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Five years, oh boy

So yesterday I noticed that I've been on this site for five years now. Which is really crazy to think about, as sometimes I still feel like a newbie. While I have never been a super active member of this site, it has still made a huge impact on my life. Seeing all the gorgeous art here pushed me improve my own art. All of the artists on this site, thank you for sharing your amazing art (that sound really cheesy for some reason.) You guys have really made me feel confident about my artwork.
Another amazing thing of this site is the characters. Some of you have created characters so awesome that I find myself checking in on them sometimes, just to see what they are up too. Before this site, I never found myself very interested with others peoples characters, but when I joined here, well its hard not to be sucked into their stories.
Anyways, before this becomes drawn out and sappy. Thank you for occasionally putting up with me. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to look at my art. Thank everyone overall for making this site pretty awesome.
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I could use some advice

Hey guys, I know that this isn't the Endless Problems but I have a problem that I could use some advice for.

>Under the Cut<
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I am the Green Hair Girl

A while ago I drew this girl with green hair who's been floating in my mind forever. And I've been wanting to do something with her, but I can't seem to think of anything. So eventually I came up with this as a way to explore what I wanna do.

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Imagination and Adventure

[center]You can see them. They weave though the woods with fluid motion.

Their stark white fur gleams with the last rays of sunlight, betraying

their location whenever they move. They give deep growls that warn

you they will devour you once they catch you, and for moments that

feel like hours you fear they are going to catch you and devour you.

You move faster, till your heart feels like its going to explode and your

legs are almost numb. Closer they get, they yelp with excitement of

the chase. Your life is about to end you fear, and there is nothing you

can do about it. Closing your eyes, you wait for the feeling of them

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Starving for attention.

Under Cut.
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Why do you choose to shed those tears?

Under Cut

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So I've been trying to do an out line on gimp, ive try using the paintbrush in black then airbrushing the color I wanted to use, but that's not working as well. So can anyone give me some tips?
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A recent thought.

Under the cut.
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The Pit

=Under the Cut=

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Random Question; What area would you add to the forest?

So what kind of area would you add if you had the chance? If there is already a thread to this then please point to out and Ill delete this.
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