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Character Name and Title Catalogue

Note: Adding a title here does NOT guarantee no one else will use it, or that you "own" a name or concept. This is not meant to be a claiming process.
This is a catalogue where people can see what is out there. We are in no way encouraging claiming of names or titles (as in real life, people share both!). With that said, you are in no way required to post here if you don't want to.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email .

To submit a title, fill out the form located HERE.

Title Help Links
Power Thesaurus

Name Help Links
Behind the Name
Sibling Name Generator
Tolkein Elvish names
Fantasy Name Generators
Seventh Sanctum Generators

Note: Changes take a few minutes to render, and require you to refresh this page.
Choose whether to sort alphabetically by character name or character title by choosing a tab at the bottom.
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Forest FAQ

This page has recently received a fairly large overhaul. Please let me know if there are any broken links I missed, or if anything is confusing.

Page Last Updated: September 6, 2017

This is by no means the only or the best FAQ/glitch list!
Be sure you check out The Official FAQ, The
(old) Game Design Forums
, and The TEFc Directory, too!

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Pictogram Building

Soon! Some pieces are still here.

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About Pictograms

This page is under construction. Some pieces are still here.

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Casting v3.13 spells onto a mini-deer

You can cast a spell onto a mini deer from v3.13 if the other person is using v3.4 (or higher)
Here's how:
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Connection Troubleshooting

This needs some editing.

One of the most charming things about the Forest is often its quirkiness. However, it can also be one of the most frustrating aspects.
There seems to be an endless list of reasons as to why the Forest won't connect; it can be extremely temperamental. Here are some things you can try to get it to connect:
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Fix a Pictogram linked to a blog

If something confuses you, post and I'll elaborate.
I did this with a friend by accident a long time ago, and again a few minutes ago in a test to see if I could still make it work. It did~

1. The CREATOR of the BLOG POST with the username as its title must REMOVE the title in such a way that the URL of the blog post is changed to the node URL. This can be achieved by renaming the blog to a single period ( . ) temporarily (the blog may be given the original title again afterwards if desired). Verycrazygirl details the process a little more here.

2. The USER experiencing the problem must change his or her DISPLAY NAME (My Account > Edit > Personal information) to whatever the LOGIN NAME is. For example, I would set the display name as "Aivilo"

3. The USER should save and view his/her "My account" page, which should now have the correct URL. The map link should function correctly after this, and you can remove the display name if you desire.

Also, as a side note, if you are trying to find someone using the map and it takes you to a blog post, try adding -0 to the end of the URL. If you get another blog post, try adding -1 to the end. Increase the number until you find the user account or a "Page Not Found" error.
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Saving Mini-Deer Pelts

A tutorial on how to save a pelt on a mini-deer.
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How to Save a Set

  1. This requres game version 3.4 or higher! This cannot be done with v3.31 or any previous client version.

  2. Connect to the server and log in. If you don't know how, read about it here.

  3. Get the set you want.

  4. Open your menu. This can be done by either pressing the escape (ESC) key (top left of your keyboard), or by clicking the connection/menu button on your action bar (see image).

  5. Go to the "Network" tab.

  6. Click "SAVE current deer appearance"

  7. Your set is now saved! You can load your saved set by clicking "LOAD previous deer appearance" in the same location in your menu at any time.

  8. If your deer's appearance is changed during game play, make sure you either sneeze off the extra spells or load your appearance BEFORE you log out. The server will only store ONE layer at a time, meaning you may save ONE SPELL EACH of antlers, pelt, mask, and shape. The top layer you log out with will be saved over whatever you had saved previously.
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Game Version Archive

Original database hosted by Sluggs over at the Shady Grove, but lost due to unfortunate events.

Individual download links for each version are below.
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