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Snow covers the stain.

11/05/19 Syn's mother Jodis was killed in a raid done by Hakon and his men in Riki. Her and her sister have been taken by Hakon with cruel and cold intentions. Their time with their loving parents and family has been cut extremely short.

☨ Born 880 AD in Riki.

"A chill swept over her fragile and bloody body. She reached for comfort and warmth, crying out for it. She heard her sister crying too, feeling fear for the first time since after so long together they were now apart."

Syn Jodisdottir, female, newborn
☨ Untouched, cared for and oblivious of the world around her
☨ Sister of Kata, daughter of Snorri and Jodis

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Evern's Commissions & Adopts

Evern's Commissions

Fairly new to art commissions but I'm at a point now I feel comfortable selling! I can do...

• Human art and faces
• Animals of all kinds
• Scenery and backgrounds

For more specific requests contact me for a quote.

Many more examples of my art style on my dA.
Contact me at or Evern#8610 on discord if interested.



Painterly Fullbody (human or animal)

X, X

Lined Fullbody (just animals)


Inspiried by the rare disease fibrodysplasia ossificans, this young deer's front legs are stuck in a straight position.
The rest of their body is fine, but they must hobble to move around.
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Portrait requests

Hey everyone itsame, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in some portrait requests of their characters, descriptions only. (they can have photo refs too but I'd rather draw from imagination, so just describe the face claims) just to clarify I am talking about a human version of your char.

Examples on my da https://www.deviantart.com/alice-ruby

Right click for full view.
1) Chizzu

Sorry it's a little poor, it was fun though and good practice Smiling Might redo it sometime.

2) Vessan

Aside from a few mistakes quite happy with this one since it started out with a bad sketch and was looking awful at first. Hope you like it Vess
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... it's still wrapped and sore and red but idc cause I'm too excitied to wait for sharing this.

Not much to say other than thank you, everyone, M&A, tefc, etc and that... now she'll be with me forever. ♥

better image for anyone interested
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OK SO deleted the last one cause of muse lack but I've made a few designs since then!
In all honesty the effort I put into these is not huge, it's more for my own enjoyment, so the prices are quite low.
All these linearts will be reused.
My discord is Evern#8610, email is alicerubycarroll@gmail.com

Big Dreams - €5

Ink Death SOLD
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Night like this

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Do not follow her

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