Some Silly Things

Hello again. I just wanted to share some silly sketches I drew today. I may add more in the future. Enjoy.

This screenshot is from the day that I came back to the forest, a month ago as of yesterday I just realised (18/11/22 was when the above screenshot was taken). I believe the player with me is Pink. Thank you for helping me decide on a pelt! The result of our silly spell-fest ended up being Turi, so I am happy for that.

The endearing capiteux, mid-hop in the forest.

Lastly for now, here is Piaf as a bunny. Whenever I see her design I imagine her mane as a rabbit's dewlap (fluffy chest), and it always gives me a chuckle.
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Warm, volatile

Praise be the monarch pelt.
The vision that ignited the two most recent images, I finally got to it. Woo!

Trying to get old accounts with no luck :/

Hello old friends.
I have been trying desperately to get my old accounts back and there seems to be no way to get forgotten password emails sent to me. (ive tried a lot - i get nothing in junk or inbox.)
I had 2.
Geethelove and mahm.

Is there any possible way someone could help out? I heard there was going to be updates and I want to get back into the game so badly!

Matching sigils???

So, I was hanging out with somebody when another deer stopped by but I noticed that they had the same sigil above their head as me? Now I haven't been active on this game in at least a year so forgive me if im remembering wrong but each sigil is supposed to be unique, yes? I assume it's just a glitch or something on my end but I was pretty confused when I first saw it I'll admit

(Also, I have used a forum maybe only ONCE in my entire life so I dont know how to attach an image- Help would be appreciated lol <3)
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Starling in the Birch

She appeared during my digital experimenting.

Five Years

I've officially been a part of the forest for 5 years (and 6 days) and I wanted to thank you all for being one of the most welcoming, thoughtful, and kind communities I've ever been a part of. You are all so talented and amazing and I'm grateful to be a part of this little corner of the internet.
So thank you, and happy five years in the forest to me.

idling here once again for the first time in years

hope everyone is well, it's nice having a computer that doesn't chug while i make epher hop around

i may not hang around long but it's nice background noise at least, even if i tab back every 40 seconds to see who is running around near me. it's also fun creeping on people on the map when i can, though honestly i can't see half of yall's toyhouse pages that are linked lol

glad to see this game is still around

New player

Hi everybody I go by Cole! So far I’ve been enjoying this game and seeing different deer players. Right now I’m still figuring out all the spells, my fawn has mainly stuck with her flower crown which I find so cute. To the little deer who’s fur looks like camouflage and has white twisted antlers thank you for dancing with my fawn! That was such a nice welcome. And to the larger black deer with candle antlers and a masquerade type mask, thank you for joining as well. I hope to make friends and spend time just chilling out with other players as well (:

Newbie Here

Hello, I'm Parris, and I'm NEW TO THE GAME! I was wondering if someone could help me figure out the basics, such as customizing my deer and figuring out what all the different controls are? This game seems really cool, and I want to start getting into it, but I want to at least know the basics!

New player

Hi I’m Firefly, I’m new to the game. I’ve been running around having a blast with a red deer with big antlers that have red flowers on them. I just wanted to say thank you for welcoming me and being a great friend!
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