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B-day party

Hi deeps. I shall be having a birthday party for moi in the forest.

Date: Saturday Nov 25, 1:00-1:30pm PT\4:00-4:30pm ET.

Place: The pond.

All are welcome!

Edit:Thanks to all the deeries who came today! I believe it is the start of a new tradition.
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so heckin help me if all you ded mfers dont come back as spoopy scary skeletons for halloween
there better be a gotdem skeleton war you hear me

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TEF deer demographics

Uhhh I love doing statistics and this was sometihng that i always wondered about. And also because I am very curious just about how many different deer we find in the forest and in what kinds of different ratios!

So i'll be gathering data on:

+ ALL species included in the family: Cervidae (including your custom subspecies/variants)
(Needs to have it's species stated, this will be split into multiple categories by species)
+ TEF deer group 1 (Only TEF in-game faced) Example
+ TEF deer group 2 (Real human or deer faced (and both)) Example
+ Fantasy/custom deer (Perytons, custom deer species(not including custom subspecies of exsisting deer) etc.)
+ Hybrids between various Cervidae groups (not seeking cervine x none cervine mixes)
Sex (categories are: male, female, intersex, and none/unknown)

Things to note on All real life species:
What all counts into the 'All species in the family: Cervidae' besides the ocs created, inspired of real life variants.

All these examples are part of their respective species!
Example of unrealistic colouring (Fallow deer) * Example of human faced (Roe deer) * Example of 'something not usually found on real deer' (Red deer)

And that's all! (also state down name and player, why? So i don't count the same character twice...hnn)
When i have a feeling that I gathered a large enough sample.
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General Disaster Check-In

Hi All,

A couple of weeks ago, I made a Hurricane Harvey check-in thread. I am happy to hear from those of you in Harvey's path. My family and our house are both safe. We are very fortunate; however, many others have lost everything.

Since we now have Hurricane Irma heading into Florida and raging fires out west in Montana, Wyoming, and other places, I thought it would be nice to have a general disaster check-in thread for y'all to check in and let us know that you are safe. This applies to both man-made and natural disasters.

We are like family here in the TEF community, and we should lean on each other during the difficult times.

Please take care and be safe!

Warmest Regards,

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Out of Character Day (October 14th)

Take a break from the IC fun to have some OOC fun! Forgive the messiness.
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All things regarding Thanos's headworld! Gurundurah is a harsh, rugged land, known for being embroiled in a feudal system. Although it may be considered barbaric to some, all kinds of creatures have made this their home.

One could even call the setting a blend of post-apocalyptic and medieval influences, considering Gurundurah is born from the wreckage of a past world, known only as the Second Era.
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Hurricane Harvey Check-In

Hi all,

I live in Southeast Texas. Many places around me have been devastated by the floods from Hurricane Harvey.

I and my family are safe. We suffered no flood damage. We are still watching the nearby river. I have already headed to higher ground, and my parents will follow if the waters rise (they're stubborn, but not foolish).

I thought it would be neat to have a Hurricane Harvey check-in for those of us who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Warm Regards,

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