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GoFundMe for Wendingo

Wendingo and his fiance are having a lot of trouble right now. Both are ill and unable to work for the time being, and have given permission to post the link to their GoFundMe (which is under the fiance's name).

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Hello + Coding help?


Hello there!

I've been into The Endless forest for quite a long time. A few years actually. I just have logged in a new account to kind of start over. I saw quite a lot of cool biographies running around which drawn me to logging in the community side of the game. I'm not sure if coding is my thing but I can't find where I should start off learning at. I'm quite a fast learner so maybe it wouldn't be so bad to try. Maybe you can reccommend me some code learning sites? 

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rut? ¿blog?

I heard that there are some whirled players here...

Don't want to be that guy but I noticed there were some whirled players here, trying to locate someone who knows how to set up configurable avatars. I'm trying to figure out all the needed classpaths and how exactly to set it all up, unfortunately there isn't a place that actually makes it all clear. I have some old files but they aren't set up the way they should be.

Anyways, let me know if you know! Thanks. Sorry for the bother!

A Newbie? In 2020?

Hello friends! I've been a lurker of TEF for many years now, but just now decided to finally join in on the fun Smiling I don't have much to say, just that if you see me in the forest, feel free to say hi and dance with me! I'm a bit hard to track down but for the next month or so I will be a fawn. Just look for my pictograph.

Even though I've been aware of TEF for a while, I've never been in on the community side of things, so please be patient with me as I learn the ins and outs of the game and all of the lingo. Thank you!

-your friendly neighborhood Newbie Smiling
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Future Java problems

I am quite curious how this website (or any other) is going to pan out when java comes to an end by the end of this year.
Welcome to 2020.
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sobs in rut

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