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Starling - toyhouse - she/they
discord: pixeldeer#6405

• Russet-coloured coat, deer-faced
• Wears anything in-game & likes creature spells
• Welcomes any company! friends, strangers, come chill with her

Starling sometimes feels like a bit of a lost soul; drifting through each hour like a ghost. This deer is incredibly introverted and her social-energy can drain very quickly. As of more recent years, her shift in age has reconnected with deeper roots, and she will at times naturally fall into a feral state of mind. She is drawn to herds, though enjoys being on the outer edges and being able to come and go with ease.


May be unresponsive whilst I work throughout the day. But I'm often checking in and will probably see if you stop by! any company is welcome & appreciated. <3


sometimes I draw things whilst sitting in the forest ~
24.05.23 | 25.05.23 | 30.05.23 | 10.06.23
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yes! <33
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starling - the sleeping

starling - the sleeping princess (your "fans" were around you but you don´t wake up) this reminds me on "Dornröschen" dont know why (sometimes I get a bit crazy and themes are flying around in my head like bees). anyway - I saw you, run to you and give you a little hug!
it was nice to see that you are still there!
P.S. I like your drawings, especially the second one (got lost at her eyes).
siggi by Sybilline
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Pink!! I was literally

Pink!! I was literally looking at Cu's bio page earlier today, feeling all nostalgic and that. I can't believe I missed you, I hope to catch you again soon <3
Thankyou for the kind words!
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you got a special place in my

you got a special place in my heart - forever Smiling
siggi by Sybilline

*brings blankets and tea,

*brings blankets and tea, making it cozy* ~ <3

Signature art by Raz

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Snow -

Snow - <3<3
Pink - aaaaaaa, you too my dear old friend! <3<3
Hauta - yes! ultimate cozy vibes are what I want in here, and the tea is very much appreciated. ty hehe. make yourself at home <3
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I've always loved her.

I've always loved her.
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Thrilled to see them around

Thrilled to see them around recently. (:
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Kimi - thankyou so much,

Kimi - thankyou so much, mutual feelings to you with Kaoori <3
Hum - ahh that means a lot to hear, ty <3 'Stone' certainly peaked Starl's curiosity the other night, will be keeping an eye out!
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<3 !
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the sweetest soul in the

the sweetest soul in the forest is a small, red bird with four hooves and a heartbeat. <3
returning after a while and seeing this first made my day, hope you’re doing well (:
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Skye!! it's so good to see

Skye!! it's so good to see your name! Hope you're doing well too, it's good to see you here<3


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Hey Ravyn!!

Hey Ravyn!!<3
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!!! I'm happy

!!! I'm happy <3
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hi!! <3
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I'll leave a track here as

I'll leave a track here as well. <3 i love the pieces you shared here, looking forward to see more of your art diary :J
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eyyyy hello

eyyyy hello<3<3 thankyou so much!

(edit: 15.06.23)
There's something so relaxing about TEF. Even to just have it running in the background, hearing the forest ambience.
I love zooming the camera all the way out and hearing the wind in the tree-tops. I love that it's this whole other world I can escape to whenever I want <3
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That screenshot is so lovely.

That screenshot is so lovely. And I agree: I love that feature too, it's a magical choice in game design to be able to hear the spaces your camera moves into.

It also makes me feel even more like an observer, and less attached to my deer persona. Just a spirit hanging around and watching things from the air.
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I love that! I'd never

I love that! I'd never thought of it that way before. Like a bird sitting in the trees. Sometimes it's cool to have the "Observe other players in rest mode" option ticked as well, just to see what's going on around the forest haha