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Same set, different computer?

Okay so, I fixed my broken laptop and is reintalling all my lost programs. So I was wondering, am I going to have to quest for my set all over again? or can I just sign in and still have it?
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So, I decided to uninstall the newer version of tef, for the older one, so I could layer the pelts and stuff. But the thing is, I can't check none of the boxes to do my settings. Like I can't check play in window for example. And sometimes after I open the menu the game will go black like it's shutting down, but its not it just starts flashing to the game which is black at that moment, than gray, than it flashes back to the game. So can anyone tell me what is going on and what I can do.
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Dying Nightmare

Under cut

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Old TEF pelts?

So a while ago I came across some site that had a bunch of old TEF pelts. So I was wondering two things. 1) Are there even really old pelts? Or was it just fun with photoshop? 2) Anybody got a link to it?
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Dillon, a Wandering soul. (Wip)

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Benny's beginning {Might be a little gross for some}

>Under Cut<

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So full of questions, but..

When ever I try to sneeze off the zombie items I have nothing underneath, why is that? Is anyone else having this problem?
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A Css Question

Okay so, I'm trying to figure out how to put these two boxes side by side. I've read a few things that say to make it float a certain direction, but I didn't really understand it. So could someone help me out on this please?

The boxes are under the cut.
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During this time of the year.....

We wait shamelessly around our Autumn god.
Trading our power for gifts of rot and decay. Prancing around in fleshless masks of our ancestors
who have come and passed. Our head are decorated with bloodied antlers, as if we have fought
a long and hard war. Our very pelts, they rot in many places, causing stains of scarlet to color
the forest floor. Yet we dance around him, at the times he awakes, at the times he decided that
he can waste his precious time on followers like us. We thank him for his reek of death, and
temporary sickness passed to our tiring bodies. Like mindless creatures, we gather close. In hope
we may get a touch or a gift. We nestle beside him, not fully sleeping. Just waiting until he decides
to wake up and grace up with a dance.
When he does, we follow along like puppets on a string.
Sunlight has become foreign to us, and fog our new home.

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Something in the air.

The morning air was still, like before a storm. A section of the pond bank was unnaturally quiet,
no frogs hopped,
nor did a breeze slither though the stunted cats tails. Even the water in this section was like
polished glass, it didn't lap at the bank as it usually did.

A loud crack, like thunder broke the stillness. Small at first, but growing bigger was a hot
white light. In a matter of seconds it grew from a pinpoint to a mini sun, without all the
heat. There was a vibration in the air, like a hum if one listened hard enough. A limp
form slipped from the large ball of light, it was a mere silhouette.

>More Under Cut<
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