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Flying Deer in Texas Forest

The clouds innocently streamed across the sky. White, high but not cirrus. Clouds from the sea making strands like seagrass but in the sky. Slowly the clouds broaden over time and the blue sky disappears. Gently and ever so quietly it began to drizzle and the sky became the soft gray all the way to the ground as the landscape began to shadow.

The wind though slight stirred alarms in the heads of deer. More was to come and night was upon them. Scanning the horizon the deer saw the outline of an ancient tree and hoped its large root system entering the ground would provide an alcove of safety for what was to come. Making their way through field and trees they stopped to graze in case the storm was long.

The ancient tree had what was needed. Two immense roots plunging into the ground with at least three feet of height. Nesting in the older deer looked at the canopy and its thickness indicated it would ward off the worst of the rain.

Several hours later the gentle wind increased into a gale with rain driving sideways and the canopy showering the sheltered deer with leaves and small branches. The roots height blocked most the severe gusts but rain still managed to pelt them once in a while. The canopy danced back and forth swaying and bowing.

Suddenly the bleat of another deer not in the group was heard. Natural instinct was to pop up and offer help. Ancient deer with a turn of the head and a nod stopped that. The wind would win and more than one deer would be in trouble. The deer bleated loudly in hopes the one battered and torn could come and take shelter.

Out of the mist two deer appeared ragged with wind whips across their fur and they darted into the root system and fell exhausted on the edge of the herd. The wind picked up speed just as they entered the haven and the outline of a third deer appeared for a second. Then the wind got underneath and casted the deer into the air.

GUI Deer Arriving with Global Architect

Has anyone done a visual representation of the architecture of the Internet or its spaces. Would it be organized chaos?

a person who designs hardware, software, or networking applications and services of a specified type for a business or other organization.

Michalangelo, Zaha Hadia and today Maya Lin many more exist.

Programming uses words to create frameworks for art

When do those groups show up because without them we would not have art here on the Internet or even here. Always there underneath providing the framework of what will be in the space taken or given.
import tkinter
except ImportError: # python 2
import Tkinter as tkinter

import os
mainWindow = tkinter.Tk()

mainWindow.title("Grid Demo")

label = tkinter.Label(mainWindow, text="Tkinter Grid Demo")
label.grid(row=0, column=0, columnspan=3)

mainWindow.columnconfigure(0, weight=1)
mainWindow.columnconfigure(1, weight=1)
mainWindow.columnconfigure(2, weight=3)
mainWindow.columnconfigure(3, weight=3)
mainWindow.columnconfigure(4, weight=3)
mainWindow.rowconfigure(0, weight=1)
mainWindow.rowconfigure(1, weight=10)
mainWindow.rowconfigure(2, weight=1)
mainWindow.rowconfigure(3, weight=3)
mainWindow.rowconfigure(4, weight=3)

fileList = tkinter.Listbox(mainWindow)
fileList.grid(row=1, column=0, sticky="nsew", rowspan=2)
fileList.config(border=2, relief="sunken")

for zone in os.listdir('/Windows/System32'):
fileList.insert(tkinter.END, zone)


The World Spilled into the Forest

For the longest time, the forest gave a way to escape the breaking of relationships encountered in realms outside its lovely trees, wind, and waters. Fawns played and deer played and no one thought anything of changing deer groups. Sometimes a group would form and stay tightly knit for an extended period of time but others would come in and out and play. Always there were the pairings. Most respected that and left them be to whatever they chose at that moment. Most of the time any pain anyone experienced came from outside the forest and was brought in. Most tried to soothe it not ever asking what caused it or if the deer/fawn had caused it to self. The forest became the place to examine the pain, put it aside for a bit, and pick it back up when leaving. Deer would gather around a wounded one and give support and in the blogs would mention that which needed to be done. Never knowing what caused it but as in teaching so and so to fly. Include so and so in the next dance. Graveyard would let us know how bad it truly was and we would watch for that. The gravestone with the flies truly made the point. At some point, it is learned the gravestones truly were attached to early deer that went to the other endless forest in another realm that only has one gate which never lets you return. Once in a while, a new gravestone would appear. One has to ponder will the graveyard be much larger now or will we ever know. Some like to think the light that beams sometimes around one comes from the other endless forest or from those that do not return for what ever reason.

Blankety -blank -blank-forest

In the middle of a herd of deer raters, a sudden urge to visit a quieter space as in the forest. Taking the usual path keystroke by keystroke the gateway to the forest appeared to be in a blizzard. A total whitelisted white-out for a day. So many snowflakes a deer could not even make out the bottom of a hoof lifted in trotting across the snow. Managing to see between snowflakes theano deer remember the special cipher given by dear professor deer. Stopping underneath the tree with the tree cavern hole, theano ducked in and with her hoof scrawled the cipher code hoping the professor would find the message. Freya deer with her ferocious kitties had entered the realm frosting everything and with a bit of warmth the dear professor deer had a chance to make the blizzard move on. Curling up in her favorite position theano deer cuddle in back snuggly against the ancient tree for a well-deserved nap. Waking up a half a day later a sunbeam tickled her eyelashes and with a peek the blizzard had abated. Groups of deer made snow deer angels while others wrote things making yellow snow and a glance at the pond showed slipping and sliding deer learning figure skating. All is well in the realm

It came early

Rutting season came early in the Texas forest... an usually cool spell in late spring and early summer with mist the central theme of every day for over two weeks... Aussie deer did a continual ramp up of the herd to tackle a larger deer herd in California forest nestled in a rich valley ringed by instructor deers from long ago. In a strategic move for the future as the waters will come up from the big pond with only a horizon the ancient instructor deer herd joined the Aussie forest herd. Unknown to the California deer the raids began. Being wiley counts so as to make the raids last as long as possible...As always in nature balance must be maintained so only that that which was taken from one... Of course to join a herd the Aussie deer and ancient instructor deer herd have been rutting up a storm----seems like a period of disruption of ecosystem for a time hmmmm development of herds from other forests imminent...136 new stags... so will it be all one dance or many dances during the rut hmmm

We Gonna Have a Good Day !!!
all of us with Nappy Roots
Let's begin now
You know today I just woke up and I said
You know instead of waitin' on a good day
Waitin' around through ups and downs waitin'
On something to happen I just say
We're gonna have
We're gonna have
We're gonna have a good day
And all my homies gonna ride today
And all these mommies look fly today
And all we wanna do is get by today
We're gonna have a good day
And ain't nobody gotta cry today
'Cause ain't nobody gonna die today
Save that drama for another day
Hey, we're gonna have a good day
Hairline fresh, new cologne on
Feelin' so good changed the color to my phone
Orange Kool-Aid go good with Patron
A naw hell naw boy still my ring tones
Free car wash had to clean up the Dodge
Get back when I can just playin' my part
Church folk had a fish fry
Mustard, hot sauce, light bread, and french fries
Love for the big guy
Hit the park, boys showin' off their hops
Nappy Roots on the radio and you know it bops
Last night I hit the pick tree bought some Air Force Ones
Four tall tees, man I love the B.G.
We're gonna have
We're gonna have
We're gonna have a good day
And all my homies gonna ride today
And all these mommies look fly today
And all we wanna do is get by today
We're gonna have a good day
And ain't nobody gotta cry today
'Cause ain't nobody gonna die today
Save that drama for another day
Hey, we're gonna have a good day
We're gonna have a good day
And I finna worry 'bout what nobody say
I'm still above ground that's the reason I pray
Got my car cleaned up now I'm ready to play
Make call to the sticks say I'm headin' dat way
Heard my cousin cookin' out I gotta get me a plate
Got this new outfit ain't even out in the states
So if I ain't speakin' too soon but this is a hell of a day
And the sticky got me sittin' in a hell of a place
Got my stunna shades on and grin on my face
My grill looks mean but I swear I'm stra

Love and Blow

Deer seem quiet but are not. Their very breath sends a message. The snort through the nostrils announces their presence or disgust without a single vocalization. Breathe communication goes on throughout the forest. Before the rut a snort wheeze marks which deer belongs to whom. Doe blows especially by elder female deers well are sonic while in younger years breath flows out and almost makes a whistle. So breath among deer means love, protection and warning. Reading by the breath by the one who loves you hmmmmm the essence of life ...

Deer to Fox; Fox to Deer Quantum Entanglement

The sleeping fox

When a group of particles or deer generate, interact, or share spatial proximity in a way such that a quantum state leads to a quantum entanglement the state of each deer in the group cannot be described independently of the state of the others even if separated by long distances. So in the dance the position, the momentum, the soon, and a polarization happen on entangled particles and in some cases will correlate with each other. It gives rise to paradoxical effects and an irreversible wave function collapse (the dance) and the original quantum state changes. Buckyballs to small diamonds occur. For my Deer it takes an orthogonal and becomes a fox for a time. Or in other places like Schrödinger's cat is a thought experiment that illustrates a paradox of quantum superposition. In the thought experiment, a hypothetical cat may be considered simultaneously both alive and dead as a result of its fate being linked to a random subatomic event that may or may not occur. colon right parenthesis colon Schrödinger's Smiley...

The awake deer

the boohoo cloud

Deer was not proud
Deer was not loud
Deer was playing
Deer was saying
Who spewed the boo hoo cloud?
Who decided there would be no loud?
Here it is
Take it back

Not allowed
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