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Dancing In a Dream [SABEL interaction Blog]

An interaction blog for my main, Sabel. Come on in and say hello, why don't you?


The air was crisp and thick, fog obscuring the world and all that lay within it. Every now and then rapid hoofbeats and the sounds of tines hitting each other could be heard. And then it would fade... fade into a new sound. The laughter of fawns as they passed, the chuckling of a group as they shared experiences and stories. Yet all of their figures were vague and dark- making any features indistinguishable. Their silhouettes wavered as if they were flames.

'I'm asleep again...?'

Concerned voices and questions from strangers and familiar company. They grow louder and louder, buzzing until-

A pair of deep grey eyes flutter open, spluttering and spitting out dirt as an ebony and white uni-deer flopped over onto her back. She was in the pit at the ruins, and had been there for almost a month now. Dirt and sand had crumbled in, burying her and keeping her out of sight- as well as getting into her mouth and nose. Coughing, the doe quickly stood up and shook out her fur. Clouds of dust burst from it and slowly faded into the air, settling back on the ground. her throat felt quite dry, which certainly wasn't aiding with the coughing. Ears faltering back against her skull, the doe began carefully climbing out of the pit.

"That was probably the worst place I've fallen asleep in... ack!" she choked a bit. "Water... pond..."
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It's Nearly Fall [SAM Interaction Blog]

Sam has been quite lacking in interactions (though, considering my absence.. both characters have) and needs to get to know a few more folks, or at least talk with some familiar faces. A paranoid militant can only get so far on just their mind. While I paint the scene, feel free to interact as you like.


It's early morning with weak rays of sunshine peering through the tree of the forest. Droplets of dew cover the grass, and the ground is slightly muddy from the on pour of rain for the past few days. In the misty, humid atmosphere sits a dark magenta deer, with a bright orange mane. They lay under a beech tree overlooking the pond of the forest, staring into the water and pondering what to do. The past several weeks had been nothing but getting to know this place and finding many unexpected creatures along the way, learning who not to piss off. There hadn't been any fights in a while- or none that Sam could have seen, thus far. Their jet black eyes scrutinized their reflection on the water's surface. Still no way back... and they hadn't found any of their items within the forest.
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Chapter 4 ((Archive))

This is a bit of a late archive update, but it is very much needed. Over the past few months I've been moving and we only recently finished. It's good to be back, though!



You are in Chapter 4.

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My account sent out links from "facebook" to some of my contacts. I don't know how or if someone got in, but DO NOT CLICK THEM. More importantly, if anyone else is running across the same issue:

Please be careful. I will be making a new account shortly.

The new account has been made, and the username can be found on the latest update for Sabel- her biography is in my signature.
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||The dark begins to turn [.] Into Dreams||

This is a mixture of character concept as well as a biography. I originally went over it with Jiaruqa. This is a role play specific character at the moment, with no picto to appear in game.

My people will be free, and under my rule they will prosper.

These are my people, and under my rule we will change the world.

Basic Concept;

One a hero of the land leading a rebellion against the vampire scourge, this character eventually found that human power alone was not enough and formed a pact with a witch to gain the powers of a vampire without having to drain a person's blood. Thus, they became a 'life eater' who could consume a person's life force at will as long as the person was within a certain radius of them. After managing to overthrow the leader of the current government, her attempt to take over lead to her own corruption through power. She eventually became the threat she had fought against and was thus overthrown by her own people. Upon her execution day, she woke within the forest rather than her cell and is attempting to find a way back to the kingdom she once ruled.

She genuinely believes what she is doing is right. And nothing will change her mind.


She has a natural charisma and beauty, which aids her rather well in making allies. If she decides to 'feed' on an ally, simply being exposed to her at a certain distance will allow her to drain their life's essence in small portions. Due to her pact with the witch, she requires this as a food source.
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||Social Mannerisms Guide|| [Sabel]

Hello everyone! I began thinking about the way my character interacts in game and while I was updating this on her relations page, I began to realize it was getting quite long... so I guess it needs its own page!

Every player has a language for how their character reacts to another, with some similarities that can be understood. I really love how people create action combinations to socialize. ^v ^ Does anyone have any that they use too, or any specific to them?
Also, if you would like to use these then please go ahead!


- Walk in place, spinning = Prancing
- Rear + nod = Playful invitation or acceptance
- Tap ground + Head Tilt = Sit with me? May I lay?
- Tap ground, looking in the distance = I see/hear something strange. Going to investigate.
- Tap ground, facing you = Follow me!
- Head lower + head tilt = Apologetic, apologizing
- Sniffing = Curious
- Sniffing + Head tilt = checking for wounds
- Side Nuzzle = Friendly greeting of a familiar
- Head shake while you approach = Now is not a good time
- Head shake + stomp = Holding ground. Stubborn.
- Rear + Stomp + Lower antlers + walk = Back away. Warning.
- Shake + Lower Antlers + run = has her horn out, charging you.
- Cower = Terrified. Fear (what did you do to scare her? D< )
- Cower + Head Tilt = Are you scared? What are you scared of?
- Tap ground + Nod = Approach, it is alright to come closer/ Join me!
- Head lower = Nudging gently. Wants you to move.
- Spinning in place, on you= Playfully Circling! ((Or in Dorian's case, Dancing with him))
- Nod + Shake head, over your back = Grooming! Putting flowers on you! (Learned from Launa!)
- Lower head + Step Forward + Lower head = Knocking you over gently. Probably going to sit on you. <3 Or cuddle.
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Holy crap so many characters are dying recently D:
it's just

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Death in the forest like

But then.

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Endless Days ((Sam's Archive))

As with Sabel, I've decided to make an archive blog for Sam. I'm not quite sure how often I'll be playing this character, but I am quite happy with how they are developing.


You are at the start of her records.

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