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Flash Alternatives

Collection of alternatives now that Flash is defunct
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TEFc Addons

Content pending
This is for some site QOL addon stuff

- Map URL
- Map floor
- Skins
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The Memorial Walk

Hub page for the Memorial Walk, a tribute to all who have gone before us.
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An Event Guide

An introduction to the various community-run events.
This page is under construction. Track if you like, but it will be edited a lot in the near future.
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Pending Review

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Forest FAQ

This page has recently received a fairly large overhaul. Please let me know if there are any broken links I missed, or if anything is confusing.

Page Last Updated: September 6, 2017

This is by no means the only or the best FAQ/glitch list!
Be sure you check out The Official FAQ, The
(old) Game Design Forums
, and The TEFc Directory, too!

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Pictogram Building

Soon! Some pieces are still here.
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About Pictograms

This page is under construction. Some pieces are still here.
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Casting v3.13 spells onto a mini-deer

You can cast a spell onto a mini deer from v3.13 if the other person is using v3.4 (or higher)
Here's how:
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