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Echo of the forest

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*!Happy New year 2019!*

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.-*Merry Christmas 2018*-.

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[Video] Halloween Abiogenesis 2018!

Happy halloween The Endless Forest

Thank you M&A For making the Halloween Abiogenesis again!
It was so fun and enjoyable.

Enjoy the video ~
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Rut Blog 2018 [Noëlle]

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Dafonts again

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7 years [Tef player]

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Any Name suggestions?

I have been thinking a quite "better" name for my Codex..I don't know, but Somehow at the start I love to name my deer as Codex because of my fursona,
but now i'm thinking it and it doesn't fit for my girl at all!
(The name do fits for my fursona green wolf Codex, but not for my caribou)

..WELL will think if I change it, but still I would like to hear some suggestions! c:
Like if you get some nice nicknames to her or her "second name", heh.

Know any good names that would fit for Caribou/Reindeer?
(I know that i have changed my ooc name so many times now, but i can't find any good fitting names for her)

Thank you for all with the names! I found one who will fit for my caribou perfectly: Noëlle! (Thanks DazzleFlash <3)
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