The Reference Desk: La [Biography, Character/Player Updates]

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     Most Recently: Back, briefly. Discord is Alison number zero three seven one if anyone wants to chatter. I'm trying to get pages working again after dropbox's policy change. I'm just hosting the files now where I host some other stuff.
     Being that I am trash, there is now a La tumblr.

     Spoken Name: La (human uses); Archaeologist, Librarian, Researcher
     Age: Five; arrived in The Forest on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010.
     Sex, Gender: Female/Doe/Hind, moderately feminine. Irrelevant to character.
     Real Name: La's Pictograph can be seen in my avatar, with reduplicating circles and isosceles triangles, plus a strange little fifth mark on the side I can't explain.
     Click for most complete set of visual references, though still a WIP.

     Physical Traits and Mannerisms of the Body

     Personality, Emotions, and Philosophies

     Story and Plot Elements, Pathways Forward

     Skills, Talents, and Accomplishments of Note

     Haunts, Roaming Habits, and Places of Comfort

     Reasons to Not be Alone, Reasons to Smile

     Artifacts for Museums and Other Acquisitions

     The Book: Sapient Window to Other Worlds

     How I Play La in The Endless Forest

Site Pages

 Page Info     Look at me, I learned CSS and am on my way with Javascript! If you use noscript and it asks you to allow a script for this page it will be from my "rackcdn"--that's me. It is harmless and contains only a few simple functions to help with page navigation.
     If you ever made a guide on this site about CSS, I probably read it five times. I also read just about everything W3Schools had on CSS and Javascript. There are lots of people like Unplugged, Mahj, Aivilo, and especially GMSuerte who have all been super helpful, plus tons of other websites like W3Schools and StackOverflow.
     Page textures in backgrounds are from CGtextures, my use of them is in careful accordance with their ToS. All the art in the layout is mine EXCEPT the 140x72 gift art previews, which have the name of the original artist written on them to avoid all confusion.
     I'm assuming with this page that your computer is at least 1024x600 pixels in size. That's the smallest I can go.

 Contact     Discord is the most useful one currently! Skype is broken as all getout.
     Discord: alison # zero three seven one
      Tumblr: lasreferencedesk for la and kaprosuchussaharicus for me
     Colourlovers: AlisonRobin
     (There are multiple AlisonRobins out there so actually I'm only about 10% of us online, though it may look like I'm ubiquitous at times. We constantly fight for our logins.)
     My main email is tied to my identity and my backup email is tied to my writing work that I really don't want overlapping with other stuff, so I'll email you from my main email if I need contact. Forgive me my paranoia.
     I'm not reliable on any communication channel, even with people who live with me. But it's worth trying if you wanna chatter a lot, and I do like having people to talk at.

 Inspirations     La is based on my overexposure to books and love of reading and writing. Some of her fixations are inspired by my own, which in turn are usually inspired by people around me--art historians, librarians, teachers, mathematicians, and the like. She represents the people and qualities that I admired in adults who took care of me when I was young and that I generally strive for. I think that her good-naturedness is also fitting for the feel of The Endless Forest and I strive to make her fit the setting.
     Stylistically, I designed her with spells from TEF in mind and then incorporated hands into the design. The placement of her antlers is partly inspired by Hellboy's horns.
     La's book is inspired very loosely by a combination of things. It draws most from the concept of wizards/witches and their familiars in various media (but especially in Dungeons and Dragons), and the "A Really Useful Book"'s vague awareness and ability to advise on the spot in the film MirrorMask. Neither of those were conscious inspirations, but I noticed them more clearly after the fact.

 Gift Art     These are all lovely things made for me/La. Artist name is written on the little snippet so that no one will mistake these for my art or think I'm claiming them as my art. Click each for the whole gorgeous thing. These are in reverse chronological order of receiving them, so oldest at the bottom and newest at the top.
     Images of La are also known as laart because I said so.

track! &hearts she's so cute,

track! &hearts she's so cute, haha.
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Ish Tracking

Ish Tracking
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Were you the one playing with

Were you the one playing with Ourania and myself ( Orange pelted deer ) by the ruins yesterday ?
I spellspammed you and later I took a rest with Oura by the ruins and you sat down by the big stone like you described in your " Investigating the ruins " Post .
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omg she should be friends

omg she should be friends with Damaetas (third one down) He really wants some companionsD:
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@SarieBearie: Thank

@SarieBearie: Thank you!
@BrokkenSaint: Thanks to you as well.
@Flyleaf: Yes, that was La! Smiling
@Two: I think they would get along splendidly. La will keep an eye out for him! Should I add his name to the friend list or wait until they actually meet?
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&hearts x3

&hearts x3

I love the simplcity here,

I love the simplcity here, gorgeousss<3 Track~ La is adorable :]

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@Munkel <3

@KonohaHiiragi Thanks! The only reason the page is simple is that I've forgotten all of the CSS coding I learned in high school web design. XD
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Track. :')

Track. :')
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Ah... am I... not following

Ah... am I... not following this yet? Oo;;
*belated track*

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/wanders in *v*

/wanders in

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I really love the idea of the

I really love the idea of the convenient plot device book you've come up with! Can't wait to learn more about it.
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Haha, thank you. >_<

Haha, thank you. >_<

You're not the only one to

You're not the only one to forget to track.
I was sure I had tracked this. xD Oh well.
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Wait. IT'S A LA-PEDIA. /fail

Anyway, I'm stalkingj this neat thing with all the keyx of my keyboardz. Seriously I counted :B
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Lol, thank you. My personal

Lol, thank you. My personal favorite portmanteau with La's name is Labrary (instead of library). I also kind of like Lasearching (instead of researching) and Larning (learning).
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Trackstalk. :3 I'd love for

Trackstalk. :3

I'd love for my Bloo to make aquaintance with La someday Laughing out loud She seems like such a wonderful character! Intellectuals ftw ^^

Gonna lurk here~ :B
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I'd like for them to meet,

I'd like for them to meet, too. Smiling
Is Bloo in the beta?
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Ohhh no, I don't have the

Ohhh no, I don't have the beta. :'( I keep forgetting that the two are separate. Is it difficult to switch between the versions? I've been wanting to try it, but then I was told that it's empty of players most of the time? Puzzled
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It is mostly empty, but

It is mostly empty, but getting in (and out) is just a matter of emailing the tale-of-tales site. I don't have the URL for instructions saved (grumble grumble) or I'd pass it along to you.
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Hmmm~ Well, I've been having

Hmmm~ Well, I've been having extreme lag issues with the "normal" forest lately and can hardly play anyway.. so maybe it will actually be an improvement to be in a more empty forest Laughing out loud Although I'm sure Bloo would disagree xD

Expect to see me soon! Shocked
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Wow! 8D You really write a

Wow! 8D You really write a lot. Very interesting! La is very sweet.
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why haven't i been tracking

why haven't i been tracking this :< -stamps TRACK on it-
I love the layout too. It's so simple and easy to read :3
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@ Shugalai: I know, I write

@ Shugalai: I know, I write lots. Can't help myself. >_< Thanks for the compliments!

@ Ourania: Thanks! The main purpose of the page is to be readable. Smiling
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Aw, I just got a message

Aw, I just got a message today that testing is over, so I guess I can't get in the beta. Sad Sorry!

Meh I really wanted to befriend your awesome deer. T_____T

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Never fear, there will still

Never fear, there will still be time for Bloo and La to meet and hang out!

Yeah... tracking.

Yeah... tracking. Smiling
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Umm umm, maybe we can rp

Umm umm, maybe we can rp then? Or, I mean, if you'd want to, that is. It's just I think La and Bloo would be pretty interesting together cause they're pretty different. I've been wanting to work out Bloo's character a bit more, cause I know so much more about her than I've written in her bio, but I just dunno how to define it. I think maybe it will be easier to put my finger on it if I get to put her in some real action. And La seems like an ideal character to try her out against, cause I think that at the very least, they have somewhat different ideas about things.

Urrmrmrm ... anyways if you don't wanna or don't have time, then that's cool no problem. Smiling
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I'd love to RP with you. If

I'd love to RP with you. Laughing out loud
If you would be willing to start the RP and set up the thread that would be awesome. I do have to warn you that I'm kind of busy now that I'm back at college, but I'll be on almost every day.
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Her design iz great :O I've

Her design iz great :O I've just noticed Lilly never met La in-game...
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Thank you! La very rarely

Thank you! La very rarely makes it into the forest because of computer problems on my end. Sad
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Oh snap, she grew up already?

Oh snap, she grew up already? >.< That complicates things for the rp I didn't set up yet. Sticking out tongue Sorry I didn't get to it sooner, I had an exam that I needed to really cram for so I thought I'd put off the distraction a few days. But I waited too long, apparently! Hmm.

Oh, I love her design : D the

Oh, I love her design : D the handprints were a really good idea, though I must say I immediately thought she would wear the dotd-antlers instead of the monarch antlers. The monarch antlers are beautiful, though^^
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Tracking! I found this very

I found this very interesting!
I'll have to ask my fellow RP-ers, but currently I have a roleplay going on (with caselab and Anjali). I'll ask if you could possibly join, but it might be too late to do so. We're a bit deep in Smiling
See you in the Forest!
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track Smiling
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tracking this again

tracking this again <3
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We had fun today too

We had fun today too Eye
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La seems like an interesting

La seems like an interesting one. Must track~
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Thanks! She might head out to

Thanks! She might head out to the pond more often now in hopes of catching sight of a mysterious new aquatic denizen there that she's heard so much about. Eye
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Ah! track, very nice

Ah! track, very nice biography Smiling
"Common sense is not so common." -Voltaire

.: Nice character!

.: Nice character!
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Thanks guys, real nice of

Thanks guys, real nice of y'all to say.

@DeerUniverse: Thank you! The profile is a combination of my lack of CSS skills (too much growing up when HTML was king and all you needed to know) and love of type-writer output. Simple and monochrome seemed most appropriate. Smiling

@Faina: Thank you! La would thank you too.
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Hi ^^

Hi ^^
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... (track) p.s. La is in

... (track)

p.s. La is in Toya's Thoughts.
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D'aww. There were so many

D'aww. There were so many deer playing that I didn't get everyone's name written down because I couldn't click through the huge pictograph pile... I think someone was called Carnyx and someone was Blindfoot but I might be off. Hoping I'll run into them all again, it's always such a delight to be surrounded by fawns. Laughing out loud

I got a bunch of good screenshots too. I'll have to convert them from .bmp files and then I'll post the best ones here.
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Track •:. May I draw La?

Track •:.
May I draw La?
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Of course, I'd love that! But

Of course, I'd love that! But good luck getting her to hold still while you draw her, she'll talk your ear off. Eye