Mild humor about character writing

I find it so funny how I intended for this to be tied to a new little guy to throw in-forest and instead I turned this into semi shitpost-serious thoughts ramble,
I'm most assuredly going to just spam but it will have meaning, I like spewing my literature on my character, Versailles, I still can't get over how she was initially intended to be on this account but I had no idea my password for this was too long for the forest HAHAH

Its okay this can be a fun spam account for art and then existential dread, OOC me is undoubtedly more of a chaos bringer than IC interactions from a fictional character I made
Every Saturday I will document my coffee, just an attempt to be normal LMFAO

Please babysit Pitbull for me, make sure he doesn't destroy the microwave

Coffee machine

How do you sue a coffee machine?? I can't tell if I'm being /srs or /j but it's okay, also I just now realized my bio made it seem like I own tefc???? Gods that's on my weird writing, it's like one grammatical error making you accidentally do the deer equivalent of taking over your group project because you hate the executive decisions of everyone, and maybe it'd be for their own good, I do not know, I've never been in a group project
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lost adoptable, pls help (found)

Hellooo, does anyone remember selling/giving me a design like this? X

It was exactly that design, but in a chibi style drawing. I loved it so much but now I can't find it.
Not even sure the owner would have it but one can hope..

Thanks <3

e: so THIS is the one, by Cicadia/Lu on TEFc (thanks snow)


I'm pretty sure I bought it from someone other than the OG seller, anyone remember?

e2: founddd

New Deer :3

I used to play this a lot many years ago, but I wanted a fresh start on my new computer, so I created a new account with a fresh new deer. I don't know where this is gonna go, but I hope I have fun and maybe make some new friends along the way. :3
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Goofy ahh tef doodles

Doodles? Not really-
Art pieces? No, just some goofs.


Nameless forest monk

The real deer mask is underrated in tef art.!

Gods please bless us with a pine forest

Magic gifts from Rosinka


Rosinka wants to use some of her dance magic to gift three things she've created to the first three creatures who wish to get a gift. You can find her dancing at De Drinkplaats. Moooo at her if she doesn't pay attention carried away and write here, please, to start the magic quest.

Hello everyone

Hello everyone Smiling

I've just rediscovered this game. I used to sometimes drop in while I was in college but then forgot about it for a long time. I loooove the background sounds! They are so relaxing and calming and remind me of a warm summer afternoon and the smell of pine needles (I don't know how I came to that conclusion....it was just there suddenly). I also really like how Thy's pictogram reminds me a bit of a kitsune. Back when I was registering her, I was presented one that looked even more like one but then I accidentally stopped the registration and had to start all over again Sad

I still have no idea what I am doing (I never had) and currently just run around with my little fawn trying to figure out all the emotes and hoping that I won't offend anyone by choosing the wrong ones.

I don't know how this blog works - can someone help?

Hello folks! I played TEF during it's original hayday, but I'm new to the forums! I hope this is visible to someone!

I had a few deer registered way back in the day, and I was wondering if anyone knows a means of recovering my old accounts? It would be really nice to have my original halos, haha!

When I click the support forum, all I get is an error message. Anyone know what to do?

starting out- hello!

hello everyone who sees this and those whove seen me running around lol- I j started cus I heard of the game somewhere and tought it sounded fun Laughing out loud

stuff thats happened while I was on:
-explored a lot
-was dancing with another fawn for a bit lol (somehow got a mask thing for a bit then it disappeared)
-heard a thunder strike (which scared the soul out of me I didnt expect it since the forest was pretty quiet)

hope I get to see more ppl and dance around again Laughing out loud

(still learning how to move around-ish and actions so if i do snything random/offensive-ish?/sudden that was prolly an accident and didnt mean it qwq)

currently sleeping in a fairy circle
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