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ravens with pictograms that are the similar size to the deer??

ok so i cant get a screenshot of this :/ (also sorry if i miss something about this) but lately i have been seeing ravens around the size of deer all over the forest. they also have a really really small pictogram over there head. ( idk know if they all have the same pictogram :/) i cant cast spells on them but i can sit down and get a pelt spell off of them. they also move sometimes but i dont think they have idle animation. so yeah im just wanting to know if anyone else has seen this and know why this is happening or if this is just hacking.

alien horse gets rowdy

Amun's Rut Blog

hes red, hes fed and hes ready to butt head
introducing Amun's first rut
[=15]Rut 2019 · 2 · 3 · 4 ·
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I lost my precious mask

Hello all,

Tonight, while I was playing with my friend, somehow the game automatically quit, so my deer exited the game. When I got back on, my appearance had changed. I lost my RARE blood cry mask, and I cannot get it back. Sad I was so excited to get this mask in June, having been on the game for 9 years. I am asking any of the old players from the older version of the game that have the ability to give this mask back, please do so if you see me. I usually sit in the sunlit mushroom circle, overlooking the stone bridge and pond. If you find me sitting there, please give me the blood cry mask back. Thank you.
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Rut stuff 2020

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The apprentice' blindeggs [eggs]

The apprentice returns from his extensive travels...oh what he might have brought...bundles of eggs...20 of them!
He says that the beasts within are...fairly intelligent, feeling beings. Though he may not be sure just how intelligent.
He's a bit secreteve of the source from where they come.
But surely with a little bit of heat and love you will soon uncover what is held within?

OOC: There's 20 blind eggs, first comes first takes, so please pick another number than the one previously picked, I shall post what the egg contains in order!
You can take eggs IC-ly and OOC-ly, I will respond accordingly ooc-ly and with the Apprentice for IC segments.
What you do with the content is up to you! Trade seems most apropriate, ignore or.. eat is a grim possibility or relay the egg to another if you so desire ;P

All adopted, thank you all for this incredible trade session!
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request things for me to draw for you~ (Ptashka for Sora -Done!)

Hi I'm bored, drop a link to a character or describe something and I'll try to draw it. Who knows what kind of art style it'll be in, but that's part of the fun amirite. No guarantee I'll be able to draw what you post but worth a shot, here's my gallery for reference on things I'm familiar with.
have fun, go nuts

Sora1996 - Ptashka
I believe she may have spotted something super cool going on in the forest, thus using the 'surprised' emote from the action bar to express her wonder. I can only imagine what the cool thing going on is.

Saying goodbye to Flash in Chrome by 2020!

Hello, any news on what Michael & Auriea will do for this new incentive? We will no longer be support for the flash player (foreset deer map) anymore by 2020. Sad and deer picto
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Please credit the designs!

Please on toyhouse and any other site. Propperly credit the character designers if you've gotten them from another person, adopted them or bought them even. It allows the creators easier time tracking as well as prevents fraud and confusion when a design is traded away/sold and probably the new owner headache when trying to find the true creator.
Especially on toyhouse where that is mandatory!

Thank you for your understanding Smiling
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