Spring Rally 2019

The Spring Rally

This event starts in the morning of the 8th of APRIL and ends on the night of 22nd of APRIL

Welcome to the First Year of the Spring Event!

In reality Spring is a time where the new mothers of many deer species form herds for protection. It is the start of a new season of plenty and new beginnings where the young can frolic and learn under an ever warming sun.

In The Endless Forest where the rules of nature do not apply, the Spring Event is an organized social gathering and perhaps a future annual tradition; it is a chance to meet new faces and learn new things when characters of all types and backgrounds gather simply to celebrate the joy of new beginnings associated with the season. It is a perfect opportunity for characters to gain development, expand their social circle, and enjoy themselves, while bonding over mutual interests.



  • As a whole: The event is about friends, families, and strangers, meeting in designated areas for two types of Spring Celebratory activities. Here they can socialize with common interests in mind, practice and educate one another. This is an experimental, light-hearted sibling event to The Rut.

  • Sensitive Subjects & Troublemakers: Characters of a preexisting potentially triggering dynamic are still allowed to interact in the event so long as their behavior remains mindful to everyone involved; for instance, not go into the thick of crowds if said character is prone to being mobbed and causing a scene. Similarly, the players whose characters are prone to mob up on such characters should look the other way in favor of keeping the peace. It's up to both sides not to perpetuate sensitive subjects within the event. We also ask that people don't involve trouble making characters of the antagonistic kind, as such would have a negative impact on the event as a whole. After all, who would bring their kids somewhere unsafe?

    The Spring Rally establishes locations in the forest for two types of participation, all under the premise of celebration and education.
    In Nurseries, defined by the Blue areas of the map, parents new and wise can gather with their young to seek the company of like-minded families. All gather to socialize, where new bonds can be made, and wisdom shared.
    Arenas, defined by the Red areas of the map, are for those who are more rambunctious and energetic in nature. Here they can gather to test their skills between each another and learn from both young and old. Spars break out and techniques are developed, all with little more than pride at stake. From the young wishing to try out their moves, to the experienced out to blow off steam with others of the same intent; those preparing for the upcoming rut, and those spectating simply for the sheer fun of it all.

If anyone is an active breaker of these rules, they may be reported via email to the moderators. We will look into it.
Please understand that some rules may be subject to change or new ones added as we come to understand the event dynamics better with experience.


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For those who would like to

For those who would like to use Stylus to modify Uitleger's map with zones & area labels, here is the code:

#map-exe .gms-map-floor {background: url('https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/ymnnijwm2u270fr/RallyFLOOR-Mushrooms.png'); filter: brightness(0.6);-webkit-filter: brightness(0.6)}

This post will be updated if there are any necessary changes to that code, so if the mod stops working check here first. [EDIT: UPDATED 4/16/19]
If you need help setting this up, please feel free to ping me (@Aivilo) in the TEF Discord channel #spring-rally-2019
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♥ ayyyye.

♥ ayyyye.

♥ !

♥ !
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ye boi
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oh yes this will be fun~

oh yes this will be fun~
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whoops didn't realize this

whoops didn't realize this started already, that's what I get for not checking the site or discord
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