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"Wanderer, your footsteps are the road, and nothing more; wanderer, there is no road, the road is made by walking. By walking one makes the road, and upon glancing behind one sees the path that never will be trod again. Wanderer, there is no road-- Only wakes upon the sea."

-Antonio Machado


"I have the floor. Love asked for more."

I feel I will return. I feel an urge to explore my characters here again...
It feels nice, freeing.

Need some simple css to commission though and redo the bios. The big epic bios were fun but I'm a bit over them I think. It feels connected to an old self I struggled to be on here and I just don't feel that way anymore.

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Oh goodness, Ravey!

Oh goodness, Ravey! Absolutely wonderful! Congratulations!
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That's awesome! Congrats!

That's awesome! Congrats! <33
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I'm so happy for you that I'm

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asdfsadfsdf thank you all

asdfsadfsdf thank you all ♥

DAG. THOSE LINKS MADE ME OOOH AND AAHH and then piss myself with laughter. THANKS BRO

I hate updating this so suddenly, especially with such opposite news, but I feel it should serve me as a reminder. And possibly for others too.
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Glad you're okay.

Glad you're okay.
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Wow. First double post in a

Wow. First double post in a long while. O_O;
Guess I wanted to express my gladness twice?
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*nuzzlenuzzlenuzzlenuzzlenuzzlenuzzle* So glad you are okay!!

I've been in a spinout before due to ice on the road, though it was someone else driving, it was a pretty scary experience. We were very lucky there wasn't a car there, or something worse we could have slammed into. Instead we simply spun into a ditch, with very little damage or anything.
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That sounds terrifying ._.

That sounds terrifying ._. glad you're ok though!
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Ocean: Me too. Also glad I

Ocean: Me too. Also glad I didn't hurt anyone else.
Quad: Oh my goodness, that must have been horrifying. Im glad no harm came of anyone.
Mis: Very terrifying. I seem to be facing a lot of hard truths this year. 2012 seems to be the year of change. Im glad I am okay too.

Holy shit. I'm glad you're

Holy shit. I'm glad you're alright. ;; <3
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Mucho glad you are safe.

Mucho glad you are safe.
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*hand shoots up* Me, me, me!

*hand shoots up* Me, me, me!
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o.o ME~!. (though I probably

o.o ME~!. (though I probably would only be able to get the cheaper-priced stuff...) DEFINITELY ME!
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&hearts; Ilu. And good God,

♥ Ilu. And good God, ME!! Though I don't have Paypal; so if that's what you were thinking of using I'd be forever alone. ;___; Gotta always use the Snail-Mail. BUT I'M RELIABLE, I SWEAR. /flail
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@ Lung & Kimi: Me too ;_;

@ Lung & Kimi: Me too ;_; ♥

Well, looks like I might possibly have to open up those commissions...AT SOME POINT. No really, I will soon enough.

@ Din: A shame you do not have paypal ;; How come? I have done snail mail in the past, for Quads Zephyr Plushie we organised it that way. I will have to have a think about it C:
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*gives Ravey a cookie and

*gives Ravey a cookie and walks off*
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Yup Here to have fun. To

Yup Here to have fun. To escape. I don’t forget it. I wish others wouldn’t either.
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Ooooh, I might be interested

Ooooh, I might be interested in commissions! o:

I used to be really, really involved in rp on other websites....never was as much here, this is more a place for me to just be casual. But I used to get really worked up over RP matters. I'm very glad I've mostly gotten over that.

How come? My stupid parents

How come? My stupid parents think it's insecure and they think I will abuse it and buy every little cool thing I see or want online. -____________-" Well..until I'm old enough to get out of here (fffffff 4 years still bro) I'm stuck doing the snail-mail; and yes, please think about it! /die

To your article above: God I need to take your advice. As being a younger yet still somewhat older player here (inbetween? idfkfieif), I've understood how to act here but I still have childish ways and tendencies. ;w; I think I understand it's only a game; but to me it's become more like a second family..not in-forest but here, TEFC. To me - because I have a hard time keeping a character that has a different personality from me - all three of my deer, and any of my deer in the past, are manifestations of myself and I know I take it too personally. I'm also quite sensitive, as most of you have seen. -x-

I'm gonna end my response here because I know I could type alot more; rofl. I wholeheartedly agree with you but it is contradicting myself because I know I am as described above...but I am also working on being able to sit back and let things flow without me jumping to a conclusion that 'someone hates me or my character because they just ran by without doing anything', haha.
Sorry for the small wall. ;___;

Offtopic, but is the email up there the one you use for msn? I'd love to add you; if I already haven't, rofl.

Regarding your "take" on it,

Regarding your "take" on it, I honestly thank you for it. It's very hard for me to realize these things, and tear myself away from the immersion, but I can sure as hell try. It's nice to get a good slap in the face one in a while (Well okay not a physical one. Hurt to eat for a week, haha.). So, again, thank you. <3
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Have fun at camp. ouo God

Have fun at camp. ouo
God that painting is beautiful.

[edit] LOOKS LIKE YOU DID. /does not check dates
Anyway. Ahh glad you had fun. ;u;

Heh, I drift too. Sticking out tongue
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One SHOULD go and come as

One SHOULD go and come as they please. No one should feel trapped into thinking they have to check this place all the time. I wish more people understood that. Good for you!
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*hug* Glad you had so much

*hug* Glad you had so much fun!

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Regarding that entry, I feel

Regarding that entry, I feel the exact same way. I'm not on MSN or AIM or Skype that much nowadays for similar reasons; though it's also because more often than not, I'm not on the computer until I'm home from work later at night, and I just want to browse for a few hours before crashing and going to sleep. And other times, I've found that some of the IM timings are horrible; more often than not I get messaged just as I'm leaving to do something (cook dinner, clean the house, etc), and I feel horrible because then I feel like they feel I'm ditching them. Which is not true at all.

And I never liked goodbye posts either. I prefer to leave without a trace myself, since I never know if/when I'll be coming back.
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-frantic point- THERE'S

-frantic point- THERE'S YOU.

That looks really fun, glad you had such an awesome time <3
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@ Global: Devours cookie

@ Global: Devours cookie <3
@ Sight: Exactly! It is always a shame to see so many get so serious about the most tiny things.
@ Frey: Yay! Im glad you have too!
@ Dinamo: Awwww, well, I guess that is understandable. The internet can be a little scary, and the concept for parents is pretty hard to get over. I hope my little speel helped! It is always important to remember to step back. It does you worlds of good Smiling

And yep! That is indeed my msn up there!

@ Lung: Im really glad people enjoy reading my verbose nonsense <3
@ Ocean: sgdagdfsgf thankyou ;A;
YAAAAY I had lots of fun.
Drifting is great Cool
@ Ourania: Exactly!
@ GlobalBeauty: Thanks!
@ Lung: Yes. Im the same. Ill come home from work and the last thing I want to do is use my brain for talking. I JUST WANT TO BEEEEED.
Thanks <3


Omg I'm so blind. |D I sent

Omg I'm so blind. |D
I sent you a request.

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^ PRETTY MUCH. Im not as bad


PRETTY MUCH. Im not as bad as I was last year though.
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-tosses you in some

-tosses you in some water-

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@ Kiwi: @ Dag: KATE USED

@ Kiwi:

I like happy drunks. Too bad

I like happy drunks. Too bad there's so few of them, haha.
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Really? Mannnn Ive come

Really? Mannnn
Ive come across so many happy drunks. Maybe its Australia or just the area Im in.

And of course, sometimes there is the odd one that is too happy.
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Ah damn flippo's, I don't

Ah damn flippo's, I don't have a credit card! I'll slap you on msn next time for your paypal, if that's alright with you?

I didn't even know you could

I didn't even know you could have them as pets, haha.

But yes, so gorgeous. <3
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That clip cracks me up every

That clip cracks me up every time.

I feel stoooopid because I totally forgot to wish you good luck on your walk |D it sounds... like it was brutal 8| rest up <3
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@ Lung: I dunno, I dont think

@ Lung: I dunno, I dont think they would be "pets". I guess, just....there?
I learnt though that Australia does not do imports at all, so I wouldnt be able to get one.

@ Dag:


I did. I rested up damn well <3
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-plants butt down here-

-plants butt down here- cB
Late track ♥
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There are more tracks here

There are more tracks here than there are a train station.
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Ohmygoodness! Congratulations

Ohmygoodness! Congratulations on your feature! Laughing out loud

And I saw that TEF mention there >.>

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Thanks! And yess. How could


And yess. How could I not? Its inspired me so much C:
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I play on both EU and US servers due to a fail u_u Got to level 30 before realizing damn, all my friends are on the EU server and I'm not. Now they can't see my achievements when we play on the EU ones 8(

(You have to play on the same server to be able to be friends, btw)

I'm Apeldille#1599 (If people other than Kate want to add me, please tell me first >.>)

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CWOOOOR dayum gurrrrl Y U SO

CWOOOOR dayum gurrrrl Y U SO PRETTY
Translation: What a jolly nice photo of you.

5m long AHAHAHAHA you loon. What is it, a plan of your next evolution headdress?

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IT WAS for studio drawing, some long ass ink drawing thing about mentally unpacking within a landscape, and drawing with the themeatics of a test strip in mind. So drawing in an area with an exposure time of two hours...then 1...ect. Arty farty waffy wiffy Cool

That drawing. That drawing..-DEAD- Im printing that out and sticking it in the Samba Album.
I feel I should make a pokemon based on my headdress evolution.

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114 FPS. So jelly. B|

114 FPS.
So jelly. B|
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*standing ovation* YAY FOR PC

*standing ovation* YAY FOR PC

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I'm so super jealous right

I'm so super jealous right now ;o;
What're the specs?

Teeny Requite by Dapper.
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;A; I would like to have even

;A; I would like to have even 1/4 of 114fps /wails in a corner