a deep bow out of respect. Got a bow in return which let such a heavy stone fall down of her shoulders and gave the Male a short nod. Worried that the Child could be his and took some steps away from it, but he walked away shortly after and kinda just shrugged and settled by the Child again. But then a Tomo and Rose just omg baby I missed you and got tears in her eyes as Tomo remembered her. Heart melted more as Tomo gave her nuzzles, gave some in return.

Left the Forest for a while


Came back to the Forest, found the Den empty and began to roam around. Passing by Anne and Matthew, greeted the Pair but left afterwards as to not disturb them. Came across the Log by the Old Oak, searched for Thorir's scent but found none. Felt sad but shook that fast aside, the Stag wasnt hers and she shouldnt search for him. Left to the Den and settled down, curled into a Ball and heavy lost in thoughts.

Stood up much later, seeked out Brille who was in Company. Hold a bit distance but settled down with them. Staring into the Fog, cold and with half closed eyes. Was left alone and wandered around a bit before the sight of the Log stopped her legs. Half minded walked towards it and sat down, watching the forming waterdrops fall down of her pelt. Feeling oddly calm, if thats her fate, to be left alone then so be it. Wouldnt fight against it anymore even when her whole Soul screams against it. Fell asleep and dreamed of a other World and a other time.


Grew oddly Irritated with some things and decided a time out would be good. Left those Past days to calm and chill in the Human World. Came back as of today and was welcomed by Fog. Napped shortly by Draven and Tig before leaving to the Human World again to grab some stuff. Found Hydra at the Den when returning and instant cuddled her gently. Feeling at peace for now, but secretly keeping a look out for the Kids. Heading back to the Human World later.


Waking up and feeling the Sun shine on the back feels great. Noted close by Brille with her Fawn and settled near them, kind of began to enjoy the silent company the more I spend time with them. But peace was broken soon. Heard a Fight close by and turned not only the Ears towards the direction but my head aswell. Shocked to see Hydra in a Fight and jumped back to my Hooves, nearly fell but did hold balance in the last second. Ran to Hydras aid against Midas, noticed she already got Help but was set on aiding her nonethless. Tactically charge the Male everytime, trying to ram my Antlers into his flesh. However was soon suprised to see Dardan and a lingering Erieda. Iam so tired of your shit gurl, ambushed the Female until my head fling towards Hydra which did now fight against Dardan. Extreme bitterness setting in and instantly turned around to attack the Beast. The Fight Died out some time later, bowed respectly deep to the Helpful Male before I played nurse to Hydra. Using the last Meds from the Human World and got into a little Talk before resting with each other. Got some time later up to tend my Own Wounds by the Pond and to check onto the Dragon Kid, was surprised by Hammel and scared away the kid, good job Rose. Decided to stay away from the kid and moved a bit away with Hammel. Sat with the Male shortly but grew restless in his presence and moved on, feeling her instincts kicking in so before anything getting out of hand it was better to move. Collected Nearby Llyr and stopped by Hydra shortly to ward off some Strangers. Was suprised by Vivi and was such a happy Mother. Leading the two to Thorir, Brille and lil Draugur. Sitting, trying to tender the wounds and supress the Pain while keeping a look on the surroundings and her ears in the direction to Hydra.

Woke a little stiff but with a rather long walk it was gone. Seeked out a big cluster of Friends and noticed instantly whats going on here. Felt uncomfortable since I did not know Kerosene nor Cassi at all. Did leave after some time and went to the Pond to drink and rest. Was soon approached by a youngster (Hego) and played around with him. Afraid of reopening wounds took it slowly and even brought him over to Matt and Anne. But he seemed shy? Distrustful? Couldnt quite understand it and was even to tired to think about it. Romped around with him a bit again on the Rocks before flopping down. Bid Them all farewell soon tho and walked trought the Forest to find a quiet flowerpatch to sit in. Thinking heavy.


Woke and scooded closer to Thorir which had company of Brille and Draugur. Stood close until I noticed Hydra close by. Made my way over to her, not only to check how shes doing today but also to spend time with her. However her gaze constantly switching over to Thorir. Feeling more and more what does approach and is a bit afraid of it. Supressing the Instincts, ruled by Human-Mind.


Woke near the Den but fell instantly in a bad mood when Erieda sat near it. Still cant fogive that Doe for the past and angerly stood guard and paced up and down. Somehow it came to a Fight then and they fought trought the Forest until Hydra showed up. Irritated if she should protect Hydra or being protected by her. Aided her but just couldnt fight that well today. Specially more as the Fight still broke out time after time as Erieda didnt back off. Grew worried for Hydra and felt ashamed that she fought for her. Grew even more ashamed and felt terrible as Thorir showed up, did not want to let the Stag see that she was involved in Fights. Wondered what the Male would think about her now, grew sad and more aggressive. Attacked the source of the whole Dilemma to finally get her back off. Worked, wow. Checked Hydra and was glad that she was ok, stayed by Thorir and let Hydra walk off. Angry Grandma is scary. Leaned against Thorir after I greeted Brille. Stayed in there Company, licking the wounds and grooming Thorir. Do not think bad of me will you.


Trying to act all Happy when you would just love to cling to a root and cry. Normal Rose things.

Stayed a bit by sleeping Tig and Draven, sorting out some thoughts in peace and silence. Came to the Result that the Live which I live at the moment isnt the best. But what to change? Where to start? Who to talk to? Walked a bit around but stopped in sight of Anne and Matthew which had company of a wolfpup? Greeted the Pair and the kid, doesnt want to be two Faced but couldnt do anything but hide the growing bitterness and emptyness inside. Played around with them all before settling on a small hill, relaxing a bit, thinking deeply what to do and what goals I have in live. Followed the wolfpup to Anne as she stealed herself away (more like she fled from a nameless). Met Artemis and Llyr there, growing more calm, not all is that shitty right?


Great morning, snuggled close to Draven and slept more until I woke some hours later to Thais being there aswell. Groomed her and was a happy Rose for some time until noticed the Staring Rom and grew uncomfortable. Moved off to a far away Tig and cuddled the Youngster, was then again joined by Thais and was happy again. Fell asleep fast and did not notice the fight which broke out (As Player just needed to restart pc which took longer then expected...). Woke up later to Thais moved to GunGun and Nix being close, confused as hell and more worried as I noticed how gungun looks and Thais. Had a short conversation with the Doe which left me speechless and pissed. Moved to the culprit and talked to him, which resulted in a broken relation now. Left the scene and returned to Thais and Nix, feeling finally the extreme sadness settle in as the anger faded a bit. Was approached by Nix and after some exchanging words let the Tears flow, couldnt hold them in and was so glad she had a shoulder to cry to. Moved to Thais and cryied with my head on her back before I fell asleep. Mental and emotional exhausted.


(edited Appearance Tab)

Slept the morning by Tig before being approached by Dardan, almost forgot that he can do such things. He got a fawn but soon it was gone and we engaged in Play before I suddenly stopped as I noticed a Stranger (Fletcher?) and was interested in him. Playful stalking before he noticed me and I approached finally. Exchanged greetings and a sniff, will hold a eye out for him the next time, was interrupted by a Dardan and continued with the Play.
Later found a staring Stranger near and stared back while Dardan walked off, did not follow as I thought he wanted to go to the Pond to drink. But the Beast circled the Stranger and did his thing with him. Growed irritated ether to protect the Stranger or to go away, decided to protect him which did not go well. Left a bit away as they fought and got grumpy. Noticed the stranger from before come by but mood dropped ultimatly low, just wanted to go on distance. It was then as the stranger which fought with Dardan dragged the fight to me, did not think something evil but was greeted with the strangers hooves. Confused much but did not hit back, sat in the Pond to cool down the spot.

Settled back at the Den and was joined for a bit by Hammel, did not mind his presence but was still a grumpy piece of shit. Fell asleep some time later just to wake up to being alone, yay like always (T-T). Walked first to the Pond to quench the thirst before the sweet Scent of Thorir caught my interest. Instant happy mood to see him again and walked towards him. Forgot things are still awkward so just stood and waited till he would invite her over. Was greeted and then invited, settled down by his side to groom him. Got into a talk with him which left her in a rather good mood and with her head on his Back, win win.

Had a Talk with Matthew and Anne as they came over, left terrible sad and deep in thoughts as they Departed. Buried her Face back in Thorir's Back fluff, you know why (;D) Its so fluffy ofc. Being once againg a sad Potato.


(relations update, a little..)

Grew to think that Males are assholes, except a few, few are bae.

Woke by Dardan which had Company in form of Hammel, greeted the Beast and stayed for some time. Much play, extreme roughhousing (in which she got some clawmarks) and chill time with Dardan.


(Oh god why did I never update this... I totaly forgot half of the events I think)

Had a great start in the Day Yesterday, Dozing in a Sun spot and found Artemis again, which later was joined by Pippit. Stayed at there Side's, protecting them and being a happy Potato. Noticed Thorir's scent but didnt wanted to force herself onto him so stayed by the youngsters. After some Time (and watching a fight) Comen came, noticed his grumpyness and couldnt yet understand whats wrong with him. Mark came and with him later 2 strangers, Romped a bit with them while eyeing Comen the whole Time. Gave him the taste of his own medicine as he tried to roughplay and shove me around. Grew irritated and more uncomfortable with time, finally bid them (Mark and Comen) goodbye to leave for the Den, her company seemed not wanted. More confused then ever and hid in the Den letting out some sadness and anger Tears before Comen came and with him then Mark. Had nohing against the second so let them be, just eyeing them as they sat down infront of the Den. But as Dazenth came there was a boundery over stepped, shoved the Dragon right away that he wasnt welcomed here, charged at him and letting out some anger. As he finally walked away I noticed Llyr, welcomed the Doe with open arms and greeted a Stag wich I saw many times by Thais, he cant be bad. Settled back by the Den and was then dragged in a Talk with Comen, in which he somehow confessed (well so that even Rose did understood...). Did not know how she should react as a wave of emotions flooded her. Let the Talk be for now and tought about the matter before she doze off.

Woke the next day with a terrible Headache but with a smile as Thais approached. Followed the Mother to Draven and sat down with her. Later was joined by the Stag from yesterday which Thais brought over. Did not mind his presence and buried my Face right into Thais Hairs. Calming, so calming... Enjoyed the Time spend with the Family, more so as Tig came. Forgot the Troubles and worrys from the past Days.


Shook the Rain from the Pelt as I woke and looked up, how long will it keep raining? Roamed a bit around, stopped here and there before catching the scent of someone which I did surely did not expect. Slowly approaching the sleeping homir and settling down by a nearby tiny Tree to not disturb him. Watching his chest slowly getting up and down and the falling rain pouring on him and dripping down. Kind of dozed off seemingly fast and upon waking up looked in the face of homir, oh hi uhm I did not watch you sleep, I swear. Noticed that it stopped raining and was getting in a much more better mood. Giant Flowers were sprouting all over the Forest and I even spotted tiny Calida sleeping. Sat with Homir silently and watched now Calida, not that creepy right?


Keeping Jovan, Thais, Draven and there Kids a bit company. Not much to do in that rain anyway and Iam always glad to see that Family. Noticed Anne with Ashe close by but decided not to go up to them for now. Was put grumpy as Dazenth came and even grew a bit more aggressive as Jovan seemingly did not want him there. Reared up to not only show my displeasure with the situation but also to signal that the Red dragon should take his leave before things happen. Nearly wanted to attack him since he did not go away and Thais grew uncomfortable but after she mooed and I turned to her the dragon took his leave and the family returned to a comfortable silence. Scented that Dazenth was now by Anne and ashe and got more grumpy. Shes just a little mopey.


Rain, Rain and more Rain. Still doesnt have a liking towards it but grew tired to stand under something so just ignores it, its something right? The past Days found Hammel in a not so good looking way and decided to help him a bit, wasnt much but still maybe it helps?. Found Dardan again, glad that hes back and snuggled with him and even used him as umbrella yesterday but was totaly set back again today as to see him with Erida again. Seeking some alone time to just stare at the falling Rain, filled with slowly raising aggression. Grows more and more bitter towards the Fact that everyone leaves her for someone else.


Roamed around the Forest searching for something which isnt here. Stopped by Dardan's Tree just to find it empty, stared at it shortly before walking away. Was found by a Fawn and played with it a bit, a good way to distract yourself with but did not last long until the Fawn was gone also. Couldnt stand the lonelyness so wandered some more, sitting here and there for a short period before wandering once again. Finally just sat down at the pond shore to stare into the Water.


Spend the beginning of the Day alone and lost in her own little world until she stumpled over Sadiki. Spend the left over day in his company, quiet and happy.


Slept curled around Draven and a Fawn. Did this for a long time until she woke to the moos of someone. Noticed Anne and Comen close and walked to them, greeted both and remained in there company. Said good bye to Matt (whihc came later) and Anne as Comen was gone. Walked towards her Den and sat down. Doesnt like the Twilight today and seemingly getting a bit more grumpy. Mood turned worse as She scented Dardan with Erida. Thinking the White beast prefers her over Rose now. Got surprised as he came actually later to her, glad that he still passes by. Greeted and settled down with him.


Seeked out Thais which had new scents lingered with hers. Knew what happened and was happy for her. Remained a bit distance to not set the young parents at egde and was greeted by Nix. Hey old sock, long time no see. Came closer and got accepted, stayed the whole left over day with them all and with Tomo which came later.


Gone most of the Day before returning back to the Forest. Settled back at her Den, looked at the gift from Hammel and was deep in thoughts. (player had no internet, couldnt come into the Forest)


Woke and seeked Dardan, found him sleeping so sat by his side for a long time. Walked to the Crying Idol to take a long overdue Shower and sighed heavily under the tearswater. Shook the Water of her fur and walked down to the Pond to drink and sunbath to dry. Was joined by Rooh and was glad for the youngsters presence. But got up as Hammel approached, talked with him shortly again before sending a last look over to Rooh which was a bit away. Gone with him to the Human World.


Rose, (Rosaïwira)

Nicknames | Titles
Rosai ; The Rose Mother ;


androgynous, female | Doe
heavy build like a Male

spring breeze, roses and a bit of grass


roosevelt elk and unknown deer

demiromantic | bisexual

speaks in #4E1712 | - 🌸 🌸 -

A Tree By the Pond
cords: 292 x -82

Fav. Sunspot
By the Old Oak

Body By Thuka | Full Ref

• Adopted child of Kestrel and Kamaya.

• Can shapeshift into a Long-Tailed ground Squirrel

• Likes to just roam around

• Can't stand to be alone.

• Loves to show affection.

• Secretive and Privat. Closed for nearly everyone

• Doesnt like her masculine looking

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Mother track. ♥

Mother track.
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Hello, little one! Track~

Hello, little one! Track~
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Thx :3 ~ Bio still needs

Thx :3 ~

Bio still needs lots of worktime x.x
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track ^^

track ^^
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Track. What a sweetheart.

Track. What a sweetheart.
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Helloo Smiling
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@EmiliaYO @Markrocknroll

@Awentia aahhw <3

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The layout looks lovely

The layout looks lovely Smiling
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thx Very Much :3 I hope it

thx Very Much :3 I hope it does Suit Rose Laughing out loud
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New Rose's css looks so

New Rose's css looks so beautiful and soft. mmmr.

whoa how do you make the

whoa how do you make the layout and stuff like this? i want to do that for my deer's biography but i dont know how Sad
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@ Ssayersser Thank you :3

@ Ssayersser
Thank you :3

You can find templates e.g. here : Templates
Here are sites that I find useful: Site 1 and Site 2

When u have still Questions just ask Smiling

Soft hello,

Soft hello,
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Hi , little one

Hi , little one Smiling
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Hello YokoYoko And Fly :3

Hello YokoYoko And Fly Laughing out loud
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Oh Hey Ivy I dindt really

Oh Hey Ivy Laughing out loud

I dindt really saw ur comment. But thank you :3

Rose is everytime a bit surprised when Kushal sits all of a sudden next to Kestrel, when she just dozed off for some minutes xD
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She's a very cute

She's a very cute baby.
Track! c:


Traaaack! <3
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Hey Vicki ;3 rose loves to

Hey Vicki ;3

rose loves to play with Galen. Hes so cute Laughing out loud
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Such a sweetie! &hearts;

Such a sweetie! ♥
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. was never here .

. was never here .
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@ gglidden: Thanks Grandma

@ gglidden: Thanks Grandma Smiling

@ Silverfang: Thank you Smiling

Very late track. She's

Very late track. She's lovely.
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Cute. c:

Cute. c:
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@ Ace Thanks @Coca.Cola

@ Ace Thanks Smiling
@Coca.Cola Thank you for giving me Shelter Smiling Its really nice of you.
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I've seen her from day one

I've seen her from day one until now, many things have happened to her. But she looks great, I hope Dazenth can play with her soon! I will also start tracking! ♥
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Sabel, Sam

Image © Alhnna

Am I tracking this yet? Yes?

Am I tracking this yet? Yes? No? Well here I am. YES! So tracking all over this girl.
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Lost connection D: Buuuut,

Lost connection D: Buuuut, Rose was having sniffs with my boy Draven lmao Track Track Track
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Alles Gute!!

Alles Gute!! <33 ^-^
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Already told you on Skype but

Already told you on Skype but I say it here too:

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Happy Birthday to youuuu

Happy Birthday to youuuu Smiling
Welcome to adulthood , god , time passes by so quickly !
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Thank you.... really really

Thank you.... really really Thank you guys.
Time flew by really fast I guess? Iam happy to see her as an Adult now.
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* Happy Birthday *

* Happy Birthday *
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♥ ♥

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She looks really handsome

She looks really handsome Eye
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My gosh Rose is so pretty

My gosh Rose is so pretty now. They grow up so fast. ;n;
Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

(A part of the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Song "Anthem")

tracking this pretty girl

tracking this pretty girl
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@ Vala: Thank you very much

@ Vala: Thank you very much
@ Fly: hihi thanks Smiling
@ gglidden: Thanks grandma but she was long enough a fawn Laughing out loud
@ Witch: thank you Laughing out loud

And again, Thank you guys <3
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Tracking on Matthew's behalf.

Tracking on Matthew's behalf. (:
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Hello there lovely lady

Hello there lovely lady
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little track

little track
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insert ample nuzzling here

insert ample nuzzling here
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@ 0baf0 : cuuuddleees youu @

@ 0baf0 : cuuuddleees youu
@ Chromai: 'Waves' Hello ^^
@ hadoukin: thank you very much <3
@ ChocolateTabbyKat: Hehe Cole is great, Rose loves to be around him Laughing out loud always fun to watch him.

I really should look into the comments more often to reply faster xO