Outside the Forest

A deer told me to share

It is not art based but at times projects come along where you can look art and gorgeous photographs

IN case you have need while you wait

it is a gig, a project, a job Aussies $10.00 an hour

enough to eat at a cafe and buy art supplies
Online remote pay by Payoneer, global could use some artists



Looking for the friend i made!

new to all of this but. if your pictogram looks like the letter E and we roamed around a bunch together, you are epic i had a great time :0

also we should definitely be friends, if thats okay with you Laughing out loud
Evern's picture

Unfinished Sympathy

I know I'm quiet around here nowadays, but I thought you guys might enjoy my new artwork! ♥
The DA if you're interested
Hope everyone is safe.


yo. i made the decision to change the pictogram. when this happens, i will leave the link to the new page here, and delete it after some time, as well as all the information posted at this page. this will not carry any change to Tamato as a character.

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