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(Apologies that this post is long and a bit jumbled, I know little HTML or CSS.)
I am very new to the Forest. It's wonderful... and strange. In a good way!
Yesterday was my first day. Most of everyone was asleep or unresponsive to me, so I played on my own.
I had been stalking this community site for a little, and I much enjoy everyone's creative writing Smiling , so I decided to give it a go myself, just to add a little character to my disappointing first day:

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Q: Possible to have no antlers?

Sorry to make another post, but I couldn't reply on the last for some reason?

I was just wondering if it was possible to go about having no antlers at all in game? Like a doe.

Thank you!
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Can deer sizes be changed? Fawns can wear masks?


I'm briefly looking into the game again, and I've seen some deers smaller than others in pics with adult coats. Is deer size something that can be adjusted?

Also, are fawns able to wear masks?


Hello :-)

Hello there! This might be a bit long so my apologies. But this is an introduction since I'm (kinda) new!

File upload error. Could not move uploaded file.

Despite me uploading an image with the 100x100 pixel (50kB) requirement it has consistently refused and given me an 'File upload error. Could not move uploaded file.' message. Just wondering if I am uploading my profile picture incorrectly or if any other forum members are experiencing this, as well?

A Return To The Forest

I suppose on The Endless Forest I go by Tais now. Can't remember why I chose this specific name for my return but I'll keep it as this is the first account I've created since my departure from the game many years ago. This game is something I'd like to continue to be apart of going into the future as this place truly is uniquely special. Hopefully, you all will have me rejoin in this big, beautiful forest of ours. I look forward to it, greatly.

Please feel free to reach out as I'd love to meet each and every one of you. Perhaps, you can give me advice/feedback regarding the state of the community today? Feel free to ask me anything though I'd prefer to keep my outside identity vague in terms of specifics as I think it complements the whole 'deer' experience. I'm normally not opposed to sharing. Thank you for reading this far.

Update! I believe I chose this name after connecting with my specific new pictogram. I just found a name I liked that I felt fit well in giving my pictogram some sort of alias/meaning.
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Discord Servers

A list of public TEF-related Discord servers.

hello! :D

(english isn't my native language, so sorry in advance for my poor grammar and misspellings :') )

hiii! first of all, I need to say it as an average Studio Ghibli enjoyer: as soon as I saw the deer designs my brain went berserk and screamed "LOOK ISN'T THAT THE PRINCESS MONONOKE'S DEER AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" at me and I had to try it XD
I just downloaded the game and I'm loving it so far, I love this relaxing vibe and peaceful environment!! I think I'm going to spend a long time here, so please let's be friends and hangout Laughing out loud

soooo, could u guys guide me through the community so I can be as cool as u, pretty please? oh, and should I know anything in particular about The Endless Forest? how do I make my deer big and fancy as the ones I've seen? are there any objectives or quests I didn't notice?

Help: Information on TEF Community for Fanlore Article

Hello! I am gathering information on The Endless Forest fan community to expand its Fanlore page. Seems there is plenty about it's history, but not a whole lot of community meta. So please, if you have some time consider answering a few questions for me! Especially if you have been a long-time TWF player. You may skip and answer questions at your leisure. Your responses may be used on the Fanlore page, either as direct quotes, snipped quotes (edited for brevity), or indirectly as footnotes. You are of course welcome to skip this all together and edit information onto the page yourself as well. https://fanlore.org/wiki/The_Endless_Forest

1. How long have you been playing on The Endless Forest?

2. What do you call your community? (For example, "Furry Fandom" for furries, "Creatures Community" for fans of the game Creatures, "Potterheads" for Harry Potter fans, etc)

3. Is there any unique terminology your community uses? (Example: "Hexies" is what the Petz fandom call game mods- this is unique to them)

4. How has the community changed from the early days to now?

5. What other places do you congregate to enjoy TEF's community/fandom? Other forums, websites, chatrooms?

6. Describe how roleplay functions in your community, and what it is about. Imagine you're explaining this to a newbie or outsider.

7. Have there ever been any major controversies in the community?

8. Would you say you are a "deer person?" If so, how do you see this as differing from other species-based communities? (Example: such as communities focused around lion characters, or around horse characters, etc)

9. Do you know anyone who has played TEF who has gone on to do something else note worthy? (Example: Ehtere making the Fawnlings ARPG in 2012)

10. Anything else interesting you'd like to say about the community or game?

Lady Luck Readings: Landan's Tarot

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