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The Rut - Rohit

Rohit's Rut Blog Logs
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Spotted: The Rut - Discord Server

Note for a Rut Discord Server to keep track what's going on. Can host channels for herds. That's what kids do these days. Join us for even more Happy Rutting!

Invite link:

Rutta Rut Rut

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Rut 2018 - Jettem

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Rut Blog 2019

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The Rut - Sedirea

Sedirea's Rut Blog Logs
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Wut Bwog

on today's episode the oak sound explodes my eardrums and i run on 4 hours of
sleep then try to get up from my desk with my headphones still on and die

(i'll be extra unobservant today i'm sry Sad )
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rut row raggy 2.0

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