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Updated her deer reference.

Things have been quiet, has seen Niklaus close by and had no doubts at some point she was hunted by the beast but so far successful at keeping herself away from danger.

Lots of rain! Doesn't mind, but missed the warmth of sun too.

Been in company of Altijd, Ephire, Verve and Ross. Also Leto!
Also rested with Crab and Ampiel.
Saw her bebe Tig too! Groomed him a lot. ♥

Talked with Ramo one of these days, learned about his adventures in Hippocrene (where he became a satyr + played with nymphs) and upon discovering he had never been human before decided to invite him to cross the threshold of her home. Was not disappointed when the red haired saw the surprise in his face.


The sound of fighting was the first thing she remembered when Thais visited the forest today. Not any random fight as she easily recognized the angel, Ross and Niklaus, among some familiar faces [Syo, Monroe] fighting in the ruins territory. Even at that distance Ross already looked battered, but he was being pursued by Niklaus and so Thais kept her distance. They ran towards the birch forest and the doe followed them not far behind, sure no one had noticed her there or else they would have pushed her away from the fray.

At a certain point didn't see where Niklaus went but apparently left his target be, so the doe finally approached Ross and Al. Ross looked bad for sure, but at least it seemed the danger was over... and then Niklaus returned. Outraged that Ross and Altijd were looking bad enough, Thais tried to draw attention to herself to get the attacker away from Ross, but to no avail. In the end saw Ross collapse, Altijd beside him and Niklaus dead after being attack by everyone. The feathered didn't register much, only watching for breathing movements on Ross' side as he laid unconscious on the ground. The fact that he wasn't breathing + the bickering between Altijd and one of the helpers [Syo] was upsetting her then. "Please.. stop" She said to no one in particular.

Ross' chest wasn't raising. He wasn't breathing. She needed to point that out, but then the 'helper' approached Thais by Altijd's mention to take her elsewhere. She didn't even register or complain, the poisoned just followed the feline, her mind far away. She looked back at them once more but she still couldn't see if Ross was breathing yet.

Was taken to a pretty nice spot near the crying idol, vaguely looking around when Syo basically sat her and begin grooming her feathers. In any normal day would never let anyone she doesn't know touch or even stay too close for comfort but Thais just remained quiet, staring at the crying idol as the feline creature continued. Accused herself though directed it at her company, for having done nothing but watch the entire scene, which of course warranted an offended response from Syo because they did help, but Thais just angrily continued her outrage repeating the same words aimed at herself, in shock, though being soothed by this unknown person. Fell asleep though not sure how and then woke up by herself. Went back to the scene where Ross died, found him standing and eating the corpse of his attacker. At this point the feathered doe doesn't know what is going on, again just register the angel and Syo coming next to her, Altijd mentioning Ross is 'not right'. Without a clue (only that she remembers Ross had died before) but feeling a bit better from all that went on, Thais went to her home.


Splitting her time between the forest and her home outside the woods. Been enjoying Altijd's and eventually Ross and Ephire's company even though she keeps quiet most of the time. Received gifts from the angel, consisting in a golden feather bracelet and a book collection! Which she loved so much! He told her of a tradition in Emnes about giving gifts to friends, but that it would be ok for her to not gift him anything because she didn't know beforehand. AS IF. Still deciding between going on an adventure to other lands to find something interesting for him or finding anyone willing to trade with her.

More than once found herself in company of a newcomer, a dark stag who appears to be a scholar named Ramo. Kept noticing his interest on mushroom circles and other magical places in forest and eventually took the courage to comment on it. Among few things learned the circle he was in caused his color to change and was asked if anything of the sort had happened to her. Even if he was a stranger, couldn't but worry about his health and was instead asked if she could then try it in his place. Thais was going to help him with his task, when she realized her blockades would probably interfere. Politely refused and could have stayed quiet about the reason to, but as he misunderstood why, decided to be frank and explain right away that she was the problem and not the others. Braced herself for whatever fear or indignation would be trown at her, but met with the opposite. Thanked him for his understanding, even if she felt it was undeserving.


Slowly becoming reclusive again, would rather stay at her home reading or on her own adventures. Feeling detached of everything else. Losing interest in the forest.


Found a very old gift that she had almost forgotten about, hidden under her other things. Left it there, hidden and untouched again and went to sit somewhere else to forget about it, but the effects of its sight was enough to bring back some painful memories to the feathered doe. Was found by Nix soon after, for a moment tried to but couldn't hide what she felt, asked him questions that didn't have answers. Was offered a shoulder and a place to spend the night.


Calm day, found Altijd wandering with other deer. Sat with him by her trees, GOT STUCK SOMEHOW, instead of helping her got teased by the angel instead. Jumped him when she got free and then ran away, had an idea on how to settle things between them but got surprised by two Altijds approaching her. COMPLETELY TERRIFIED by that sight, ran away again and climbed a goddamn tree. After the true Altijd remained (we will never know tho) got down and took him to the fight circle finally. Fought him up to the third round, though she was almost passing out due to exhaustion while he seemed so fine. :/ Wanted more but since there were deer very close to them, decided to just sit and chat instead. Completely passed on the oportunity to get him back at his jokes, but too mentally drained to realize it sooner. After he left, remained in another doe's [Arabella] company.


Found herself alone at the crossed logs, thinking, mostly. Ross came by, then Altijd, enjoyed the deer pile since she had been feeling a bit cold lately. Shortly after was taken to the fight club, didn't know it was going to happen but this time more keen to watch instead of participating like last time with Verve. Quiet watching Al getting all pumped up with Ross while no one was around for the event to start, eventually got pushed into the ring by the angel. Obviously had fun trying to get him but really, how is he so fast! Stood in the sidelines once more participants and spectators showed up, rooted for her friends obviously.

Then things went south when Al was ganged up by another fighter during his fight with someone else. Didn't understand what was going on or if that was part of the event, but by the angel's face she quickly realized he wasn't expecting that either. Followed him with Ross as the throne darted away to the crying idol, upset. Kept her distance once she saw Ross was already trying to make him feel better, where she would rather give him distance to cool off. Was approached by the angel once Ross left, mentioned they could keep distance but he seem to prefer returning to the event, only this time, he didn't participate anymore. Tried to cheer him up playing with one of his friends [Yumi], achieved a bit of that but then got asked by the angel if they could move away from this, his expression still a bit upset over everything. Followed him to the hill that overlooks the ruins, quiet at this time. Had a bit of chat, tried cheering him up by grooming him, would absolutely let him rant if that was what he needed. Spoke about her own adventures as he asked, slowly saw him becoming more himself as they went. Got teased by the angel, then surprised him by tackling Altijd to the ground only to tease him back. Surprised herself to know she quite liked being the predator instead of his prey. Too much. Oh no.

Then Ross showed up.


The day started quiet, enjoyed it in Verve's company. Then Nix too, though briefly. Found the Alpha by Isiel and her fawn, Izara. At first a good time of playing around with the fawn, saw others approach, greeted Ross, though realized way too late that Nix was just there as well and when Thais turned to look at him, the Alpha was gone. Tried to coax him to come back once Ross departed, quick to notice his mood weren't the best one, while side glancing at a wolf in the red hill nearby. When she was able to bring him back, it was when Verve and Ross weren't around, but remained there for the time being.

Nix left, leaving Thais to watch over Isiel and her child. Out of nowhere, heard noises of fight and yelling coming closer. Way too close for comfort. It was when a giant ghost-horse came in her direction, followed by Nix, Verve and Ephire. Got run over by the beast and that put her in a bad mood. The horse tried few other times to get to the fawn and mother but eachtime they were shielded by everyone else that got involved in the fight. When the horse gave up, checked on everyone, the Alpha looked the worst. ): Went to check on everyone else too and sat beside Verve, Ross and their friend [Nidhem] and Ephire.

Fell asleep and woke up alone. Her leg didn't feel too great by this point but it was manageable. Kept watch of everyone that passed by, curious when Gustiro watched her from afar, not sure what he wanted, but allowed herself to try and see what he was up to. Walked with him through the forest, met other deer during it [Arabella, jeweleye]. Couldn't keep up with Gustiro's pace though and decided to rest by [and I went to have dinner!]. Returned to her trees after a while, approached by Bronx <3


Found herself in a different forest during one of her escapades. Didn't remember being there before so went further to explore. Did not see any creatures around but did find a small house in what looked like an old farm, though everything & the house was ruined, mostly burned down. Entered the house through a broken door and immediately, close to a corner she saw charred bones, maybe from who lived there. In a part of the house that weren't totally burned, near half burned curtains, saw a small leather cover book. A journal! Almost intact! After a few more looks around the house, decided to take the journal with her and went back to the forest to stash it at her favored tree and read it when she can...


Met Uitleger and a friend of his and played and danced with them in the morning. Later lounged with the angel for most of the day. As he still slept, went to the fig tree to bring him some nice figs. It wouldn't help heal his bruises and cuts faster, or.. he didn't need to be cheered up or something! Not that...he needed to eat either... but!! Brought him some anyway. Took him to the pond once he woke up to clean up the mess of bruises and cuts. Hoped he didn't mind (or realize) that she was taking care of him like that, when he probably didn't need any caring to begin with. Low key worrying he will think she is smothering him. Thais stop pls hes not a baby. After shower sat on a sunlight path to dry, discussed about him being hurt like that. Told him as long he don't die in the process, she is... ok? He likes getting hurt. Of course she didn't explain it well, of course led to confusion and she almost thinking he would have teased her for what she said, but thankfully wasn't the case. Returned to her trees soon after.

Said goodnight to him and an Ephire that had just showed up, Had Elliott's company for a short while, remained with a fawn [Tameka] she had just invited to stay in their company. Seeing there was a wolf lurking the night before didn't think it was wise to let the small one alone out there. Another fawn [Kanduchess] also came by! Ran around, played with masks and antlers, gave them both a makeover. Had a blast actually! Then passed out exhausted in a flower path near the ruins with the kids.


Fell asleep in the first forest, woke up to someone making company to her. Vision was blurry, but there was this familiar scent and feeling about this visitor. Had a whirlwind of emotions once she recognized it was Verve, not surprised she was there because Altijd had already told her she had been back, but still surprised?? Its VERVE. Talked to her, not sure what to say at first, emotions everywhere. Came to understand Verve did in fact remembered a bunch of this life now. So happy to see her, so nostalgic, almost surreal to see her again. The crafter apologised for her past behavior, though Thais understood why the other would react as she did, apologising for giving Verve reason to. After both agreed to leave that for the past, they enjoyed a quiet and lazy rest in forest, later having Altijd come by as well.

Apparently there was an event about to happen, to which Thais only learned after she'd follow Verve to where it was going to take place. Altijd was already ahead of them there, all pumped up to get new bruises she'd bet sigh, so took a seat and watched the first rounds of fighting. After it ended, watched Verve walk inside the circle to fight. Thais thought a bit before deciding she could give it a go as well, for once forgetting everyone was watching and having her fun fighting the doe. After that, watched the many fights that happened afterwards, Altijd were in just as many and also Leto! And Many MoORe! The poisoned just watched, mentally judging but as well grooming a certain bruised angel that came to rest by.

Later, played around with Altijd, ran half forest after him, to them ran the other half away from him. Was teased to no end, but gave it to him: the amount of abuse she did the previous days were delivered in double by him today, sat out of breath and defeated, softly complaining as he came to rest close by. EXHAUSTED.

Apparently a wolf was very close by and was attacking another deer though. Got restless for a while, watched as Altijd fend it off. Distant glance at the doe that was attacked, hoping she'd be ok. Reunited with Ephire and Verve, for a little while. Felt asleep beside Altijd.


Went to Jovan & Dorian's wedding with Altijd on May 1st! Feeling really elegant with the dress Jovan gifted her, watched the ceremony in awe even though she never been to a wedding before and had too many questions about it to pester poor Al with Sad. Didn't understand why some people cried, though happiness can make her cry too sometimes. When it ended, like everyone else, took the oportunity to hug and congratulate the newlyweds. Then everyone went to eat and later dance! Watched Altijd dance, herself being too afraid of embarassing herself with her moves (or rather the lack of >_>) blamed the dress, ofc.

20 & 21.04.2019

Forced herself to distract from what had been on her mind lately, had a really a playful evening with Altijd, nearly pestering the angel by scent marking him, challenging him to get back at her, but then making things almost impossible for him to win. Thought he had lost it when he came in a hot chase but enjoyed the adrenaline? And liked his pole dancing too but didn't fall for his trap. If it wasn't by her feeling exhausted (because children also wanted to play at home too), would have tried getting him to play the next days again, maybe let him win this time haha.

The next day Thais was all by herself and took the courage to approach Isiel and her newborn [Izara] whom she wanted to see since some time ago, also taking the chance to meet a new face [Ashe]. Too shy and tired to proper introduce herself to them, but will do it on another occasion. Found rest by Altijd and Ephire in the birch forest, happy to just snuggle and fall asleep, later joyned by Ross too.


Had a talk with the angel about few trivial things while he ate his chocolate (when did he get those?), to then taking a look at his wounds and talking of adrenaline, of getting hurt. He was still recovering from the spars of the spring rally and she asked if the pain afterwards didn't bother him; was asked the same question and at that she could only compare to what she emotionally do to herself. Wasn't going to ellaborate on it, promised it was nothing. But also didn't like hiding things from him either.

Told him about the salmon stag not being around anymore and measured her words the best way, really afraid it could lead them to talk about the throne's own disappearance years ago. Wasn't surprised that Altijd didn't know Draven haven't been around, as she doesn't talk much of it. Explained she was ok with that since it had happened before, but this time it has been so long she wasn't sure if he would be back. As always the angel gave Thais his support and attention (and massages ♥) but told her he wanted to do more. Let him know he had done a lot for her already and it never went unnoticed, thanked him for always listening to her.

Later they went to the pond to rest by the cold water. Was told Verve had visited the forest, now wishing she could meet her someday, unaware she had seen the tall doe already.


Feeling worried, upset, distant. Wanting to break things.
Should not have drank that potion.


Been in Altijd's company for a while at her favored tree, later the feathered went to check on that egg that was lying near the trees of the ruins. Discovered it was hatching?! And it was a crocodile-fawn?! There were others around already [Levana, Fawn Uit and Sweetgrass], so tried to not overwhelm the newborn with her presence, always taking a bit of a step away from closeness. Yet, that mother instinct always lingered and she was never too far away from the baby. Got... excited? Happy? Maybe a bit sad too, it had no parents it seemed, but there are others to teach them. Still kept a close eye on him, even if the others were closer to them already. Kept it warm too at some point.

Went her way back only to find Lesath coming her way. Did he follow her somehow? And Al arrived too. Wanted them to meet and be friends, but was also edgy, even if the forest was all quiet and there were many fawns and parents everywhere... still. Watched as Altijd tried to interact with the Sunset only to fail really badly at first at it. Tried to get her son to approach the angel but failed many times, saw Altijd take a distance and not want to approach, THIS WAS GOING BAD and she really didn't know what to do. Was it her fault her fawn was so anti-social? Of course it was.

Then things took a turn. Altijd and Lesath teamed up against her, the angel teaching him to curse and Lesath just going with it, LOUDLY. Tried to swallow the will to kill everyone and call it a day, though "tried" to make both behave at some point. Sort of gave up, went with them to watch the spring rally, forced Les to befriend other fawns, see him struggle like she does, even if she was struggling with the amount of deer herself. Watched some spars, really worried when Leto and Altijd met, watched from afar. After the throne was gone, took her fawn home too. Even if she was frustrated, she felt happy to be able play around in forest with them ♥


Sat with Altijd at the hill that overlooks the ruins. Things were quiet between them, so she tried to start a conversation for once. Told the angel that the spot they were sitting was the same spot he once had favored many many years ago. She didn't intend for the conversation to take the turn it did, but as he requested if there was more to it, she ended up explaning it was also where she may have confessed her feelings for him, back then. Surprised when he then asked if she still stood by those feelings, to which Thais confirmed. After that he, grew quiet. It didn't go unnoticed by the doe and she felt a knot form in her throat because she didn't know what his silent meant. Thais too stayed quiet for a while, but then decided to go to the pond and refresh by herself, thinking maybe he would have liked being alone too. Didn't mind to be followed by the angel halfway to it, later being taken by him to her favored trees.

Sat in silence with him there but not for long. They returned to the previous conversation where she was asked where they stood, what they expected of eachother. She...had to be honest. Her feelings were the same from many years ago, yet she knew he wasn't someone she could claim for herself alone, as she knew he would always be a free spirit to do what he would love to and she loved him for being who he was. Happy to hear he also felt that way about her, but he had to be sure she was alright with his ways too, which again, she was. And she confirmed she would still treat Draven the same when he comes back because, even if it was in a different way, Thais still loved the father of her sons a great deal too.
After that conversation there was a feeling of relief in her, to be able to be true to her feelings and, at least once, let her heart rule over her mind. of course, opening herself like this was not something she did everyday, so there was some fear he would've had avoided her afterwards too.

Also, earlier they saw a lonely egg nested in a tree near the ruins. The female hoped it does have a mother and its not just abandoned out there. May visit frequently just to make sure its being taken care of.


Today in a nutshell. Don't even ask.


Spent the afternoon with Altijd, then approached by Ross. Watched them play, appreciated when Al tried to get her into it, but pretty much not in her best mood. Welcomed the parrot fawn [Anpiel] and Argus later. Then Crescent approached, invited him to sit by. Finally took the courage to speak to him, finds tranquility in his presence but when talking to the white stag, feels intimidated and shyer for reasons she can't exactly explain.

Ephire approached!
Later went for a drink and found Altijd stalking her from behind a tree, haha
Wanted to be less shitty and entertain him too, but failing pretty badly at the task.


Restless, stressed. Has been alert and looking out for Hanodim to come back and take her by surprise again, couldn't rest well so was for the most part in a sour mood. Could concentrate enough to read so went to the birch forest to sulk by herself, found out Leto resting nearby and mood lightened a lot after seeing him. Would thank him again for the blockades but didn't want to disturb him, even after being granted his company. Fell asleep few times, woke up to Ross, suddenly reminded herself she still looked like shit (and felt like one) and wasn't sure what to answer if he had asked. Left them be to once again sulk in silence somewhere else.

Moody again all over the sudden, was found by Altijd and a fawn [Anpiel]. Spoke to the angel, tried to be basic about what had happened but was still annoyed by her father's presence and what he had told her. Had to think through but said no to Altijd's offer to get rid of Hanodim, said she'd kill him herself if he ever tries to get to her sons again. Tried to distract herself by watching Altijd and the fawn chat, the trio later joined by the silent Crescent, remaining in the white stag's company for a little longer after the throne and fawn left for the night. Fell asleep after a while.


Spent the previous night in the company of Altijd, Nix, a black fawn [Shadeless] and later Crescent. Today went check on Nix and Isiel at the latter's home, didn't linger since both were asleep. Found Altijd in company of the dark fawn from yesterday, the trio suddenly to be approached by many newborns [assumed to be Mirah's, resting nearby]. Met Ross, Ephire and Irene at last and remained in their company until everyone went their way (but Ross and Irene) the red haired deciding to do the same.

On her way out of forest to her home, found some berries she could get for her children, so stopped midway to collect it. The silent moment she spent was just broken by the singing of a magpie, which at first she didn't give much attention to, but ended looking at it when it flew on the berry bush, warbling at her. Thais realized it carried something shinny and with a closer look she saw those were necklaces. She questioned (rhetorically) why it was carrying those and she was answered, just not by the bird. She didn't notice the red peryton that just landed behind her, right away explaining those were blockades for her sons. Her blood boiled when she saw none other than her 'father' and heard the insanity that came from his mouth. Problem was, after all that happened between them, he still thought he had a chance of having redemption from Thais.

They ended in a heated argument, Thais verbally attacking him as she has been around without his help, which wouldn't change now; and she would be crazy to give her sons anything made by him. Hanodim defended himself, explaining he couldn't do anything before with the forest barrier, but now that the barrier her mother put is over he could come around freely. And that right there was what scared her the most. Thais tried shoving him away from the path to her home and if anything he just blocked her, only bothered that she didn't want his help. She threw as many quills as she could, became enraged that he was simply not moving away and it was when she, pretty pissed off, pinned him to the ground and lost it. Thais muttered a few hatred words at him and even though she can't remember what those words were by now, the terrified look he gave her afterwards told her that whatever she said, it was enough for hit her in the head, rendering the doe unconscious.

When the feathered woke up there was no one else but her there, necklaces were left on the ground. Thais ignored it (and the bleeding gash on her forehead) and went straigh for her home only to find her sons asleep but seemingly safe and sound.


Stayed at Altijd's place for the time being. Still trying to put herself back together and be ready for her return to family but couldn't do it without a new blockade, and something to cover her face before that. Besides that, trying hard to pretend to be ok near the angel, but once Al is away to get a mask for her and stuff to eat she collapses in tears. Didn't want to be seen like that by him or anyone else, hated to feel weak and pathetic, would've avoided everyone if possible. Told him it would be ok to take her sooner back to forest, but was denied the chance, being allowed to have more time there before that.

As days passed, begin to feel a little better and was taken to Leto's shop. Warned Altijd that Verve's brother may not remember her but once they arrived at his place, was happy to be recognized almost right away. Thais and the angel explained about her curse to him and watched as Leto went through the back door to work on something for the red haired's poison issue. Took the chance to tell Altijd that she would pay him for everything he had been doing for her, though not sure how. Felt slightly confused when he seemed to back off saying thats not how he saw their relation to be. But neither does she! Yet before she could explain, Leto was already back with a necklace and a stone both to negate, or at least diminish the potency of her poison as long it had contact with her skin, so she could be around others again. And then those were gifted to her!! a lot more happy now, but watched as Altijd made jokes neither she nor Leto understood and thought they would straight up fight instead. Thankfully didn't happen.

Back at Altijd's home, slightly happier and very eager to test the necklaces, slightly unsure if he would accept the way she decided to test them. Which is with a french kiss she learned from the romance books Altijd gave her. [A quick note: Thais never kissed someone on the lips before, didn't even know that was a thing. Leaving confined to this forest can do that to someone, yes.]
She burned red when teased afterwards, hit him twice with pillows. YET when she dared him to do it without the necklaces that were blocking her poison, he easily agreed to. but she'd be lying if she said she didn't enjoy it.

Saw him get high on her poison, heard him explain and write it down as it affected him (in between some gibberish too), watched as it faded quickly, happy there was no long bad effects. Kind of made her... be able to laugh once more, glad that he had been beside her and supportive all this time. Knew their time together at his home was getting to an end, but was invited to search apartments with him another time. Can't wait for that to happen.


Finally discovered why she was brought to that different world, though the answers were not what she would have expected.

While being separated from the others, had to deal with some hardships to get were she needed to be, but when she arrived at this old stone building, was confronted by an old enemy of her mother: her father. Wanted answers but lost herself in the process, something she was sure was Hanodim's doing. Fell into profound sleep, needing to be awaken from inside her mind by the angel.

While there with Altijd, found out memories of many years ago, locked away in the red haired's consciousness by her own mother to prevent Thais from knowing the truth. With what she had found the poisoned called out her mother, who had been closer than she had thought this whole time.

In an attempt to make things right, Thais almost lost herself completely.

The woman woke up in Altijd's apartment in the troll world, confused and unsure of what to do and think of, only knowing to blame herself for all she have done in the past to the point she hoped for punishment. Also felt horrible to know how much she had worried him and after they talked, all she wanted was to pretend things were going to be okay in the fastest way possible, wishing that no one, especially the angel, could read her and see the way she truly felt right now.


Things were going down too fast with all her research obsession, and apparently it didn't go unnoticed by both Nix and Altijd. The first mentioning something recently about her aura being different, though she didn't know what he meant by that, just assured to her brother she was alright.

The next day it was Altijd's turn to be concerned, the redhaired assuring she would get a well deserved rest after the 'adventure', she was so close! Thais was too excited that Ross would be able to help them get there. Wasn't too sure the mask would work for him to track down her mother's world but offered it anyway.

Realized something went wrong when, after finally going through the portal made by Rossamund in company of Altijd, she found herself alone in a foreign world.


Been researching, thinking, planning. Too much to understand, too little time. Even though she does still get distraction with her friends and family, nothing compares to when she remembers the dreams and that she needs to get there. Slowly skipping sleep, skipping food. Not in a bad place mentally (yet), but just too obsessed with getting out of the forest. Quietly ruminating through what she have and what she needs to get out. Looking tired and thinner than before, not at all there.


At Nix's apartment. Loved to visit the city, went shopping with him to get some new clothes, found something to her liking with his help and opinion. And then also went to a bookstore. More books to read!! ♥. Also got warm clothes for when they go sledging, whatever it is.


Realized Nix was too tired and went with Jovan to the Alpha's home to make them company. Started by watching a movie and then realized she was not aware of horror films, getting scared because technology makes it look so real. Avoided it by finding a nice book on a shelf and did her best to read it to them. Discovered Jovan will be getting married soon and felt happy for him! Can't wait to meet his other half ♥ Was offered wine (Nix doesn't know she is a light drinker) while reading that book and eventually fell asleep at his home.


Took a blanket and the bird book Altijd gave her and sat at Draven's favored tree to read, having a break from all the traveling thoughts for a deserved "me" time. Her solitude was over with Nix's approach. Read a bit more beside the Alpha before wishing him goodnight and going back home.


The doe have been remembering the conversations she had during her visit at the library in the troll world, and to put it a bit into practice, Thais had been doing her own research the only way she could: by searching for possible gates in ruins of the forest. The "key" information got her twice as curious, so trying to use her mask on certain places to see if there is a reaction at all. Obviously she had seen the forest many times, and would know if there is something out of place, so she is sure there wouldn't be a gate in this forest, unless there is something else she needs to do to make one appear.

Had those thoughts in mind when she was suddenly approached by Ross. Remained quiet beside him but soon decided to take the oportunity to chat about trivial things, like, you know.. traveling through portals. Discovered valuable information from that conversation (like not always a teleport gate looks like one) and was also assured she could come to Ross if she needed help getting there, even though he mentioned it would be trickier for not knowing the place beforehand. Thanked him for the offer, but would have to think through before answering him. Gave the male goodnight and went back to her home.


Dozed off for most of the morning until the afternoon, woke up with a familar scent, Altijd was resting beside her. Glad to see him, made him company as he rested too. Soon approached by a fawn [jmidleton] she had seen Al play with and assumed they were there to visit the angel. Played with the child around forest while the throne slept at her favored tree, gave each other some forest make up and played around, had a small blast with the energetic fawn, being joined by Altijd once he woke up.

The female could get some rest once the fawn fell asleep between them, greeted an Ephire that joined them, was able to chat with the angel. Learned he found some maps!! It would help them out in case those portals described in her mask's map are not working anymore, but with a change of subject was told he had thought of a name for her. The maskless doe couldn't but feel her heart race inside her chest with the anxiety that followed. "Imary" He said, and she watched as he felt embarassed to explain it was made up from other words. "Imary" Thais repeated, loving the sound of it, loving her new name, a name he would call her from now on. Also found it too cute as he got even more embarassed as they spoke. Needed a break and went to cool off in the pond, also fawn woke up!! Played a bunch more until she was dead. [Because tef died on me and we called it a day.]


Late night conversation with her brother. Wondering why Nix is so troubled but then again... so is she.


The angel had come to take her to that troll world for that visit he had promised during the rut, precisely the day she became lava on him for forgetting her past feelings, ahem. Decided to bring her mask even if she wasn't going to use it, but because that map inside of it kept showing in her dreams, her mother pointing to it for various days. Couldn't but be nervous about it, for either getting closer to discovering about a way to go to the map's place, but also for being in a strange world with Altijd.

Was found by him and quickly they proceeded to enter his portal. At the other side, had to get used to walking on two legs again, and that it was cold without fur. Hands, how much she missed that!! And that overall having kids had give her weight too, not that she minded haha. Altijd was different too! VERY TALL and hairy, but cute as always. He showed his apartment, found the cat pics on the wall specially adorable, and plants, he had those as well. A bit of conversation over tea happened and mostly worries about meeting this world's Verve, though Altijd was always reassuring Thais it would be alright. Didn't take long for her to get some exaustion, it was night and that body was different, the whole appearance change probably tired her. Had to complain with the angel that she was getting his bed, meanwhile he, being the size he was, was taking that couch, excuse me, lets change that. Nope, nothing changed.

The next day woke up to breakfast smeeling nice and had a nice chat with Altijd during it, it was time to talk about the mask's map, and worried that it tired her whenever she forced to think about what she remembered of those drawings. Nothing. Got ready for the library visit they were going to do, which meant visiting Ephire and learning a bit more about the possibility of those portals being acessible somehow. Not before freaking out because GOD SO MANY BOOKS, learned she can't raise her voice in a library because its rude. Altijd left her in the literature session and was able to find a spicy (nope, actually yes.) book to read while the angel went to find the librarian. And learned a bit more about the gates drawn in the mask, also that some of the archtecture Ephire knew were meant to be opened by keys. Hmm. Food for the thought. Thanked Ephire many times, and couldn't but think of the mask and portals for the rest of the day, also that she got a book to read for a while.

It was time to get ready to visit Verve, then it was "I am very nervous" to Altijd, and Altijd "Its gonna be ok" for the rest of the night until she actually met the owner of the Black Star. Thais was impressed by how the Verve was so assertive and beautiful and since Thais was slightly tipsy by this point, she kind of spoke to her (and Ian) things that she had been keeping inside her heart about two beings that she had been thinking too much about (in a room Altijd wasn't invited to). Was met with compassion and a lot of understanding and in the end went to dance with the troll. Thais was way too happy to see her "friend", even if the said friend wasn't the same being from before and didn't know her at all. Well, happy still. Met again with Altijd, cheerful for all the happenings of this day and the night before though by now needed some good rest. Taken back to his apartment, and from there, back to forest. Maybe someday will be able to tell him what she, Verve and Ian spoke about in that break room.


Through the last night had groomed and removed the dead feathers off from her back, now only leaving the small baby feathers to grow out, feels odd when the air reach her back, something she doesn't feel ocasionally.

Found Nix spacing out at a certain spot she had been very familiar with in the past, approached by the angel. Resting with them was nice but that sassy side of her decided to play around and Altijd was her victim, because Nix had pretty much fallen asleep.


Met Mar, Altijd and Jovan at her favored tree. Things were very quiet, no complaints, not feeling like she would be running and jumping around today. After everyone was gone and she was alone, took time to groom herself and realized her feathers are falling a lot more than normally would.


Spent the afternoon in the angel's Company. The night before, with Nix. Playful, social, but doesn't feel well.


Was found by the Altijd. And later by Ephiré and someone she assumed they knew [Erwen].
Watched others around, saw giant crows, then frolicked with the angel for some good time, resting at his favored place the two of them. They chatted about the day before, the feathered explained what she knew about Ross and Nix' situation. In the end of that subject got quite a bit called out for calling him Al, Altijd, instead of by the she had given him years ago, Harin.

It was an honest surprise, when he said that, because she had not indeed.

At that time, the Thais who called him that way was that clingy immature self she wasn't anymore. Or maybe it was something else deep and personal, though still silly. Tried once more calling him Harin, felt shy, saying it. It was personal again. Explained the meaning of the name, heard his jokes [I will really find a word for hopeless you will see!! B)] asked him about the meaning of Altijd and told the meaning of her name, while his was cool, her was a bit of pretentious but blamed her mother for that. Rolled laughing when he said her mother would not call her something like lil turd either, was deceased. It was nice laughing like this with him.

Went separate ways afterwards, sat alone at her home but then was approached by the white stag [Crescent]. Felt comfort in his quiet company too.


Been resting in Nix's company since early in the day, feeling pretty much well after they spoke the night before at his home. Feels like there was no easy advice for him to give her in the situation she is in and because of that appreciated even more what he had said to her, to place herself first sometimes.

Altijd showed up and invited him to sit with them, glad the angel was not nervous as he was on the first time of their meeting, which was quite long ago anyway. Resting quietly until a Ross showed up. Right away worried a fight would happen between him and Nix, watched as the alpha stood up and stormed away. Oh boy. Nuzzled both Altijd and Ross and ran after him to make sure he wouldn't do anything bad. Stayed with Nix at the pond, tried to block his way back to were Ross and Altijd were, now pretty closer to them.

Once things seemed to calm down went on her way, finding the throne with Ross and Elliot, greeting them all and leaving for the night.


It was raining when she got to stroll around today. Didn't see many familiar faces, but remembered seeing Nix resting by this usual place with someone else. Didn't stay with him there, still came by to greet both him and stranger before leaving. Been in Bronx' company instead, was taken to shelter from the heavy rain under the playground. Grooming session with Nix's younger brother.

Happy he found her but couldn't but feel quite morose today. Knew what had been bothering her came from back home, but didn't feel like she should maybe upset Bronx with that, so instead nuzzled him goodnight and went after Nix. Was invited to spend the night at the Alpha's cabin, spoke to him some things that had been in her mind, also took the oportunity to know whats been going on with his life.

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Helloo there! I like the

Helloo there! I like the looks of this, nice and simple Smiling
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Hello, and welcome back!

Hello, and welcome back! <3
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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thank you guys! ^^

thank you guys! ^^
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥


Thais's picture

hey you :3

hey you :3
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥

hey pretty deer you've got,

hey pretty deer you've got, loving her design :3 It was nice having Shana sit with her <3
Thais's picture

Thank you (and sorry for the

Thank you (and sorry for the late reply), Thais also loved Shana's company, she is a pretty girl! ^^
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track &hearts; she is

track ♥
she is beautiful
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thank you ^^

thank you ^^
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥

she is very pretty! her

she is very pretty! her pictogram fits her very well ♥
i hope we dont bother you two c:
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She is very pretty. ^^

She is very pretty. ^^
Thais's picture

@Dinamo She was surprised,

@Dinamo She was surprised, but it was a good surprise Smiling and thanks!

@Sighthoundlady thanks, and thanks again for lending me your lineart, I had fun choosing her concept! (it took a long while and lots of tries lol)
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Sighthoundlady's picture

Oh no problem, and I'm so

Oh no problem, and I'm so happy to hear it was helpful. Designing is fun!
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I couldn't play well, it was

I couldn't play well, it was so laggy that I couldn't find anything in the map, also had to restart everything. Now I wish to know who was the deer (golden butterfly pelt, zombie antlers, and skull mask) that helped my doe Thais near the twin gods! Thank you :3
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥

That was my boy, Leonardo. I

That was my boy, Leonardo.
I don't know if it's a glitch or not but Thais is sleeping & he is resting beside her.
Hope she doesn't mind his company either way ^.^
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Tracking c: &hearts;

Tracking c: ♥
Thais's picture

@emslee007 aww then it was

@emslee007 aww then it was him, she was happy that he appeared by and helped her...
you see, my connection was the worst connection possible, I was having a framerate of 4 - 5, all I saw was frozen reactions, and then I decided to close tef. I think Thais glitched then, because I had to leave and still didn't come back to tef D:
Sorry about that!

@xixi hey you <:
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Well, he enjoyed the company

Well, he enjoyed the company nonetheless ^.^
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I am glad he did, I bet she

I am glad he did, I bet she did too, although she was in a heavy sleep... lol
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&hearts; Places a track here.

♥ Places a track here.
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Merry Christmas &hearts;

Merry Christmas ♥
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thank you! merry christmas

thank you! merry christmas for you too ♥♥
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ugh double post

ugh double post
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A track for a lovely doe

A track for a lovely doe <3 Also, question time! Will the poison have side effects if the other one is uh, a zombie? XD
Thais's picture

Thanks and certainly not! I

Thanks and certainly not! I was surprised by reading about his conditions, but I am 100% sure that he can't be affected by her poison! She will just be afraid of having contact with him though because she don't even know what she has at all. ;3
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Ah, that's what I thought

Ah, that's what I thought too. ^^ Awesome.
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Love the new background, and

Love the new background, and this lovely lady of yours Smiling
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thank you love

thank you love <3
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Oh I like her new design with

Oh I like her new design with the feathers on her back, very pretty! ^^
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thank you so much! and happy

thank you so much! and happy new year!! ^^
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A track! c: also krorun will

A track! c: also krorun will have a bio when i stop feeling lazy..
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Thank you! I am sure Thais

Thank you! I am sure Thais would love to know more about this friendly stag!
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a little somthing i requested

a little somthing i requested c:
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Omg dear, you're such a

Omg dear, you're such a sweetie!! Thank you <3
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im so glad you like it

im so glad you like it ♥
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Anyone insterested in rp with

Anyone insterested in rp with Thais? I can't play tef lately, but I miss being able to interact with other deer... (:
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i sure would. would you like

i sure would. would you like to choose who i use?
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Any of your deer would be

Any of your deer would be fine dear, thank you for your interest ^^
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Excellent bio

Excellent bio Smiling
Thais's picture

Thank you

Thank you <3
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You have a beautiful deer!

You have a beautiful deer! lovely two friends Ooh
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So do you! Spriggan seems to

So do you! Spriggan seems to be a nice stag ^^
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Track ^_^ Finally got to

Track ^_^ Finally got to actually meet this pretty lady!

Need to retrack this lovely

Need to retrack this lovely lady!

Sig: Aihnna

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@SoliloquyChryseis Hello!!

@SoliloquyChryseis Hello!! Lovely little one you have, Thais was captivated by Tea ♥

@justdance89 thank you, dear, Thais had fun meeting you guys <3
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Keeps loves Fay.
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TRACK Nadya would love to

Nadya would love to meet Her someday :3
I havn't been as active due to school starting soon
but you'll more than likely meet her soon since she's Leo's mate :3
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^ AND Tea's Mama

^ AND Tea's Mama Laughing out loud
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@keepspeeps hey

@keepspeeps hey (:

@OrinocoFlow Thanks, I am having a break these days, or else I wouldn't be so much in forest too. ^^ And Thais would love to meet her too!
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