Zacharias' Biography

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Zacharias' Biography

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"Good to see you."


Name: Zacharias ("But friends call me Zach.")


Gender: Male

Age: Five years

Birthday: 2nd of May, 2010
(Doesn't know his real birthday, but that's the day he entered the forest. Is probably a few months older than this birthday claims).

Speaks with: #3090C7

Voice: See song at the top of this bio

Love: None, willing to find one..

Appearance: ("Handsome.")

Fan antlers, Magpie pelt, Real deer mask
Appearance is very close to that what he has in-forest with the exception that his coat is more grey than blue and his antlers have slight structural differences. Has small bitewound scars on his throat, and scars from claws on his rump. A few visible scars can be seen on his face and front legs as well. They are mostly covered by fur but may be visible when shedding or wet. Eyes are golden brown.


  • Meeting new deer. Finding someone new has always been exciting for him - and "the more the merrier", right?

  • Playing with anyone who's willing to spend some time with him, adults and fawns alike.

  • Searching the forest for new experiences as he likes wandering around aimlessly.

  • Casting spells on sleeping deer and then running away before they wake up. This was his favourite past-time when he was a fawn. Truth be told, he still likes doing it. He's just a bit more careful and he makes sure that no one is around to catch him.

  • Spending time with his family. Is known to get a teeny bit silly when he does.

  • Watching his surroundings. He can spend quite a bit of time just standing on a higher ground, observing the forest around him. One must always be vigilant - otherwise one won't know what they might miss.


  • Rain. It makes his fur heavy and cold. Not to mention it makes ground slippery and hard to run on. When it rains, he's usually around the great oak, hoping the weather will change soon.

  • Zombie deer. Why, this is still unknown. He doesn't greet them, and usually just runs away when approached. Gets tense and nervous when he knows they are near.

  • Being still for long periods of time unless he's sleeping. When awake, it is better to do something than just sit still.

  • Being alone. If he's alone, he feels anxious and nervous. He prefers to have other deer close-by, even if they aren't actually spending time with him. Just seeing others is enough.

  • Violence. Zach is not a violent stag, but will defend those he cares for if he needs to. By observing his father, he learned to be righteous and to always stand up for the ones weaker than him.


Zach has calmed down a little bit from his fawn days. Back then, he used to be a hyper, bouncing little ball of energy - always running around and making others dizzy. While he still has that playful side, he has "toned down" slighty. He acts a bit more calmly, especially when there are does around. He wants to be at his best behaviour around them. Having only been what others consider "an adult" for a brief time, he still finds everything about it to be fascinating. Therefore, he makes sure to keep his antlers and his coat in top condition and can often be seen grooming himself or rubbing his antlers against a tree. He wants to look presentable - it's not just the personality that counts, after all.

Despite growing up Zach still loves running. Walking, to him, seems too slow of a way to get anywhere. If he doesn't feel the wind in his coat and hear his hooves pounding the ground, it's simply not moving to him. So, a game of chase is always welcome.

Personality-wise, Zach is a friendly, playful fellow. It is very rare for anyone to see him angry or frustrated. He always seems to see the brighter things in life. He likes hanging around fawns and his behaviour towards them is always gentle and patient. Violence is something he really dislikes and therefore he tends to avoid confrontations whenever possible. His loyalty to his friends is unwavering, though - and if one finds any of them in trouble, he will do his absolute best to protect them.

Family and friends

  • Virgil ("I will make you proud.")

  • Lucian (Stepbrother. Also best friend. Would do anything for him.)

  • Willow leaf (Adopted daughter. He is very protective of her, so you better behave around her!)

  • Krystal (Adopted daughter. If you treat her wrong, you'll feel his antlers on your hide.)

  • Bird (little stepbrother)

  • Kusakagé (little stepsister)

  • Kajo (little stepbrother)

  • Daikon (nephew)

  • Orinoco (adopted little sister)

  • Calida (adopted niece)


Note on family:
Zach has no biological family of his own, but upon entering the forest he met a deer named Virgil. Virgil soon became very close to Zach and soon later he was pretty much adopted into Virgil's family. Since then has readily adopted Virgil's offspring as his siblings and feels responsible of them as an older brother would.


"It was a rainy day when a young fawn made his way into the forest. His fur was soaked and the poor thing looked absolutely miserable. Alone, he called out for anyone who would listen. His ears flicked nervously, listening to the few sounds the pouring rain didn't cover. The few deer he met were laying under thick trees, trying to keep away from the rain. He wasn't brave enough to go share the shelter with them, and kept walking. The fawn spent his time searching for a shelter...but found a family instead."

Zach is very quiet when it comes to his past. He hasn't said a word about it since the moment he came into the forest. He must've had parents somewhere but he entered the forest alone. It is very likely that they have met a rather unfortunate end sometime before his arrival. His fear/dislike of Zombie deer may have something to do with this matter as well. He has refused to explain. More will probably be revealed with time.
(Also, the history can be found here but he has not told it to anyone except Lucian, Stelmaria and Dajhi.)

Now, as a young stag, he hasn't changed much. He has grown close to his half-brother Lucian. Without his adoptive family's care and support, things could've ended up very differently for him. He knows that too, and holds deep respect in his heart for everyone who helped him while he needed their help the most.

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Yup. Uhh..I blame Lucian and

Yup. Uhh..I blame Lucian and his influence? XD
Nah, in all honesty, it's just how Zach is, really. He grew up with both Virgil and Lucian, so he's bound to have picked up "protective traits" from both of them.
He never starts a fight, though. It's always the other stags who threaten his friends who get him to join one.

"I...I want to thank

"I...I want to thank you...for sitting with me. I, um...I have trouble making friends, so...I appreciated it. You're...You're very kind."

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"You are very welcome. You

"You are very welcome. You looked slightly alone and scared of the others, so the least I could do was offer you my company." He smiles gently. "Do not hesitate to come to me again if you need someone to sit with. I am almost always willing to listen and spend time with friends."
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Thanks for playing with Bloo

Thanks for playing with Bloo and Karuna in the forest today! ^^ Sorry I disappeared without goodbyes, I was disconnected. (As usual Sad)

Aww, and you're from Finland! <3 *hugs neighour* Smiling
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You're very welcome! Zach

You're very welcome! Zach loves fawns, so he really enjoyed playing with you guys! ^_^
And no worries, it's not the first time that's happened to the deer I'm with. I understand.
*hugs neighbour back*
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"Consider yourself stalked

"Consider yourself stalked tracked."
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Haha..okay. XD Lilly was fun

Haha..okay. XD
Lilly was fun to hang out with. Sorry I had to cut it so short, it is getting late.
*curses timezones*
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*Joins the cursing* I had to

*Joins the cursing* I had to go some seconds later anyway Shocked So no worriez
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Tracking~ c:
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Awesome. I'll add it right away. ^_^

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hehe, no worries. ^_^ Welcome to Zach's bio. XD

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Track! This bio is pretty cool even though it doesn't have any CSS {You just taught me that you don't need CSS to have a nice bio. My css is overworked cX}
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Why thank you. ^_^ The reason

Why thank you. ^_^
The reason I don't have any is because I was too lazy to add some. XD Besides, I'm pretty happy with it just the way it is. I may change it later, but for now I'm happy.

Thanks for dropping by!


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mielenkiintonen ~ tracking. c:
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Finally tracking this!

Finally tracking this!
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Trackie <3 Zach personality is adorable!
Sira & Ophidia
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Guess what? I LUV YOU

Guess what? I LUV YOU *smushes cheeks* You inspired me to play this game XP long story short, I saw Zach's bio and i wanted to make a character!
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You do? O_O.. I did?

You do? O_O.. I did? O_O;
Well, hello then! =D *huggles*
I'm glad to have inspired someone! ♥
I'll be sure to be on the lookout for Shane when I'm in the forest. ^_^
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Hey you. C:
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Then it's probably trouble on my end. >o>
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I'm sorry Peach has been

I'm sorry Peach has been leaving so soon lately. I have been so busy xD
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No worries. ^_^ Zach's just

No worries. ^_^
Zach's just happy to see her, no matter how briefly. The poor boy's just trying to find a way to balance his time between his friends and her since he cares about them all and does not want to create any conflict. XD



Tracking! =D ----- A small

Tracking! =D

A small smile came across the young doe's lips as she moved up on the side the stag was not paying attention to, eyes gazing at Zach from behind the magpie mask. Carefully she raised her head and let a soft breath ghost out over his ear before stepping back as not to be knocked over if he jumped.
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The young stag was deep in

The young stag was deep in thought, watching the forest in silence. He wasn't really looking for anything, just letting his mind wander. There was no danger right now and the forest was quiet.
Perhaps even too quiet. The sudden breath made his ear twitch and the stag snapped out of his thoughts in surprise, quickly turning around to see what had caused it. He had been startled, indeed. His eyes soon landed on the young doe and a momentary frown was seen on his face before he recognised his new friend from the other day. How had he not heard her approach!? How embarrassing..
"Ah, hi." he greeted a bit sheepishly. No use in acting all cool when she'd just seen him jump like a scared fawn. "You startled me, sorry."

The sight of him being

The sight of him being startled by the small gesture made the female let out a chuckle, lowering her head to rest it against her leg as she tried to compose herself from the small giggle fit she had fallen into. Doing that had always scared Wings, but doing it to your brother over and over got boring after a while which was why seeing his reaction was so refreshing to her.
"It's ok... everyone gets startled by something." she said, raising her head to look at him, the chuckle having turned into a soft smile. Her tail wagged happily, ears flicking towards him. "The forest is quiet today. I didn't think I'd run into you again."
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Zach's ears folded slightly

Zach's ears folded slightly back in embarrassment and his cheeks got redder as the young doe started giggling at him. He so hadn't expected anything like this to happen today. Silently, he waited until the doe had calmed herself down enough to speak again. Apparently though, she seemed to take his surprise rather well and Zach was glad that the doe changed the topic.
"It is." he agreed, giving the other a sheepish smile in return to her own. "I don't mind though. It gives me time to think." Hmm..the young doe.. "Why not? The forest isn't that big. I'm here a lot." he added, grinning a little. Where else would he be than here? He hesitated slightly before continuing. "Umm..I'm sorry. Your name seems to have slipped my mind..?" he muttered. How could he not remember? They'd just met a little while ago..

Kaides watched as the pink

Kaides watched as the pink color rose into the stag's cheeks, the sight making her smile grow slightly since she also hadn't been expecting to run into someon she knew today. It was usually quiet enough around this time to walk through the trees and not run into anyone if you took the right turns.
"I have to agree... this time is sometimes the best time. The usual dwellers of the forest can get a bit much now and again." she said, tilting her head softly at his words before he grinned. "I guess, but I haven't really run into any deer I know more then once or twice. It might not be a big forest but there are plenty of places to go."
Ears flicking back at the sound of a bird she glanced towards it before Zach's words once again reached her ears and she turned back towards him, the light pink tint to her cheeks hidden by the mask. "Kaizoku Desirée... but most of the deer I know call me Kaides."
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Zach still had a feeling that

Zach still had a feeling that the doe was teasing him on purpose, but at least the redness from his cheeks was fading now. He nodded at what she said, agreeing. "Yeah..sometimes it just..gets too crowded, big forest or not." he commented back. He had been feeling slightly crowded before, which was why he'd retreated here to think. He didn't mind her company though. It felt refreshing.
His ears flicked forwards towards her when she introduced herself to him again. Kaizoku Desirée? Not a common name, that was for sure. "Kaides.." he repeated, memorizing it. "You can call me Zach." he introduced himself next, just out of common courtesy. He'd be rude to ask her name and then not give her his.
"Can I ask what you're up to, sneaking like that and scaring innocent stags out of their fur?" he teased her now, his tone amused.
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Maia told me I needed to keep

Maia told me I needed to keep tabs on her friend. ^_~
I should have been watching this a long time ago anyway! :V

His words made the doe nod

His words made the doe nod slightly, ears flicking towards him and around to the small sounds around them as they stood there beneath one of the many trees in the forest. Lifting a hoof she disposed of an itch on her side, glad to be talking to someone at the moment actually. The silence was starting to get to her a bit.
"Kaizoku means Pirate in Japanese... Desirée means Desire in French..." she added for a little info on why her name was so different to a lot of the other deer around the forest. "Well it's nice to meet you again Zach..." she answered his introduction before the stag's next question made her shift from one foot to another.
"Oh... nothing really. I was just walking, thinking, singing to myself when I caught your scent and followed it..."
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Zach stood rather still, but

Zach stood rather still, but not uncomfortably so. He was aware of his surroundings, but his attention was on the doe that was standing close to him. "I wasn't aware that different languages existed." he admitted, a little curious. "I know that some deer speak differently from me and my family, but different languages are new to me. Your name sounds fascinating." he spoke, smiling a little. He listened to her explanation, his expression even more curious. "I hope I didn't turn out to be a boring thing to follow. I've been..a bit distracted lately." he answered. "Ah, but do need to stand for my sake.." Where were his manners, anyway? He slowly sat down next to the tree trunk, inviting her to do the same. It would be much nicer to talk that way.

She knew that not a lot

She knew that not a lot ofothers would know about the languages that her name came from, so she nodded at his words. "Thankyou Zach. My mother found the way the two different languages said those words to be interesting and beautiful and so that is why she named me so." she said, her smile growing a bit at the sight of his before his voice once again reached her perked ears.
"No, no... you were not boring. There are not many deer in this forest that I could say are boring." Kaides added before the sudden invitation to sit caught her a bit off guard and she raised her front rght leg, a soft pink tint now on her cheeks. Placing the hoof back on the ground she moved to lower herself to the ground, legs folding under her small frame. "A Gentleman... I still have to get use to such manners."
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"Well, she was definitely not

"Well, she was definitely not wrong with her choice." he complimented, smiling. "Do you speak these..other languages?" He asked curiously. He found all this new information interesting and a bit exotic. It wasn't often that he had a chance to speak of things like these.
He smiled at Kaides when she sat down, grinning a bit. "What can I say? I was raised to respect others. Everyone deserves my respect, unless they prove otherwise." he explained, happy to have some company to sit with. "I must apologise if I seem a bit too curious, though. Do tell me to stop if I ask too many questions."

The compliment made her

The compliment made her glance away from him, chin rubbing against the front of her neck as she looked down at a small spider crawling across the ground in front of her. One ear flicked towards him and Kaides raised her head, glancing at Zach from behind the mask. "I'm not fluent, though I wish I was. I only know some words in Japanese and French never really interested me. But I do know a song in each language." she answered, looking straight at him a again now.
"I agree... everyone has a chance to be my friend but if they do something that hurts me, my family, my friends or they laugh at my dreams then they will not be on my good side for a long time, if ever again." she stated with a nod, ear flicking to rid of a fly, making her earings jingle softly. "It's fine. Better to ask questions and know the answer then go through life not knowing anything."
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He listened, tilting his head

He listened, tilting his head curiously as she spoke. "That is more than most of us can speak, I'm sure." he commented. She sang these languages too? He was curious to hear them, but held back the question. He didn't want to appear rude to her.
She seemed to agree with him when it came to respect and friendship. "Why would someone laugh at your dreams?" he asked, not understanding. "Dreams are personal. No one has the right to laugh at them or belittle them, no matter what they are." he spoke his thoughts out loud. The little jingling sound caught his attention and his eyes turned to look at the earrings. What were those, then? Heh, this doe seemed to be one big mystery after another to him.

Kaides let out a small

Kaides let out a small chuckle at his words. "That is true. Example being you not even knowing about the other languages..." she said, noticing the question behind his eyes even though he kept silent. The next statement made her nod, letting out a breath from her nose in an annoyed snort.
"The problems is that there are others who will laugh at them just because they find another's dreams stupid. But that is only what they think. To the person who dreams them... they are everything..." she said, her voice moving in to whisper the last part, pupils having dialated somewhat as she spoke of the subject.
Her gaze was broken though as the stag lifted his head a little, eyes moving up towards where her ear sat, making her flick it and the earings to jingle again. "Heh... like my jewelry Zach?"
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The young stag listened,

The young stag listened, frowning a little at what she was saying. So someone had laughed at her dreams, then? She spoke like she knew the feeling from experience. "No one should judge what other people want. I can..understand if the people judging are family and they are worried, but others have no right to do so." he spoke. Hmm.. "Can..I ask what your dream is?" he asked carefully.
He averted his gaze from the rings in her ear, embarrassed to have been that obviously caught staring at them. "Ah, I suppose." he admitted with a sheepish smile. "I've seen a few deer with decorations before. Never really dared to ask how they got them, though."
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Aw Zach &hearts;. It'll be

Aw Zach ♥. It'll be alright!

She shifted softly,

She shifted softly, stretching out one of her back legs before once again tucking it up close to her body as the two of them sat there. His words making Kaides nod again and let out a breath since it was always nice to find someone who agreed with her when it came to such things as dreams. Raising and eyebrow, her smile grew and she moved to shift the bandanna on her neck so the picture of the deer skull and crossbones was visible. "Surprisingly my name wasn't just picked for the beauty of its words as what it says is what's in my heart. I may be a cervine, but I wish to be a pirate..."
Kaides' chuckled at his obvious embarassment, tail wagging softly behind her as she moved to lean against the stump they were sitting near. "Well.... these I've had for as long as I can remember. My mother has one in both her ears, so I'm guessing she wanted to pass the whole thing onto me."