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~ Liëka's Given Art ~ (some rather large (and a lot of) pictures here)

I thought I'd put all these masterpieces somewhere. ^_^
Love you all! <3

In no particular order to begin with (just the order Photobucket put them), and then past the original picture dump, most recent is at the bottom of each deer category.

The artist's name is the one underneath, not above.

Some of them have other deer in, but if I'm there, I'm saving it.
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My Updates [Thanks Everyone!]

Seed + Seed's Bio + RP Blog

Connection Status: Good.

Seed is: A tree-deer and a gentle poet, prone to bouts of melencholy but willing to do just about anything. He wears the kirin pelt, the whistling mask. Parts of his body, especially his legs, are made of living wood; leaves and purple flowers sprout from his branching antlers
Physical: Healthy
Thinking: -
Feeling: -
Doing Recently: -

Oh, and if you play one of my deer's friends and are online, or want one of my deer online... Do not hesitate to post here or IM me. I am thrilled when I can manage to spot a specific deer who is friends with my deer, whether it's arranged or what. It makes my day. My skype is lady.deme , and I have other messengers I can tell you about on request.

Also, uh. Happy Birthday to Me, I guess! Hooray!
We had a little walk starting and ending at the Old Oak today, for said birthday, and if I have time, I'll post some screenshots. It was a lot of fun.

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- Flyra's Fanarts - (Image very heavy)

A collection of all the fanart I ever reveived. Warning: there are many, thank you so much for that. ♥
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Spyrre´s drawings


I have seen some people doing this, so I thought to copy them, evil as I am. <__<
So, I´ll be collecting some of my deer pictures here, because it seems they disappear soon at the picture- page because there are so much posts. Many of these are also uploaded in my DeviantArt-account
( http://spyrre.deviantart.com/ ) , but not all of them.
Hope you have fun watching them. ^^

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To My Secret Santa

Well hi there. Laughing out loud If your here it must mean you are either my Secret Santa or a stalker, but anyway, let me continue without rambling...wait...that's not possible. XD

****EDIT: I have finally gotten an answer about sending/recieving gifts in the mail, and Yes, I can have them sent to me. Laughing out loud I'm sorry this took so long.

On to the good stuff..well, semi descriptive stuff:

1: ART: I adore Otters, any type of otter really, though I think river otters are easier to draw, if your an artsy person. Really any type of animal art is fine, I love most animals. Any fan-art of Adonis is appreciated. He's my only real character at the moment, and he only has...that little adorable little mini-version of him in my signature. Pretty sad, isn't it? I don't really mind, he's more of the deer you don't know who he is, but you just know he's fun. :3

2: OTHER: (because I don't know what else to label it as) I love to laugh, so if you happen to be a comical sort of person, a joke, a comic; anything silly is good in my book. Smiling Like I said before, otters rock in my opinion, so anything otter related is wonderful; I also like horses, and deer of course. Sticking out tongue Endless Forest-related items are of course lovely. I used to be a book-worm and still am if I find something I'm interested in, so any books you think are worth reading. I generally stick to fiction, fantasy really; I've gotten keen on science fiction now, but here's some books that I love so you can judge my tastes better: The Lord of the Rings, My Most Excellent Year, (I love that book sooo much, I recommend it to anyone & everyone.) The Edge Chronicles, Warriors, & Seekers.

Thank you so much for whoever gets me, because I'm so horrible at procrastinating and updating things. >.<

Much love,

Test (Ignore)

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Dragonflies and More [Pega's updates]

Dragonflies and More

You've entered the updates page of Pegasicorn, better known as Pega.

BLOG POSTs and DEER STATUSes will be posted via comments. This will also make it easier to know when I last updated if you're not tracking this, as the comments will keep track of the time.

Main Entry Last Edited: July 19, 2017
-let's start fixing some broken images...
-and cleaning up some old/other broken things (so much dust 8|)

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IRL Deer Photography

As you may be aware, I take a lot of screenshots in the forest and upload them as "candid" photos (also known as wildlife photography).

What you might not have known is that I do a little photography in real life.

So for your enjoyment, I've decided to upload two sets of zoo/park deer that I have taken:

Set one = Mobile Zoo, Alabama, USA.

I will divide these into two "groups" - the whitetail deer and the mule deer.

Whitetail deer - these deer were shy and never came close except when being fed. There were several does and at least one stag.

Mule deer - there were actually two of them, but one never got up. The other, however, was the friendliest deer I've ever met. He followed me around, constantly stomping his feet and looking around. I got to feed him peanuts, and later learned that he'll lick your hand if you reached into the cage.
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The Forest Frolic (comics) - Archive

Welcome to...

This entry will house all images pertaining to the fan comic, this may also include random sketches never making it into the final strip. The newest addition will be added at the bottom.


1) First Abiogenesis
2) The Life of a Fawn - (Alternate Version - The Joys of a Fawn)
3) Casting Spells
4) The Angry Fawn
5) Learning to Fly
6) The Phase One Stag - (Original Version)
7) The Endless Forest at Night
8) Just Another Day
9) For The Love Of Candles
10) The Downside of Air-Sitting

Methods used:
Brush/pen and Ink (old school dip pens) and sometimes a simple brush pen
Corel Painter X (color)
Adobe Photoshop 7 (lettering and touch-ups)

(EDIT 2016: Fixed the dead links. If a link isn't working or something doesn't look right, let me know!)
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