~ S Y B I L A R I U S ~


|| There's Always A Terror for Every Meaning ||

Yet we find the divergence of succumbing to the horrors of the darkened reaches of our mind or rise above the primal objection.



~ Cheers !

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WELL. It seems my old adoptables blog post has vanished into the abyss of time.
Maybe it's for the good, that post was out of control. An abomination.

So. I'll just.
Put this pretty little, shiny banner here.

.... :>

Oh look, another!

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woah it's been literally 10 years


i have this strange feeling of being in some sort of post-apocalyptic story
like i was walking through a town and it was full of people, and then i turn around and find myself amidst ruins and abandoned buildings

there's a lot of new faces and some people i knew are still roaming these parts, but many more left long time ago, moved on.. or disappeared

it's sad to go back and see expired/broken links and deleted bios
many stories, now erased


after some thinking i've decided to move to another account
for i no longer associate myself with this one

from now on i'll be lurking here and silently watch as the world goes by as Aranyani

see you in the forest
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New Arts

I have been meaning to draw more to just work on it and get better. Some of the drawings here will just be sketches I don't think too much on while others I will alter and change and hopefully improve. These babies will also be on my Toyhouse and may be up for sale on there.

Name: Skelligrum (May/Probably change)

For Sale: £10

My Friend and I Just Joined this Community and Made a Video about our Experience.

Hey! This is a video recorded on the 8th of January--I have learned a lot about this game since then and discovered just how active this community was, so be warned a do say things about this game that may be inherently false, however the mystery of delving into such a game is something I found intriguing to record, and we ended up having a bit of a magical experience with the players we randomly encountered. If that was you, thanks for playing with us! Let's be friends :>

Anyways, here's the video. I hope it's not offensive to the game or anything, I love u all I promise.
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Gen2 picto swap

Wondering if anyone has gen2's they wanna trade. I have a few that never seem to stick to chars, cri


a gen 3-

Can message me on discord- Laur#3136
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