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CSS test

CSS test
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So Like... Everything Was Down Right??

The website, the forums, the network. All day I had no response from it except for a few blips before going back down. Was that just me or???

art requests -


Give me some subjects, please? Can be your own. Any species.

usually I get anxious and delete these pretty quick, may happen again but we'll see

The outcomes may be very experimental just so you know !! basically might be super naff sorry in advance

my art: https://www.deviantart.com/wispwolf/gallery/

1) requested by Tuo

2) Noite

3) Heilong not really happy with this like i feel like too much is going on and no focal point ?? but anyway i'm making myself post every piece whether i like it or not

4) for Coddiwomple / ref / edit: just smoothed his head out a little? probably can't even tell but i can

5) Gift for Rouda... Vasanti
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