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[smash cut to me crashing back into the forest]

HELLO i doubt many folks will recognise me given that i haven't been around here for ... literal years, whoops, but once again i am... attempting to return here!! i used to be MoonlitStar and had a whole bunch of characters including Rutilus and Keith, and i've popped up here and there on various other accounts since, but hopefully this is the one I'll actually settle on

anyway the point is I have no idea who anyone is anymore, I can't see pictograms on the site (??? no idea if it's just my browser or not) and I know the site isn't the most active these days, BUT I am here to have FUN and also probably to make like 20 characters I'll use for maybe five minutes. listen, there's nothing else to do in quarantine let me live.

squeezes the dash like a python and scuttles out again
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Made another video in The Endless Forest. This game seriously never gets old.


Honestly, I knew I had to come back to this game at some point. TEF is inexplicably entrancing, likely due to the freedom it provides. Having the opportunity to goof around with my friends was really nostalgic, and I truly miss when indie games were more like this.

This video was made all in good fun, and for the past 6 years, I've always had a soft spot for this game. Thanks for all the fun memories!
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Feral/Forest Bridge Discord Server

Hello o/
(Quick, before the site is down again...)

I would like to invite everyone to a freshly baked Discord server Feral/Forest Bridge - invitation: https://discord.gg/P8XRaXh which is dedicated to combine the Endless Forest with the game Fer.al.

For those who know nothing about Fer.al, it's basically a game where you create characters, customise them, decorate your house aka sanctuary, gather materials, chat with people and roleplay. It's basically like Animal Crossing but free. Here you can check out more information: Official page and Wiki page.

Hope to see you there!

What's up?

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Reminded of my forest in the strangest places

I wander around the internet in the same way I wandered through our beloved forest. Usually aimlessly. This time I was meandering around on second life when I discovered deer avatars available to purchase. I laughed a little, knowing there were a lot of people who would scoff at the idea of playing in a multiplayer arena as a deer.

When I looked closer at it, there are small aspects of the deer avatar that are very familiar. Notably, an orca-like pattern, and the fact the deer avvies come with 'dances'.
A handful of horns are similar to a few from the forest, inspired by- not taken from.
And it made me smile, because, as with the community I found tucked away on tumblr, and deviantart... I know that within those deer flocks on secondlife are other deer from the endless forest, eagerly awaiting the return of our bountiful and beautiful forest.
And proving that the love of the forest is still with them, even on other platforms.

I'm thinking of getting the avatar, and wandering around the groups, looking for familiar faces and names.

I wonder who I'll find there...

Is this game even still alive?

I played ages ago around the time I played Feralheart. Now that many years have past I noticed the sad fall of such a wonderful game and I made me worry. Did the same thing happen to the forest? I’m grief stricken by the fact that I cannot for the life of me remember my old login so I had to make a new one just to relive the wonders of the forest(and I do love being a little fawn). I do see some updates by creators but looking to see who’s online..I fear the worst.

Sun life

Hi, today from 3 am to 6 am played with a young deer in a mask with a black and white color, a deer with a skull mask, Yes a zombie body and a deer similar to an owl *.*
You are cool, greetings from Russia)

Sun life

Hi, today from 3 am to 6 am played with a young deer in a mask with a black and white color, a deer with a skull mask, Yes a zombie body and a deer similar to an owl *.*
You are cool, greetings from Russia)

Outside the Forest

A deer told me to share

It is not art based but at times projects come along where you can look art and gorgeous photographs

IN case you have need while you wait

it is a gig, a project, a job Aussies $10.00 an hour

enough to eat at a cafe and buy art supplies
Online remote pay by Payoneer, global could use some artists


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