Wiltshire, now with Vee's bad camera skills

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... Hey, it was really hot out there! :<

Avebury is the biggest stone circle in the world, it even has a small village inside it. Happy day!

Dad on the "Druids chair".

Pagan offerings, the not so organic type.

Avebury mansion and gardens.

A crop circle we witnessed the birth of, literally - man made.

West Kennet Long Burrow

Internal, ohai dad and bro.

There were a few people meditating in there when we entered, hense brother's curiousity. (:

Silbury Hill.

The white horse by "Adams Grave". (:
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Gawd, this place is

Gawd, this place is beautiful, I wish we had scenery like that in Denmark TwT

Omg the horse. *3*

Omg the horse. *3* <33 It looks pretty there! XD

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I love stone circles

I love stone circles <3
...reminds on my Stonehenge-visit :3
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These photos were taken in

These photos were taken in the same county as Stonehenge, Munkel. 83 Just a few miles away.

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*.* Gaah we should have

*.* Gaah we should have visited this too while we were there last time ;__; perhaps next time we're going to England, I just love this country &hearts x3
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STONES. *Immediate urge to

STONES. *Immediate urge to climb*
Those gardens look like they could use a hosing. XDDD BUT STONES. Also that hill looks.. Funky. I like it. And the horse is awesome as well.
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I've passed that white horse

I've passed that white horse so many times now and I love it~
That hill looks like a great place to sit! Looks a little like a volcano rofll
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Wow, you can really see how

Wow, you can really see how hazy it is out there, especially in the last picture.

That is some gorgeous countryside too....<3

pretty o-o This is in

pretty o-o
This is in England? Darnit, I really wanna travel abroad some time.
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This is beautiful... makes me

This is beautiful... makes me strangely long for it, thought I've never been there.
I wish where I live had a history like this. Maybe someday I'll make it to England..