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Portrait requests

Hey everyone itsame, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in some portrait requests of their characters, descriptions only. (they can have photo refs too but I'd rather draw from imagination, so just describe the face claims) just to clarify I am talking about a human version of your char.

Examples on my da https://www.deviantart.com/alice-ruby

Right click for full view.
1) Chizzu

Sorry it's a little poor, it was fun though and good practice Smiling Might redo it sometime.

2) Vessan

Aside from a few mistakes quite happy with this one since it started out with a bad sketch and was looking awful at first. Hope you like it Vess
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CSS Test blog - 8 [-]



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TEF congregated gaming channel [Discord]

Greetings my fellow tef gamers.

Since the results were overwhelmingly positive the congregated gaming channel now exists <3
For now, we have much to fill with the basics laid out. Any future suggestions for games to add as joinables or their separate sections are welcome.

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Taking sketch requests

Link your character or another persons, trying to break an art block

stream if anyone wants to watch - done streaming for today but will continue these throughout the next few days

.Fanart-a-Thon Week eight: Verone! :: Open!

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