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i’m currently trying to get a full set but i’m really struggling to find people willing to help Sad I really want the Secretary Bird style set.
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[I.III.] Pursuit

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[I.II.] Effigy

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[I.I.] Home Again

Moths to a flame

I can see why the population on the server hit 80+
the candles are back on the menu!
And I can't really recall that being the case the last decade so that's pretty nifty.
Almost tempted to make a second account just to keep my candles lit
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is the server down or it's just me?

Maybe i have missed some kind of announcement about it being shut down or i do something wrong?

rut blog.

i......guess i'll try to participate in the rut
not sure how rut blogs even work but i'll figure it out hfjdfh
mainly using this event to find friends/enemies/connections for both characters.
no children tho, neither one are good candidates.
feel free to message me on discord for interactions. if i don't respond in-game, try mooing at me!
i'm terrible at reading in-game emotes and i can't remember my hotkeys to save my life, so i'm sorry in advance

ming yue: cisgender female, bisexual, judge

dmitri: ???, androsexual, wildcard - primarily observing, may compete? who knows
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ravens with pictograms that are the similar size to the deer??

ok so i cant get a screenshot of this :/ (also sorry if i miss something about this) but lately i have been seeing ravens around the size of deer all over the forest. they also have a really really small pictogram over there head. ( idk know if they all have the same pictogram :/) i cant cast spells on them but i can sit down and get a pelt spell off of them. they also move sometimes but i dont think they have idle animation. so yeah im just wanting to know if anyone else has seen this and know why this is happening or if this is just hacking.
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