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Man, is he hard to draw.

uit!! how could you. i wasn't

uit!! how could you. i wasn't prepared to have my jaw drop to the floor. no but seriously, i'm absolutely blown away. this gave me the biggest smile. you have no idea how happy this made me, made my day honestly. regardless of art, i'm super glad we got to meet. it means a lot to me that you enjoy our company <3
love, barkley aka slinky aka cattail

I want to give it another go

I want to give it another go in the future, after I've patched up my artistic ego and built my king cheetah knowledge. I'm glad if it at least reflects the general concept of him. (so many errors aren't apparent until the last stage of drawing)
I'm not expressive with words, so show my appreciation of people through art. So, if it made you smile, it worked. I just had to give you something back after your warm welcome and company. I appreciate it, and your glowing words.
And this is what gets you adopted by Kid as his uncle. Love is reason enough

i understand what you mean.

i understand what you mean. that's incredibly sweet and thoughtful of you. if it means anything, your company or simply chatting with me when the opportunity strikes expressively means a lot to me. i want you to know that. even though i'm usually quiet. thank you for being around.
i don't know if i'll be able to survive round 2. i might burst into a ray of sunshine. but at least i'll die happy. honestly, i think you captured him very well. i think this piece of him is very stunning. the flow and motion is amazing. so is the pose and expression. chef kisses to the composition. i'm embarrassed to mention how long i've stared at this. this is a very good reflection of him. again, thank you!
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beautiful artwork, both of

beautiful artwork, both of you!

current thread's art is done

current thread's art is done by gulonine/aquilo. but yes, both artworks are beautiful ;u;

janet, Gotta run, so here's a

Gotta run, so here's a quick doodle in place of a response, for now.

P.S. And yes, since I'm not on toyhouse, I'll be dropping that character's art on this here page.

that's amazing uit!! i loved

that's amazing uit!! i loved this scene so much, you captured it so well. i haven't figured out a name for her yet but she's coming to like the tall crow's presence and has a sense of familiarity with their form. thank you for the lovely art and interacting with my gal. means an absolute lot to me ;o; <3
also, no worries, this is a safe personal thread for anything.

Kaoori, Thank you, and I

Thank you, and I agree about Gulonine's art. These animals are tough to get right, moreso in the realistic style.

Being around is by far the best I can do lately, though even that is sporadic. I'll be joining when I can. I don't mind the silence, either, though interactions are always good.
And yeah, some things you mentioned there were the ones I picked up while we were hanging out in the forest, some things I got from the reference. My goal was to combine and showcase those impressions in drawing. But I didn't reach that "king cheetah dashing around in play" vibe yet. Made me some useful notes for the future, though.

Sweet of you to visit the crow with your doe in the first place. It's funny how you chose that character to approach with, because this crow has eye problems, as well (I go by the inforest bird model). It's given me some inspiration I've barely touched upon in the doodle, for now.
Also, a thing he did that I didn't mention in time was grab for and at her face while(if) she was asleep: 1, 2. Might've been something of a greeting, on his part.
Overall, this bird is curious, would want to chance upon her again and get to walk with/sit around more.
Thank you for the good time, too.
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JANET it's amazing to see how

JANET it's amazing to see how far you've come!Exclaim!!!