Zacharias' Biography

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Zacharias' Biography

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Recent Events


"Good to see you."


Name: Zacharias ("But friends call me Zach.")


Gender: Male

Age: Five years

Birthday: 2nd of May, 2010
(Doesn't know his real birthday, but that's the day he entered the forest. Is probably a few months older than this birthday claims).

Speaks with: #3090C7

Voice: See song at the top of this bio

Love: None, willing to find one..

Appearance: ("Handsome.")

Fan antlers, Magpie pelt, Real deer mask
Appearance is very close to that what he has in-forest with the exception that his coat is more grey than blue and his antlers have slight structural differences. Has small bitewound scars on his throat, and scars from claws on his rump. A few visible scars can be seen on his face and front legs as well. They are mostly covered by fur but may be visible when shedding or wet. Eyes are golden brown.


  • Meeting new deer. Finding someone new has always been exciting for him - and "the more the merrier", right?

  • Playing with anyone who's willing to spend some time with him, adults and fawns alike.

  • Searching the forest for new experiences as he likes wandering around aimlessly.

  • Casting spells on sleeping deer and then running away before they wake up. This was his favourite past-time when he was a fawn. Truth be told, he still likes doing it. He's just a bit more careful and he makes sure that no one is around to catch him.

  • Spending time with his family. Is known to get a teeny bit silly when he does.

  • Watching his surroundings. He can spend quite a bit of time just standing on a higher ground, observing the forest around him. One must always be vigilant - otherwise one won't know what they might miss.


  • Rain. It makes his fur heavy and cold. Not to mention it makes ground slippery and hard to run on. When it rains, he's usually around the great oak, hoping the weather will change soon.

  • Zombie deer. Why, this is still unknown. He doesn't greet them, and usually just runs away when approached. Gets tense and nervous when he knows they are near.

  • Being still for long periods of time unless he's sleeping. When awake, it is better to do something than just sit still.

  • Being alone. If he's alone, he feels anxious and nervous. He prefers to have other deer close-by, even if they aren't actually spending time with him. Just seeing others is enough.

  • Violence. Zach is not a violent stag, but will defend those he cares for if he needs to. By observing his father, he learned to be righteous and to always stand up for the ones weaker than him.


Zach has calmed down a little bit from his fawn days. Back then, he used to be a hyper, bouncing little ball of energy - always running around and making others dizzy. While he still has that playful side, he has "toned down" slighty. He acts a bit more calmly, especially when there are does around. He wants to be at his best behaviour around them. Having only been what others consider "an adult" for a brief time, he still finds everything about it to be fascinating. Therefore, he makes sure to keep his antlers and his coat in top condition and can often be seen grooming himself or rubbing his antlers against a tree. He wants to look presentable - it's not just the personality that counts, after all.

Despite growing up Zach still loves running. Walking, to him, seems too slow of a way to get anywhere. If he doesn't feel the wind in his coat and hear his hooves pounding the ground, it's simply not moving to him. So, a game of chase is always welcome.

Personality-wise, Zach is a friendly, playful fellow. It is very rare for anyone to see him angry or frustrated. He always seems to see the brighter things in life. He likes hanging around fawns and his behaviour towards them is always gentle and patient. Violence is something he really dislikes and therefore he tends to avoid confrontations whenever possible. His loyalty to his friends is unwavering, though - and if one finds any of them in trouble, he will do his absolute best to protect them.

Family and friends

  • Virgil ("I will make you proud.")

  • Lucian (Stepbrother. Also best friend. Would do anything for him.)

  • Willow leaf (Adopted daughter. He is very protective of her, so you better behave around her!)

  • Krystal (Adopted daughter. If you treat her wrong, you'll feel his antlers on your hide.)

  • Bird (little stepbrother)

  • Kusakagé (little stepsister)

  • Kajo (little stepbrother)

  • Daikon (nephew)

  • Orinoco (adopted little sister)

  • Calida (adopted niece)


Note on family:
Zach has no biological family of his own, but upon entering the forest he met a deer named Virgil. Virgil soon became very close to Zach and soon later he was pretty much adopted into Virgil's family. Since then has readily adopted Virgil's offspring as his siblings and feels responsible of them as an older brother would.


"It was a rainy day when a young fawn made his way into the forest. His fur was soaked and the poor thing looked absolutely miserable. Alone, he called out for anyone who would listen. His ears flicked nervously, listening to the few sounds the pouring rain didn't cover. The few deer he met were laying under thick trees, trying to keep away from the rain. He wasn't brave enough to go share the shelter with them, and kept walking. The fawn spent his time searching for a shelter...but found a family instead."

Zach is very quiet when it comes to his past. He hasn't said a word about it since the moment he came into the forest. He must've had parents somewhere but he entered the forest alone. It is very likely that they have met a rather unfortunate end sometime before his arrival. His fear/dislike of Zombie deer may have something to do with this matter as well. He has refused to explain. More will probably be revealed with time.
(Also, the history can be found here but he has not told it to anyone except Lucian, Stelmaria and Dajhi.)

Now, as a young stag, he hasn't changed much. He has grown close to his half-brother Lucian. Without his adoptive family's care and support, things could've ended up very differently for him. He knows that too, and holds deep respect in his heart for everyone who helped him while he needed their help the most.

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Zach was sitting there, deep

Zach was sitting there, deep in thought. A part of him was still in denial, unwilling to believe that these events had come to pass so soon. Too soon. It took him a moment to notice the arrival of the familiar doe. In fact, he seemed to snap out of his thoughts only after she sat down next to him.

"'ve grown." He greeted her with a nod and a brief smile. It was far from his usual cheery disposition, but enough to hopefully tell her that she was welcome and that her company was appreciated. "It's good to see you."
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Maia returned the small

Maia returned the small smile, nodding her head briefly in greeting. She wanted to help, but she was so afraid she'd say the wrong thing. "I.. Zach, it's so good to see you.. I only wish it had been on a happier time. "

She glanced briefly over where the Red now lay eternally. "I'm truly sorry." Her ears fell.
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Zach's smile wavered a little

Zach's smile wavered a little at her words and he sighed, nodding. "I knew that this would happen one day.." he admitted, some sadness creeping into his voice. "I just..never thought it'd be so soon..and so sudden." The other world had aged his father fast.

He turned his head to look at the doe next to him, and offered her a smile. "Thank you. Father..passed on peacefully. We got to say goodbye to him. In a way, I am happy for it." He spoke thoughtfully.

"I just..miss him." It was painful.


EDIT: I'll head off to bed now, but I'll reply later. Goodnight! =)
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Maia couldn't imagine the

Maia couldn't imagine the pain the younger stag was going through. She felt horrible. She knew she couldn't make things better, nor bring him back. Hopefully, her company would be enough.

She offered a friendly, comforting nuzzle.

"I'm know you do.. I know he is proud of you though. The few times I met him, he looked at you with wise eyes. He was happy of who you were."
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The small nuzzle caught his

The small nuzzle caught his full attention on the doe again. He didn't mean to let his thoughts wander, but he couldn't really help it at the moment. Hopefully she wouldn't see his behaviour as rude. A small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth as he returned the gentle gesture.

Her words got him to pause once more, listening. To hear her say that meant a lot to him."Thank you." he thanked her softly. "I hope to make him proud in the future, too. I still have my brothers, my nephew and my friends to look after. I will not let his teachings be forgotten."

Family and friends meant the world to him - and as he'd been reminded of just how fleeting life was, he would do his best to share many happy memories with those who were still here with him.
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She hadn't thought of him as

She hadn't thought of him as being rude at all. She didn't know if she should just let him be at this point, but she'd let him tell her when he wanted her to go-- at least, she hoped he would.

"You will do well, Zach. You helped me when I was very small. I have no doubt he will live on in your memory. "
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Zach lowered his head on the

Zach lowered his head on the ground, trying to relax even a little. The doe's company was helping with that. The memories of Maia as a fawn made him chuckle."You were a sweet little thing then. How could I not help?" He couldn't help it. Perhaps it was his own past, but fawns were something he saw as those he was supposed to protect. Maia had been no exception.
"You charmed me almost immediately." He admitted, giving the doe a gentle nudge with his muzzle.

"I'm glad you're here."
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(he's so sweet. ;_; ) Maia

(he's so sweet. ;_; )

Maia laughed quietly of the memories of her as a fawn, and her first few days in the forest; she often following Zach around like a lost shadow.

She smiled at his last words. "I'll stay as long as you like me to. That's what friends are for, right?"
She, in turn, nudged him with her own muzzle.
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Hmm..her laugh did wonders

Hmm..her laugh did wonders for his mood. His smile grew a little. Memories of her were pleasant and happy. Just what he needed right now."Thank you, Maia. I appreciate the company." he replied, slowly moving his head a bit closer to her. With his antlers not yet full grown, he was able to be closer without fearing that he'd accidentally hit them with his antlers.

"Stay..for a little longer, please." he requested quietly. Just her presence alone calmed him.
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"I'll be here as long as you

"I'll be here as long as you want me to be. "

She shifted closer, offering some warmth and another nuzzle. "I won't go anywhere."
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Likewise been seeing Zach

Likewise been seeing Zach around more, should be tracking this guy! ^^
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Orinoco absolutely adores

Orinoco absolutely adores him!!! :3
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OH and he has been mentioned

OH and he has been mentioned in the story I am writing about Orinoco :3 just to let you know
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I'm glad he's been good

I'm glad he's been good company. ^_^
She's more than welcome to come and join us again, if she wants to.
I hope the berry patch (also known as the blue bowl due to it's shape and the blueberries in it) will help her if she gets hungry. ~_^

Oh, really? I'll have to check it out, then! =D
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Hi,Zacharias! Today we

Hi,Zacharias! Eye
Today we well spent with you time! <3

Tracking this bio. Smiling
By Cicadia and Jalawhey <3
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Oh hello! So it was you!

Oh hello! So it was you!
Nice to meet you! ^_^
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Aww, we missed Zach's

Aww, we missed Zach's birthday!
Happy birthday to him. ;_;
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Aww, thank you. =) We

Aww, thank you. =)
We appreciate it. <3

(And well, he wasn't even online all that much on his birthday to celebrate like I originally planned - real life got in the way. xD )
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AAah! We forgot too! Noo!

AAah! We forgot too! Noo! *hugs Zach* Happy belated birthday ;___;
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*Zach is squished. Doesn't

*Zach is squished. Doesn't seem to mind, though.*
It's okay. xD Thank you.
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That other deer with the

That other deer with the flowers is Orins newest friends Brooks ^_^
He's around her age and likes to show off XD
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Oh, okay! I was wondering who

Oh, okay! I was wondering who that was. ^_^
Who is he played by? *curious*

And no one shows off better than Zach. xD
(Well, maybe his older brother Lucian..but he'd never admit that to him. xD)
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Cydaluva83 plays him :3 I am

Cydaluva83 plays him :3
I am doing an rp with Brooks atm too!


and so true ^_^ her big bro is tough! lol

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"I will get my revenge.

"I will get my revenge. Someday. "
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Ori, Thanks for letting me

Thanks for letting me know. =)
Brooks seems like an interesting fellow. I'm glad I got to meet him

"Bring it on, little brother."
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-Trackshere- Smiling
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Thank you. Zach had a

Thank you.
Zach had a wonderful time playing with Isiel (And Leonardo?) today. =)
I'm sorry it ended so soon - I was called elsewhere and thought it best to log out at that point.

Isiel's a wonderful doe - Zach couldn't let her be all alone in the cold night so he invited her to play and kept her warm while they rested.. =)
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-glomps Zach- has Zach seen

-glomps Zach-
has Zach seen how his little sis looks now :3 (the pics I've drawn?) :3

also she is now size #16 Laughing out loud

she misses her bbbff ^_^ (Big brother best friend forever)
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I've seen the pictures! =D

I've seen the pictures! =D She looks so pretty! I meant to comment on them, but it seems to have slipped my mind. Sorry! ^_^;
She's growing up so fast. ;_; Makes Zach feel old, lol. xD

He misses her too! He was looking for her today in the forest, worried that she might be cold in the snowfall.
I hope they get to see each other again soon. =)
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Oh its ok ^_^ you are not

Oh its ok ^_^ you are not obligated to comment :3 but since you are an important deer in Orins life I was curious XD

(I want to be in game atm but busy day so far XP hopefully he'll be in forest later Laughing out loud) In an rp Orin is being kept warm by Brooks in the Old oak ^_^. Oh if Cyda doesn't mind (and if you'd like to) you should join the rp we are in on Brooks bio :3 that would be fun!
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*sneaky retrack number one*

*sneaky retrack number one*
Side account of Kohva
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Will zach be in forest

Will zach be in forest tonight? :3
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Whoops, sorry. Well, you

Whoops, sorry. Well, you probably noticed that he wasn't. Sorry. ;_;
I have a friend over at my place who's travelled all the way from Australia to come and see me. I am spending almost all of my time with her right now so I have very limited time to be online at all.

I will be back properly after the 17th, however. =)
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Ah hey its fine :3 Have fun

Ah hey its fine :3
Have fun Laughing out loud
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And another late re-track. B|

And another late re-track. B|
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*glomps Zach* orin misses her

*glomps Zach*
orin misses her bro OAO..not to mention she has something to tell him :3
perhaps I can start an rp one day if that is ok?
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I'm sorry he hasn't been

I'm sorry he hasn't been online. ;_;
Real life's been keeping me busy, I haven't had much time to be online in the forest. I fully intend to fix that soon, I promise!

But sure! I'm always up for some RPing! =D
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thats fine :3 real life is

thats fine :3 real life is more important any way Laughing out loud
and yay! Laughing out loud

The black doe stuck her nose to the wind. There was someone she had to meet, the first deer to ever be her friend and then her brother. Zach. With a light trot she searched. Calida was safe with her father and a few new friends. She told them she wanted to go for a walk alone and that she'd be back soon. Finally, that wonderfully familiar scent caught her nose and a smile formed on her face. With a gleeful jump she trotted quickly in the direction the scent came from. Finding the stag amidst some trees she snuck up behind him and playfully tugged on his tail. "Hey hey it's been a while brother"she giggled then moved next to him nudging him. "I have some important things to tell you"another giggle followed.


No rush to answer Laughing out loud
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Zach was standing on

Zach was standing on Dandelion hill, surveying his surroundings lazily. It was quiet today - and he liked it that way. While a bit of action was good every now and again, deep down he was a gentle lad who just liked to take things easy. And right now, the day was turning out fine in that regard.

His ears flicked as he listened to the sounds of the forest. A couple of fawns were making noise in the distance, and distant galloping could be heard as well. Nothing really that would've specifically caught his attention. That was, until something tugged at his tail. "Ah!" he jumped, startled by the sudden attack on his poor tail. Turning his head to face whoever had snuck up on him, his gaze fell on the young, black doe. There was no mistaking who it was - and the cheerful greeting he now heard confirmed it. His slightly started expression melted into a gentle, caring smile. "Orinoco..dear little sister." He greeted, returning her nudges with gentle nuzzling. He could smell others on her - scents he wasn't quite sure who they belonged to.

She had grown so much. And come so far from the helpless young fawn he'd first encountered on the same night Gehirn's offspring was born. He can see that she's grown stronger, more independent, and that she's become to be quite the pretty young doe. His ears flicked forwards, focused on listening on her when she continued.
"Things? What kind of things would those be? Do tell, I'm all ears." he answered with a soft chuckle. It had been a while since he'd last seen her. He was eager to hear everything she wanted to tell him.
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Orinoco stood close to him

Orinoco stood close to him and smiled, "Well to make an incredibly long story short I have adopted a young fawn. She was alone...though it was fate that I find turns out she was my mother's soul reincarnated"she chuckled softly."Something bad happened...the demons..the horrid creatures that tried to kill me as a human came again and tried to take my soul. My mate Brooks tried to save it but was injured..then our daughter our precious baby was taken instead. Brooks and I left the forest for a few months I just couldn't handle the memories. It is only recently we returned for a special reason...."she smiled and looked away then looked back,"I'll get to that in a moment...a big surprise came only days ago...our daughter has returned...her fight is not over with the demons but we have her back and have no intention of letting her go anywhere. So much happiness in such a short time...well..the other thing I wanted to tell you was I am pregnant Zachy"she grinned wide and giggled.
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Wow..when he asked about

Wow..when he asked about things, seems he got a flood of information instead. He listens, trying to keep up with all of the stuff Ori is saying. He was aware of the small fawn she'd adopted - he'd heard rumors from others even though he'd never seen the fawn.

As for the human things and demons? Zach has seen a lot of weird stuff in his two years in the forest, but humans are something he has no knowledge of. Demons, yes. And Brooks? Brooks and Ori had just been having a crush the last time he'd seen them. But the buck seemed like a decent enough fellow, and Zach was grateful that he'd been there to protect Orinoco.

Zach is silent, letting the young doe speak freely. A lot has happened to her, and he feels a bit saddened that he hasn't been there for her like he should've. He leans his head closer, softly grooming the young doe as she continues to talk.
"You've been through a lot, little sister. I am glad to see you safe." he adds softly when she momentarily pauses. He makes a mental note to meet this young fawn his adopted sister has adopted in turn - it's only right he meets her.

But these thoughts are interrupted when Orinoco continues. Zach momentarily freezes at the unexpected news. She is what? He pulls his head back and takes a curious look at her. It doesn't show yet, it seems..
"Ori, that's wonderful news. Congratulations." He smiles and nuzzles her neck softly. A part of him worries about her - she and Brooks are younger than he is, and yet they have so much responsibility on their shoulders. And these demons? He has experience on a few he's encountered over the years, and none of said encounters have been pleasant. Would they be a danger to the unborn fawn?
"When can I expect to see the young one?" He asks with a small grin, masking his worry away. She is so happy. There's no room for worry in this moment.
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Orin saw the shifting

Orin saw the shifting expressions on his face and it made her giggle, he was still a worried older brother. It was cute."Well if I remember right it should be sometime in February...I think" she said trying hard to remember when it all happened but it seemed right,"Yes, February"she giggled. There was worry on the young mother's mind yes but she tried to shove it behind her. There was much to be happy about now and she didn't need to focus on bad things.
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"February..." The stag

The stag muttered the reply to himself, committing it to memory. It would be an event he would not miss for the world if he could help it. He loved fawns - Orin was a good example of that herself. And whenever new life entered the forest, it warmed his heart. Even more so when the fawns were family, in a way.

He smiled to himself, Orin's happy mood being quite contagious. One simply could not be in a bad mood around her happy giggles and smiles. He tugged on her ear affectionately, teasing her slightly. However, what he said next was something he was completely serious about.
"Orinoco..if you ever need any help from me, just ask." Whether it was about her, her mate or her offspring, he would be there for them.
"I will do my best to offer my aid." Heh, he would even kick some demon butt if necessary. It wouldn't be the first time he'd done it. He had some scars to prove he'd done so before and lived.
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She giggled as he tugged on

She giggled as he tugged on her ear and she nipped playfully back. When he spoke up however a soft but mature smile came to her face."Thank you, we may need your help in the future..Calida said the demons were going to return...we'll need all the help we can get when that happens...I not sure when that will be though"she said worried she'd lose her daughter or her mate. She wasn't sure how she could handle such a thing.
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Zacharias smiled, nodding in

Zacharias smiled, nodding in return. He leaned in to groom the back of her neck, the gesture meant to be both affectionate and comforting.
"I will do my very best for you and your family." he promised her softly.
"It will not be the first time I've tangled with demons..They will feel my antlers in their hides if they try to hurt any of you." And that promise he intended to keep. He just hoped that he'd be there when they needed him the most.

"Do not worry, Orinoco. Cherish the peaceful times so that you'll have the strength to endure the hardships if they arrive. We will get through them together. I'm always here for you."
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Orinoco is in game :3 if you

Orinoco is in game :3
if you want to bring Zach in (he can meet her adopted daughter Laughing out loud)
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I'll be there in a moment, I

I'll be there in a moment, I have one RP answer to type. =D
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Alright :DYAY

Alright :DYAY
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OH my I missed this ^_^ Orin

OH my I missed this ^_^ Orin felt like a fawn again!
Though now she's exhausted from all that running XD

Its like a little family group :'D
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Aww..Me too.

Aww..Me too. <3
Zach is feeling really happy, too. It's been ages since he's seen Brooks and Orin - and little Calida has already melted his heart. ^_^
He feels like the responsible leader of a herd, now. Brooks is protective, but he's a young lad compared to Zach. ;D