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Rut Discussion 2018 [Date announcement!]

THE VOTES ARE IN, and it's close, but the rut will take place 28th Sept to 8th Oct! This means it starts on the Friday of the 28th, and ends on the night of Monday the 8th. The rut officially concludes on the 9th.

The official application blog will be posted sometime next week!

Hi everyone! A bit late this time.

Aivilo and I will be running the rut this year.
We're heavily leaning towards making it a 10 day event; starting on a Friday and ending on a Monday a lil more than a week later, thus covering two weekends. It's been debated for a couple of years now and going by how activity has always died down days before the usual 14 days are up, we figured it only makes sense.
If there are any thoughts or objections to this feel free to discuss it here. We want to know what everyone thinks. <3

Due to my unavailability for the next couple of weeks, and wanting to make sure the rut doesn't conflict with ooc day, we have only two times to choose from:
21 Sept - 1st Oct
28th Sept - 8th Oct

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TEF Event?

I just got on TEF the other day and there was snow, giant mushrooms, and stars bouncing down from the tree tops! Is there an event going on, that anyone knows about, or is this just a season in the game?
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