.Fanart-a-Thon Week Six: Dragomir :: Closed

Happy Dragomir Week!

This week's Deer is Dragomir! Played by Vessan!

You can find their Biography Here!
You can find their Referece Here!

Some key words that describe Dragomir are:
Honour, demons & devils, slavic, patterns,
cossacks, pretty green eyelashes
You can find more inspiration and information on Dragomir's biography!

You may post your Fanart as a post of its own and link to it here, or post it on a site like Postimg.cc, Imgur, or other image hosting site, and then link it here.

Happy Fanarting!

Completed Submissions

From Luksus!

From Draak!

From LostinTheEcho!

From wyldflower!

Dragomir week will end on Nov.12.18!



Vessan's picture

Ohwee! So good! Keep in mind

Ohwee! So good!
Keep in mind vuk dragomir is never seen in the night! ^^
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and another late thing

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Sigi by Wake

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I could die happy today

I could die happy today lol
Man what's with all these gorgeous antlers you two made, damn.