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"Wanderer, your footsteps are the road, and nothing more; wanderer, there is no road, the road is made by walking. By walking one makes the road, and upon glancing behind one sees the path that never will be trod again. Wanderer, there is no road-- Only wakes upon the sea."

-Antonio Machado


"I have the floor. Love asked for more."

I feel I will return. I feel an urge to explore my characters here again...
It feels nice, freeing.

Need some simple css to commission though and redo the bios. The big epic bios were fun but I'm a bit over them I think. It feels connected to an old self I struggled to be on here and I just don't feel that way anymore.

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:'D I can be proud to be

:'D I can be proud to be associated with you now! WELCOME TO THE PROPER SIDE.

But srz I'm interested in your PC specs too!
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^this! Also yay pc! GAMES

^this! Also yay pc! GAMES WOOO

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The picture in your

The picture in your background, I love it so much. OOC? kjsdhfkd ♥

Anyway. Your life is a steam train MY GOD woman you have so much going on. It's fucking awesome =D
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I KEEP FORGETTING people comment here sometimes. SORRY GUYS.
My PC has 8gig of Ram, processor is an Intel Core i5-2400 CPU, 64 Bit Windows Vista, Graphics Card is an ASUS gtx 560. Standard run of the mill 500 gig HD.

And yes, that was my OOC. Drawn by Zombiehun on dA <33
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Come sleep on my couch! We

Come sleep on my couch! We have (probably) snow! Whooo!

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I'm so excited too! No couch

I'm so excited too! No couch for you here though, you be sleepin in MAH BED like a good creeper. And then we go to Apel, since I am joining in >8C XDD
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Apel and Mis: Its probs going

Apel and Mis: Its probs going to be so cold Ill want to sleep with you both. Or all of you. At the same time.

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*listens carefully* I hope

*listens carefully*

I hope you have tons of fun and the time of your life, it sounds exciting. I love your face paint here, red and goooooold!
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Aww, I'm sorry to hear you're

Aww, I'm sorry to hear you're sick. Get some rest and feel better soon! <3

Ugh, sucks to hear that

Ugh, sucks to hear that you're sick. I hope you get better. ):

Though I suppose it's better you got sick after Splendor, and not before or during it, hn?


and get better soon, okay? <3
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Ah well I kind of have to

Ah well I kind of have to say, even if it sucks, you've been putting your body through a lot! It had to crash at some point! 8( Still, get better soon love <3
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Sambacrash D: Get better

Sambacrash D:

Get better soon! <3
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All better now! Thanks guys

All better now!
Thanks guys <3

Wow its hard to type comments on this now. CANNOT SEEEEE.
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Happy Birthday, hun! Hope

Happy Birthday, hun! Hope it's a good one.
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I love this. I love her. You

I love this. I love her. You draw her so well.

Thankyou Jess.
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Happy birthday! I really hope

Happy birthday! I really hope it's a wonderful one.
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Happy birthday! n_n

Happy birthday! n_n

Quote:Who the fuck needs a

Who the fuck needs a male? I make my own goddamn things.

Exactly, haha.

Happy birthday. (:
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Ah you've come such a far

Ah you've come such a far way! I almost feel as if I've seen you grow up, haha. And it is funny to see how well that picture fits at the top.. I'm stil glad you like it!

happy birthday!! &hearts; i

happy birthday!! ♥ i hope it was awesome
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Apo: it was

Apo: it was <3 Thankyou for the thought
Snow: Thanks lovely!
Lung: DAMN RIGHT. Cant wait to make them shelves next week. Thankyou <3
Mis: You too. I think we have grown up together. LIKE CHILDREEEN.
I love ittt <3
Din: I had to work, but that means money, So that always helps <3 Thankyou!

Drinking lots and LOTS of

Drinking lots and LOTS of water is the first thing to do! Eating chocolate, bananas, and anything high in protein and iron helps tons as well. Keeping yourself nutritionally balanced when it comes to foods with lots of vitamins in them is important.
Once it starts to hurt less, definitely force yourself to move around as keeping yourself active helps to take your mind off the pain even for a while after you've stopped! But if it stays really heavy and you keep going through super pads, it might be something you'd want to contact your doctor or OBGYN about.

Good luck! c':
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Hot water bottles tend to

Hot water bottles tend to become my best friend when it's that bad
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GURL I FEEL YOU i often have

i often have heavy periods with lots of painful cramps (sorry for the tmi tefc )
all i can suggest for the cramps are heating pads and some kind of menstrual pain relief pills.
AND STAY AWAY FROM VERY SALTY FOODS AND SODA. water and tea can be your bff.
as for the actual flow itself, i would have to second fish up there about keeping yourself nutritionally balanced.
activity and exercise can definitely help too just don't over do it.
tampons help too! especially if you have to go out and do things.

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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Thanks you guys! I ended up

Thanks you guys!
I ended up buying some iron tablets for a start because as it is Im a vegetarian and the faint feeling was a little bit scary, I pretty well perked up after it. Ibuprofen helped a lot with the flow too. It was so heavy the past two days, the slightest movement set it off, but its slowed down a lot now. Its still there, but I can function whereas before I had to run for cover.

Cramps havent been too bad. More like a dull thing that is constantly there. Irritating more than anything else. I ended up going to drumming tonight and made sure to jump around. I exercise very frequently anyways, so Its been helping.

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I just can say : WARMTH and

I just can say : WARMTH and Ibuprofen are the key.
I sometimes have trouble with falling asleep with all that pain, so I use a heating pad. It helped a lot to finally be on the pill, too.

*fist shake* YOU CAN DO IT.
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Regular or Super Tampons,

Regular or Super Tampons, Caffeine, and a heating pad. Even if it is just migraine medicine for the caffeine portion like I take, it definitely helps with those dull, achy cramps. Tea works as well.

Be very careful with those iron pills and get a stool softener to take with them. I used to be on them for a deficiency and it's kinda important.

Also agree with Schutz about the pill. I was put on it because of what is happening to you, which led to a pretty bad iron deficiency.

(argh tmi, and I am sorry TEFc)
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yay another vegetarian!!!

yay another vegetarian!!! ♥

i'm glad to hear you're doing alright then!
also for iron things, i know lots of dark leafy greens have tons of iron in them.
like spinach and kale! if you have a good blender, i'd recommend making a green smoothie for breakfast or something.
or just you a lot of salad. i believe quinoa has iron in it too!

okay enough from me now. @__@

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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I feel your pain Kate. Been

I feel your pain Kate. Been dealing with depilating cramps and bleeding on my periods since I was 12 years old and dealt with a whole slew of doctors who were almost criminally negligent. I remember being 16 years old and going for some help, I was missing school, completely nonfunctional for a week every month. He told me I just needed to get pregnant and I wouldn’t have those problems anymore and told me take ibuprofen. I was seriously ill and that was the medical advice I got. Happened more than once too. So now that I’m 36 years old I finally get diagnosed with endometriosis but not before they had to remove a 9cm diameter endometrioma tumor from ovary caused my endometriosis.

So I guess my big advice is if you feel that something is wrong, seek medical help and don’t stop until you find a doctor who will listen to you and actually try to address your needs. Too many told me it was just something I had to live with and that’s bollocks.

Hope you feel better hun and good luck.
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Internet woes! I'd go nuts!

Internet woes! I'd go nuts! Glad you are feeling better now though. <3
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Schutzgeist: The ibuprofen

Schutzgeist: The ibuprofen certainly helped. I was able to tolerate a lot of the pain. it was just like, a bad stomach ache in my uterus. ALL DAY. Going on the pill is also something I would like to consider. Ive heard a lot from friends here that there are different ones with different side effects (pimples, weight gain) Is this true? Or just conjured stories from every teenage girls fears ever?

Apoidea: I ended up only taking the one iron tablet. I hate taking supplements and things like that. it did help in the first few days because I was loosing quite a bit of blood. Felt alright after that. Took some vitamin C too to help with the iron absorption. Seems like going on the pill might be an option, considering this will happen in the future...

Sleepything: IM NOT ALONE YAAAY.
Yesss, ate lots of spinach. Many spinach. I felt like popeye. also thats a good idea. I should invest in a blender and make me one of those. Might help me keep on top of my vitamin levels. Vegetarian is all new to me.

Sight x2: reading that doctors advice made me mad. That is absolutely awful.
Thats always been a creed for me, somethings not right, doesnt hurt to get it checked out. Its only my first one, but if things seem scary over the next few, Ill be making a trip to the doctors.

Ive lived with shitty internet for almost ten years HAAA. And dial up for about seven of those. I cannot waaaaait to be up there with the normal world.

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I went on the pill pretty

I went on the pill pretty young because of my acné problems. And of course major pains and whatnot, but I don't really remember that. Been years. But yeah, there are different types of pills as far as I know, I having one that helps specifically against acné problems.
I've been on it so long I don't really -know- any side effects, haha! They say your uh hormones get less extreme? As in moodswings and whatnot. But well you know me. I'd be afraid to go off the pill if that's true. I do know my pain got a lot less, bleeding as well. And now I can plan whenever it's easiest for me to have a period.
I've read about weight-gain too but I wouldn't think that extreme of it. In the long long days ago, the pill would have a lot of side effects since the hormones were big in number inside of it. That's pretty much past, there's little of that left. If there's weight gain at all, it'd be very little. I'm pretty sure I'm gaining because I'm a lazy dofus, and not because I use the pill.

ANYWAY, I'd still go with Sights advice honestly. Your case sounds extreme, even if you're young into it. It can't hurt to be sure.
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^ with Misako here. Have to

^ with Misako here. Have to be on the pill for medical reasons too and it's made it a lot easier. And with the pill, they have so many formulas now that there's one that is most surely good for your make-up.

But as sight said too, a trip to the doctor is a good idea. I wouldn't have known myself had I not went.

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^ To add to Kao and

^ To add to Kao and Mis

Definitely be thorough in the explanations of everything so that you get the right combination of hormones in your pill. I have gone through several different brands until I found one that kept everything I had down. Don't be afraid to speak up, either, if something is not feeling right.
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Keep chasing that nice

Keep chasing that nice internets. The bastard will soon be yours - I BELIEVE IN YOU.
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Ah, you're gorgeous. I knew

Ah, you're gorgeous. I knew it'd look good on you.
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I remember the happiness of

I remember the happiness of donating my hair like that. <3 And you look just as pretty with short hair, too! Enjoy the uninterrupted breeze on your neck!
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Ah, it’s a nice thing to be

Ah, it’s a nice thing to be able to do, I donate every year and a half/2 years when I get mine trimmed too.

The short hair looks great on you, frames your face nicely. Good for summer too I imagine! ^_^
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Ah thanks for all the

Ah thanks for all the feedback guys. My next period is coming up in a few days. Im going to monitor this one. if its as bad as the first one, the pill will be a sure thing. I cant function full time work with something that has me leaving the department every 20 minutes, its just plain ridic. And Id love to know why so much...blood. Maybe there are more medical reasons at bay. MAYBE IM BIOLOGICALLY FUCKED. We shall see what they say C:


Mis: Goddamnit made me blush on the dang spot.
Apo: When I stepped outside I felt the breeze on my neck. It was so weird. I love it <3
Sight: Oh thats so inspiring to hear that. I would love to do it again, but Id like to keep it short for awhile for vanity reasons - it just looks great and is really manageable.
Thankyou <3
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ALL periods are different I

ALL periods are different I have come to the realization XD Some people just bleed or cramp more than others and I know someone who doesn't cramp at all (UGH djhfdjsf). I have weird things happen to me on mine sometimes. I NEVER know what will go on before/during/after my period but I do feel lucky compared to some other women's horror stories I've heard. I have weird aches/pains, weird mood swings, anxiety.... I used to get sick (like colds), sometimes diarrhea (haven't in a long time thankfully). Ok I think I've rambled enough TMI here |D

Also, YAY INTERNETS!!!!11 \o/
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<3 Have fun in the 21st century!

The amount of people on TEF

The amount of people on TEF these days is ridiculous. Can't even connect on Wifi anymore, I need broadband these days.

I get sexist comments a lot at work, I've learned to ignore it pretty much. People don't change. A shame really.

Hope things get better for you.
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Sooo many people are having

Sooo many people are having trouble connecting. I wish there was something that could be done :C I hope it clears up soon. I'd hate for anyone to leave because of this.
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Guys seriously. Internet I

Guys seriously. Internet I have now is the best.
Ive only used about 12% of it. AAAHHH <3

And thanks for all the thoughts/comments.
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....I actually missed this

....I actually missed this comment WHAT.

Aaaahh wow she is turning out so amazing. Im hoping mato turns out just as good. Loving dat moon action on her back. So much amazing work ahh <3
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What the heck happened to

What the heck happened to this blog, it went kablamo.

I’m sorry the rabid kittens at work kept taking me away, I really did want to talk with you further. ;_;

Time, time, time…it’s an evil mistress. I do hope you feel better. Take care.
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A thing called cyclone Kate

A thing called cyclone Kate rushed through deleting tags and before she knew it it was broken. Thats usually my effect when I try to actually learn some CSS.

Ah its ok. Kittens are heaps cuter and funner anyways. There are plenty days in the year rest assured we can chatter away then C:

Indeed it is. As are lots of things. Makes life more interesting I guess. Ill feel better, I always do in the end!

Love this new CSS layout.

Love this new CSS layout. Gorgeous.