Zacharias' Biography

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Zacharias' Biography

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Recent Events


"Good to see you."


Name: Zacharias ("But friends call me Zach.")


Gender: Male

Age: Five years

Birthday: 2nd of May, 2010
(Doesn't know his real birthday, but that's the day he entered the forest. Is probably a few months older than this birthday claims).

Speaks with: #3090C7

Voice: See song at the top of this bio

Love: None, willing to find one..

Appearance: ("Handsome.")

Fan antlers, Magpie pelt, Real deer mask
Appearance is very close to that what he has in-forest with the exception that his coat is more grey than blue and his antlers have slight structural differences. Has small bitewound scars on his throat, and scars from claws on his rump. A few visible scars can be seen on his face and front legs as well. They are mostly covered by fur but may be visible when shedding or wet. Eyes are golden brown.


  • Meeting new deer. Finding someone new has always been exciting for him - and "the more the merrier", right?

  • Playing with anyone who's willing to spend some time with him, adults and fawns alike.

  • Searching the forest for new experiences as he likes wandering around aimlessly.

  • Casting spells on sleeping deer and then running away before they wake up. This was his favourite past-time when he was a fawn. Truth be told, he still likes doing it. He's just a bit more careful and he makes sure that no one is around to catch him.

  • Spending time with his family. Is known to get a teeny bit silly when he does.

  • Watching his surroundings. He can spend quite a bit of time just standing on a higher ground, observing the forest around him. One must always be vigilant - otherwise one won't know what they might miss.


  • Rain. It makes his fur heavy and cold. Not to mention it makes ground slippery and hard to run on. When it rains, he's usually around the great oak, hoping the weather will change soon.

  • Zombie deer. Why, this is still unknown. He doesn't greet them, and usually just runs away when approached. Gets tense and nervous when he knows they are near.

  • Being still for long periods of time unless he's sleeping. When awake, it is better to do something than just sit still.

  • Being alone. If he's alone, he feels anxious and nervous. He prefers to have other deer close-by, even if they aren't actually spending time with him. Just seeing others is enough.

  • Violence. Zach is not a violent stag, but will defend those he cares for if he needs to. By observing his father, he learned to be righteous and to always stand up for the ones weaker than him.


Zach has calmed down a little bit from his fawn days. Back then, he used to be a hyper, bouncing little ball of energy - always running around and making others dizzy. While he still has that playful side, he has "toned down" slighty. He acts a bit more calmly, especially when there are does around. He wants to be at his best behaviour around them. Having only been what others consider "an adult" for a brief time, he still finds everything about it to be fascinating. Therefore, he makes sure to keep his antlers and his coat in top condition and can often be seen grooming himself or rubbing his antlers against a tree. He wants to look presentable - it's not just the personality that counts, after all.

Despite growing up Zach still loves running. Walking, to him, seems too slow of a way to get anywhere. If he doesn't feel the wind in his coat and hear his hooves pounding the ground, it's simply not moving to him. So, a game of chase is always welcome.

Personality-wise, Zach is a friendly, playful fellow. It is very rare for anyone to see him angry or frustrated. He always seems to see the brighter things in life. He likes hanging around fawns and his behaviour towards them is always gentle and patient. Violence is something he really dislikes and therefore he tends to avoid confrontations whenever possible. His loyalty to his friends is unwavering, though - and if one finds any of them in trouble, he will do his absolute best to protect them.

Family and friends

  • Virgil ("I will make you proud.")

  • Lucian (Stepbrother. Also best friend. Would do anything for him.)

  • Willow leaf (Adopted daughter. He is very protective of her, so you better behave around her!)

  • Krystal (Adopted daughter. If you treat her wrong, you'll feel his antlers on your hide.)

  • Bird (little stepbrother)

  • Kusakagé (little stepsister)

  • Kajo (little stepbrother)

  • Daikon (nephew)

  • Orinoco (adopted little sister)

  • Calida (adopted niece)


Note on family:
Zach has no biological family of his own, but upon entering the forest he met a deer named Virgil. Virgil soon became very close to Zach and soon later he was pretty much adopted into Virgil's family. Since then has readily adopted Virgil's offspring as his siblings and feels responsible of them as an older brother would.


"It was a rainy day when a young fawn made his way into the forest. His fur was soaked and the poor thing looked absolutely miserable. Alone, he called out for anyone who would listen. His ears flicked nervously, listening to the few sounds the pouring rain didn't cover. The few deer he met were laying under thick trees, trying to keep away from the rain. He wasn't brave enough to go share the shelter with them, and kept walking. The fawn spent his time searching for a shelter...but found a family instead."

Zach is very quiet when it comes to his past. He hasn't said a word about it since the moment he came into the forest. He must've had parents somewhere but he entered the forest alone. It is very likely that they have met a rather unfortunate end sometime before his arrival. His fear/dislike of Zombie deer may have something to do with this matter as well. He has refused to explain. More will probably be revealed with time.
(Also, the history can be found here but he has not told it to anyone except Lucian, Stelmaria and Dajhi.)

Now, as a young stag, he hasn't changed much. He has grown close to his half-brother Lucian. Without his adoptive family's care and support, things could've ended up very differently for him. He knows that too, and holds deep respect in his heart for everyone who helped him while he needed their help the most.

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Maia knew something was going

Maia knew something was going on, so she didn't interfere. And then I went to bed because I have a nasty cold. ^^;
I need to find her voice, but when i do, she'll start talking, I'm sure. xD
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Beaumont: Zach's ears

Zach's ears flicked, listening to the doe. Wind ruffled some of his fur and he shook his head a little to try and get back into order again. Winter was downright chilly and he didn't really like it. His gaze was directed at the cloth around the doe's neck now. He had a feeling that the symbol in it had meaning. But that it wasn't exactly a name like the ones they had here. "A pirate?" he asked. "Uh, I'm going to ask even under the danger of sounding dumb..but what exactly is a pirate?" he inquired. Maybe he should take some time to learn of things that were outside the forest. He wouldn't feel so dumb now.
The..small rings the doe had in her ear - were they a doe thing, then? "How do you get something like those? Outside?" He couldn't think of any other way, really. He'd never really seen things like that discarded anywhere in the forest. Or were they gifts from the twin gods?

Kaoori: Zach felt really bad for leaving her like that without no real explanation. He'll make it up to her next time. ^_^

That fawn with Zach, with the

That fawn with Zach, with the picto like a line through two triangles, who is it? They're not showing on the map.
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That's Maia. She's played by

That's Maia. She's played by Kaoori. You can find her info from Kaoori's deer directory. ^_^

yeah I figured that out after

yeah I figured that out after posting that XD;

The breeze that blew past

The breeze that blew past them made Kaides shiver slightly. But she really preferred this type of weather to the heat of summer. She noticed Zach's gaze now on her bandanna and kept still so the stag was able to get a good look at it before his words caught her attenton. "Yep and no worries. We learn about something new everyday." she said with a smile.
"Anyway, a pirate is a person who travels the seas with no law or country holding them back. There are two types on pirates. Peace Maines and Morganias. I myself want to be one of the first, a pirate who's in it for the adventure and only fights when they absolutely have to. Morgania on the other hand are your no good ruffions who just want power and treasure and don't care for anyone else."

She flicked her ear again and glanced up towards the silver rings. "Well... they're not something that are easy to come by as the loops are found near where these strange two legged creatures, called humans, live. They also wear them in their ears. That's where my mother got the idea from. As for getting them put in... well a sharp stick shoud help..." she fell silent suddenly and lowered her head, ears now resting flat as she looked at the male with a small sheepish grin. "Heh... I'm babling..."
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There was obvious curiosity

There was obvious curiosity in the young stag's eyes and stance as he listened to the doe explain about pirates. Treasure? No law? Adventure? It all sounded so very fascinating. He chuckled softly. "I feel like I'm learning a ton today." he admitted, grinning. "So..these pirates? They are..robbers, in a way?" he asked, though not in a bad way. He just wanted more information so he could form a complete picture of them. "And..umm..what are seas?" Zach was sure he'd heard of them, but he couldn't connect the word to anything he knew.
"Humans?" Those, he had heard of. "Aren't they dangerous?" he asked, wondering why Kaides or her mother would brave going near them, let alone their homes. He winced a little in sympathy when she spoke about a stick, the mental image being quite clear.
"No, it's alright. I find all this to be rather fascinating." he assured her, smiling back at her. "I'm afraid that I have nothing of equal value to spoke of. My life's been pretty much limited to being inside this forest. I like to listen to you - you're so excited when you speak of things dear to you. The mood is contagious." he added with a small laugh.

Kaides smiled at that. It fel

Kaides smiled at that. It fel good to help others learn about things that sounded interesting to them. The question made her nod. "You could say that. They have to find someone to get money to be able to eat and such. Of course unless they just steal the food. But really I'd only go to that if I absolutely had to." she said before she closed her eyes and took in a deep breath at the mention of the ocean.
"The sea is like the pond... only so big that you can't see where it meets the land on the other side. Plus it's filled with salt water and numerous creatures live in it. Surprisingly for my short life before I came into the forest, I learnt about most of this from my parents and other creatures around." she answered before her ears dropped back against her head at the question about the humans. "A lot of creatures say that. But I learnt that it's only the humans with guns and dogs you have to be careful of."

Her ears perked back up at that and she had to laugh too. "Well... talking about your dreams to someone like you, it's hard not to be excited since I know that I won't be put down or ignored. And there must be something interesting that has happened to you... even in the forest. Amazing things happen here everyday. I met you for one Zach." she said, tail wagging.
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"Ah, I see." These pirates

"Ah, I see." These pirates sounded like a peculiar bunch, though he had to admit that he was curious to know more. Adventures sounded like..well, interesting. He wouldn't mind one or two. The forest was a bit limiting at times.
He tried to imagine the sea. So much water that you can't see anything else? And it was salty? "I didn't know that anything could be that big." But now, new questions had made their way into his mind. "So..these pirates travel the sea? Do they swim? Or..float somehow?" he couldn't imagine that anyone, deer or human or other creature, could swim such distances. Maybe they used logs? Those floated. He nodded silently in agreement to what Kaides said about humans. Though thankfully that particular topic didn't linger.

The young stag blushed a little at the unexpected praise. Meeting him? That and amazing didn't really belong in the same sentence if someone asked him. "Heh, well. There's not much, I'm afraid." he said apologetically. "I came here as a small fawn after my parents died. Virgil adopted me into his family. I've had fun with all of them. I don't know where I'd be without them. Certainly not here talking to you." Such a small fawn as he'd been, he wouldn't have had a chance to survive this far on his own.

Kaides nodded again, watching

Kaides nodded again, watching as the curious look passed through Zach's eyes and his body shifted as he thought. It was easy for her to imagine everything that had passed her mouth. Harder for someone who didn't know... like the stage in front of her. But he was willing to learn and plus he was her friend. So any questions she would happily answer to help hi complete the mental image of the sea faring pirates.
"I know... I myself was shocked when my mother told me about it. And when she showed me a beach I kind of freaked out. The ground was soft, but not like mud. She said it was called sand." she said befo the question made her chuckle. "They have these huge things made of wood called ships. They float on the water." she answered, also kind of glad that the topic of humans had passed.

The doe's smile grew a little at the sight of the blush and she wagged her tail happily that she was able to talk to someone who was slowly becoming a deer she knew almost as well as Lucy.
Ears turned towards him as he started to talk, the female keeping quiet. When he had finished talking she leant forward to press her nose to his neck lightly. "I'm sorry to hear about your parents. But it's nice to know Virgil adopted you."
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"You've seen the sea?" he

"You've seen the sea?" he asked, finding this information astounding. Wow..this doe seemed to have seen much more of the world than he had, for sure. Sand..he frowned a little bit, thinking back. That seemed familiar. "I think I've seen sand before. Before I came here. I was too young to remember clearly, but I remember liking it." It had been warmed by the sun and he'd taken a nap on it. Heh. Seemed like that was ages ago. There was a small happy smile on his face. It wasn't a bad memory to have. And the humans did use wood to least in a way. He couldn't imagine what ships might look like..but probably something log-like. Just much bigger.

The gentle touch on his neck got Zach to slightly turn his head to look at the doe properly again. He smiled at her and nodded his thanks. "Thank you." he said softly, sighing a little. "I owe Virgil a lot. As well as all of his friends and family members that took me in as well. They kept me company when I was alone and taught me how to get around here. Who to avoid as a fawn..and who were friends." He chuckled. "And who to tease. My favourite past-time when I was little was to spell antlers or pelts on sleeping deer and then run like the wind. I think dad was the only one who caught me." Ah! He was rambling. A slightly stronger shade of red crept onto his cheeks and his ears folded back a little in embarrassment. "Sorry. I seem to talk too much."

"Yeah... that's how I was

"Yeah... that's how I was able to tell you what it was." she said with a grin, watching his expressions before he spoke, Kaides nodding. "Yeah... it's really soft, but gets stuck in your fur." she added, turning her head to nibble at an itch on her back. Turning her attention back to Zach after it had subsided she tilted her head slight at the silence. It wasn't uncomfortable since both of them were thinking quietly.

The thanks caused her to raise her head to look at the stag again as he started to talk. "You're lucky in that then. My mother yse to live here before going out of the forest and finding my father. Since she left she couldn't come back so I came here by myself and my brother followed a little while after..." she said before letting out a chuckle at the pranks he had pulled. "Sounds like fun... I've never done it though." she commented before the darker shade on his cheeks made her smile softly. "No, no... it's perfectly ok. This would probably be the most I've talked with anyone so it's all good."
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Zach laughed softly, nodding

Zach laughed softly, nodding in agreement. "It does, doesn't it?" My..mother.." he paused. "She told was good, though. Helps get rid of flees and other little critters.." he added. "No matter how itchy it may be for a while."

"How long have you been here in the forest, then? If you don't mind me asking?" he inquired. He'd only been here from last summer. He hadn't seen her around much, though. Or then he'd just never really noticed her which was possible too with the large amount of deer that inhabited the forest. "Huh? You've never pranked others like that?" he asked in amazement. "You should. It's fun. and turning them into peacocks is fun as well, if they do not wake from the first spell." he added with a grin. "We can try it together sometime." he suggested. It might be fun.

"Well that's true... but then

"Well that's true... but then there are the sand fleas and sand flies. My mother checked there was none where she took me first though since she didn't want my first experience with sand nd the ocean to be bad..." she said with a smile, tail wagging as she moved her eyes out across the quiet forest, watching a small bird fly up our of a patch of flowers.

Ear flicked towards Zach and she looked back to him. "Probably a little less then you. I was just off a year when I came into the forest and it was a couple of months before my brother showed up." she said before his question had her shaking her head. "I've never really thought about it. But now that you've brought it up it sounds really fun." she said, chuckling softly at the thought of them waking up and herself or Zach having to run away. "Sounds like a plan."
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Zach smiled warmly, nodding.

Zach smiled warmly, nodding. His ears twitched round to listen to the bird for a moment before turning back to focus on Kaides again. The doe..was pretty good company. He enjoyed talking with her. "Well, I don't think there's a safe place anywhere. At least when it comes to bugs. Even the pond has leeches sometimes." he pointed out. "I won't let it stop me from enjoying it, though."

He grinned, his own tail wagging a little when she seemed to get excited about the pranking. "Brilliant." he replied, smiling widely. "I'm ready whenever you are."

The stag was easy to talk to

The stag was easy to talk to and it made him a pleasure to be around. Seemed he was slowly become her second closest friend in the forest. Zach's words made her nod again, her face screwing up a bit at the thought. "I'm not that phased about bugs and such things... as long as they keep their distance from me." she said, shaking her head, ears falling back against her head.

Kaides' own smile turned into a small grin at the obvious excitement now in his eyes and the aura around him. "Well I don't mind when we start... I have all the time in the world."

(I actually tried it with Wings today, but the pelt didn't change... >.>.... XD)
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Zach chuckled, amused.

Zach chuckled, amused. "Surely you like butterflies, hmm?" he teased. "They're bugs, too." He added, nudging her shoulder playfully. What was it about females and bugs? They were so tiny..
He shook his head a little, being mindful of his antlers when she was so close. He didn't want to accidentally hit her with them or something. That would be rude..not to mention that it would also probably hurt. "Well, me too." he grinned. "Soo..what do you say about now?" he asked, giving her a playful look. If the doe wanted to, they could go and hunt down some unsuspecting sleeping deer to spell.

(bummer. XD Either you weren't properly logged in (since that prevents spells from working on people when you cast them) or then you just managed to cast the same pelt. It happens. XD)

"Butterflies, dragonflies...

"Butterflies, dragonflies... I'm not really afraid of insects. But after you get bitten by a number of them you are cautious. I hate biting flies and such..." she said, a shiver going down her frame before the playful nudge made her look to Zach and let out a small chuckle.
She raised her eyebrows at the question, the smile on her lips turning into a smirk as she moved to lift herself to her feet, stretching her legs. "Sounds wonderful." she answered, shaking the leaves that had attached themselves to her pelt back onto the forest floor. "There always seem to be sleeping deer around the pond... So let's start there."

(Knowing my luck it cast the same pelt.... >.>'.... XD)
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Zach tilted his head a

Zach tilted his head a little, considering her point of view. "I guess that makes sense." he admitted. They were rather annoying, at the least. But the pond usually helped to get rid of them, thankfully.
It took a moment for Zach to actually realise that she was willing to go here and now. He grinned once more when she got up and moved to swiftly follow her example. He stretched and took a few steps, listening and trying to pick up a few scents from the air around them. The wind was making that a little tricky, however. "Good idea. Ladies first." he offered, giving her a playful bow as he waited for them to go.

(Maybe we can leave them here? I'm sure they'll find someone to spell. ;D)

(Of course they'll find

(Of course they'll find someone to spell. XD Now, just to finish it off...)

Kaides smiled at his manners and turned herself towards the direction of the pond, starting off at a slow trot. This was going to be fun...
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I just saw the "recent

I just saw the "recent events" <3
that's so adorable ♥
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I'm glad you like it. ^_^ He

I'm glad you like it. ^_^
He really liked playing with the little one. Much to his shock, he noticed that she's grown a bit now. XD
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Zach has to see Maia- she's

Zach has to see Maia- she's all grown now. ^^
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she had to grow.. the fawn

she had to grow.. the fawn set was so boring -___-
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Kaoori, She is!? ;_; I missed

She is!? ;_; I missed an awful lot. He'd love to see her again..

Haha, yeah. But cute, too. ~_^
As a random note: I adore that little sleeping deer in your signature.

sniffle, fawns are growing up all around my boy. ;_;
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yes yes that signature is an

yes yes that signature is an awesome work of Starling <3
Actually the sleeping deer is Djinn (:
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Happy one year love!

Happy one year love! <33 To both you and Zach!

"Aw you cutiepie! Let me give you one big brotherly SMOOCH yes? Hold still!"
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Happy first year to you both.

Happy first year to you both. Smiling
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"Happy birthday, son! Who

"Happy birthday, son! Who would have thought a turn of the seasons could go so fast! Here is hoping for another great turn!"
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Thank you, Zach, for laying

Thank you, Zach, for laying with me today. You protected me from the rain.

(thanks, starling! The avatar is amazing! And Thanks Pretzil for the siggie!
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My pleasure. Being alone in

My pleasure. Being alone in the rain is dull. Better to have friends to share it with.

Aw, wow. I had no idea who the little fawn was until I checked your account. I'm very happy to have met Baum. =D

I have to go now, though. Sorry. I hope to see you again. ♥
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Zach looks cute in this new

Zach looks cute in this new drawing Smiling

Maia misses her friend. She never sees him. :/
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Wow. You were quick. XD I

Wow. You were quick. XD

I know. ;__; He misses her, too.
It seems we're rather rarely online at the same time..(and I admit that I haven't been online half as much as I'd like to..)
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We seem to miss each other

We seem to miss each other online, it seems.

Hopefully soon they'll meet again. Smiling


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&hearts; Thanks for sitting

Thanks for sitting with Zach. He's not too fond of the rain, so it was nice to have some company from Hikari to share it with. ^_^

Edit: Oh..and the link in your takes to a "page not found". That's probably not the intention?

Your welcome. Hikari was

Your welcome. Hikari was lonely and tends to not like how the rain makes her feel so it was nice to sit with someone.
Thanks I will get right on fixing that.

Thank you sososo much for

Thank you sososo much for helping me get Kody's pelt <3 ;;
It would've taken forever if I done it on my own since I was lagging terribly LOL.

Sorry he kinda walked off a bit, I actually thought Zach had left since I didn't see him until he flew away D: <3
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Always ready to help a friend

Always ready to help a friend in need of assistance. ^_^

No worries. I don't mind at all. He kept Kody company until he woke up. ^_^
Thanks for the great time. Zach needed a good run and some good company. Plus he needs to build up some endurance for the upcoming rut, eh? XD

Pfft, thanks again

Pfft, thanks again <3 8D

It's been a while since they're hung out, I'm glad they did :'D
I have no idea when this rut is. I don't take part in it since Kody's a wolf LOL.
I'm guessing it's soon though C:

Silverpaw15's picture

Last year it was sometime in

Last year it was sometime in September. So yes, pretty soon. ;D

And Zach was happy to spend some time with Kody. He appreciates Kody's company.
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Tracking =D

Tracking =D
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Hello there, and thank you.

Hello there, and thank you. ^_^
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Track My fawn, Sandpiper is


My fawn, Sandpiper is not usually like this she would normally hate spell spamming and jumping but you and that other deer changed her opinion. You see, she is not the socialize kind of character. She usually either attack someone and runs away. (She is a lizard/deer and she's based off my pet lizard, lol)

And she lost her set T_T
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Well, I'm glad that Eira and

Well, I'm glad that Eira and Zach managed to give her a nice experience, then. ^_^
Feel free to spend more time with Zach if you see him around, I'm sure he won't mind.

And I'm sure we can get that set back for her, too. =D
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"... <3"

Why haven't I tracked this, even though I have checked this out so many times. O_o
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&hearts; Thanks for the

Thanks for the track, now. ;D

I just realised I have made a

I just realised I have made a mistake. Now I'll fix that: *track*
Silverpaw15's picture

Haha, thank you. ^_^

Haha, thank you. ^_^

Uuh, his new picture is

Uuh, his new picture is really nice~. owo