Virgil's Rut [Finished]

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& Biography

Although it ended with quite the disaster, this season has been a success to Virgil.

This is his second year rutting as a Stag, he was fairly good at rounding does and leading them to pleasent pastures for grazing. There he tried his best to protect them from bucks and stags alike.

Most of his losses were to strong skulled stags, but he was particularly good at fending away bucks save from a couple of cross-dressers. *Ahem*

He has made many friends.

Ultimately he is likely to be fathering two fawns this year, the predicted amount. One hopefully with his partner Kiyoko - the news yet to come; the other by an albino doe called Kauna.

His most challenging opponent was Saosin; followed by Fox and Lork.

His least challenging opponent was Rush; followed by Nukilik.

Often his good friend Gehirn and he would bicker and argue about each others places in the harem, both prefering to herd one another instead of act as rivals. They both seemed to take an equal amount of turns being a doe or the stag.

As a player, I have learnt a lot about my character, and this experience has helped us develop and mature our place.
During the rut, he has confessed his love to Kiyoko, and I like to think that's one of the greatest highlights where character development goes. Thanks Kiyo. <3
Another character development highlight would be the new look. His antler has snapped, though along with the other will both fall off in late winter/early spring. Meanwhile, the reopening of his trademark X wound will leave a perminant scar on him and thus change his visual identity a bit. Thanks for the fight Sao. <3

Virgil's hormone levels will remain heightened for a further few weeks, he may express some slight rutting acts from time to time, but he is no longer "In Rut".

A great year.

No longer able to participate. He will still be in rut until mid-october when his hormones calm down.

It's over.

-Advantage: Brute, very strong, fast and fit. Experienced, knows many tricks.

-Disadvantage: Weaker around the body. Not brilliant at balancing his energy for long periods of time. Doesn't deal with stress very well. Minor mental disorders. One antler, can't lock, but can stab.

Deer he is interested in, will protect and fight
over. He may be possessive of them unless defeated
in combat. (Does not necessarily lead to breeding)

Kiyoko ♥* (Priority)
Kauna *
Accendare *
Jullelin *
Whisper (nicknamed)

Gehirn *

Not all necessarily enemies, likely friends.
These are the deer he has fought/sparred with in
recent times under the hormonal influence.




Notable actions
Parallel walking beside another stag = Sizing up, flaunting own power

Slow walking infront of interests = Strutting

Lowering antlers at interests = Control, attempting to lead them elsewhere in a more forceful manner

Laying down in shallow water = Wallowing to spread his scent

Rubbing against a tree = Scentmarking

Nuzzling a tree = Scentmarking

Lower Antlers + Move Foward + Lower Antlers = Special combat move. "Pushing you foward" - Potentially very dangerous if used correctly (when the foe is rearing)

Understand the influences


Special interest. Factors may include species, friendship and previous interaction.

The mood will heavily influence his behavior ingame.

The health will display his capability to fight. In fighting, he avoids delivering serious harm and hopes to be treated the same way.

The energy will display his capability to fight, herd and any demanding tasks of the rut.

Hormones; the higher levels, the shorter tempered he is, and this may well effect his more flirtatious behavior.

Through scent, your deer can identify his mood. The stronger it is, the more territorial and aggressive he is. It can be spread to nearby trees and rocks, maybe on other deer to "mark" them.

Character Developments
- Confessed

- Attracted and determined most of all around his own species

- Less likely to show interest towards skulled does. And has a strong judgemental dislike to skulled stag strangers

- Minor mental disorders aren't genetic

When Virgil fights, he has a certain level of care. He will try his best to avoid serious injury to his foe, and expects the same respect in return.

Virgil can be herded, but it all depends on his energy levels.

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I will not move along >8C

I will not move along >8C *Sits stubbornly*
"The cruelest prison is one we make for ourselves out of fear and regret."
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Quote: I will not move along

I will not move along >8C *Sits stubbornly*

Laughing out loud

-raises hoof- WE STAND UNITED.

† Life is a Velvet Crowbar
Hitting you over the head
You’re bleeding
Boy you want more?
This is so like you I said
Put yourself on back to bed †
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Haa, well, suit yourselves.

Haa, well, suit yourselves. Sticking out tongue I only hope to use it for my characters rut information...


*sets up camp*
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Only more reason for me to

Only more reason for me to track, my dear ;D
"The cruelest prison is one we make for ourselves out of fear and regret."

*chains her to nearby

*chains her <~twack~> to nearby tree*


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My pet will stand here

My pet <~twack~> will stand here until.. er... forever! Yeah!

† Life is a Velvet Crowbar
Hitting you over the head
You’re bleeding
Boy you want more?
This is so like you I said
Put yourself on back to bed †

-is corious so is

-is corious so is tracking-

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By Leuvr
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*chains track to boulder*

*chains track to boulder*
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*clings to the page*

*clings to the page*
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I'm such a voyeur. 8D

I'm such a voyeur. 8D
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*rolls through*

*rolls through* Laughing out loud
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Beautiful, &Hearts.

Beautiful, &Hearts. <33


Oh you tracker u. -tracks P:-

Oh you tracker u.
-tracks P:-
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You guys are all crazy for

You guys are all crazy for tracking this. Sticking out tongue ilu. <3



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I think Virgil exaggerated a

I think Virgil exaggerated a little with my (stupidly nameless) character todayz (8] He was just trying to help Cut since he knows he's wounded and that he has enemies, so he sorta escorted him to the Pond, although Virgil and Rip went to him in the middle of the way :3 This character of mine is okay with CutRip, it's my other that keeps bugging them to madness.


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Hello EW. ^^ It wasn't a

Hello EW. ^^
It wasn't a rut-related thing he interacted with your deer like that today.
He did that because his old friend Riptail was distressed by your deers attention, he was doing his friend a favour without knowing both sides. :]
He was just trying to get your deer to leave them alone for a while haha. ^^

*Tracks because I can.* :3

*Tracks because I can.* :3
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Hah well I suppose they

Hah well I suppose they deserve some peace ^^' Mah deer was just gonna sit down and watch them but I understand Rip's nervosism. My doe Lily gave them a busy couple of days that would have enough troubles without her.
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Watching this. =D

Watching this. =D
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Track. : D

Track. : D
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lawl poor Havvie. He didn't

lawl poor Havvie. He didn't know what to do, protecting Calf and wanting to protect his little spot where he grew up. =D I hope Havvie and Virgil can interact more since they're both off the schedule sort to speak because I dont know anyone else who is rutting off the rut schedule to their deers rutting times. =3
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That little encounter was so

That little encounter was so much fun. xD Poor Havvie.

Vir wasn't taking anything away though, fortunately. He was just trying to dominate him, so Havvie knows who's boss so to speak.

I'd love to! I know of a couple of others readying too, it's all good.

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Yes it was! =3 Havvie was all

Yes it was! =3 Havvie was all over the place and nervous! It should make a good entry. Would you possibly pose for a screenshot? So I can manipulate it into one? =D If not it's fine I can just write about it. =3 Oh yeah, Havvie knew and Havvie was all 'you win you win' =DDD I don't have much hope for him winning anything if Virgils just one of the many. =/ Oh yey! Thank you. =3
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Why didn't I track this

Why didn't I track this sooner?... xD
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I can, but Vir may chase

I can, but Vir may chase Havvie a little often(most will probably be mock charges unless Havvie gets annoyed xD), so maybe you'll get a shot then! ^^

A buck can be sneaky though~

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Oh! Sounds like I'll have a

Oh! Sounds like I'll have a better chance to get a shot then. =3 Let's hope Havvie can be sneaky though. =/ He's nervous plus he's got the rut instincts, I can see him blundering up some attempts. =3


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Ah lookatthat hottie

Ah lookatthat hottie <3 His list will be enormous when the rut is actually there pf..XDD

Hahhaha, that was funny to

Hahhaha, that was funny to observe Virgil chasing Lucian with a peacock mask on x'D
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"I understand you are...under

"I understand you are...under certain stresses, but this Walter-thing...I will be keep an eye on her."

(Queze can't exactly spar, since he's got no antlers lol but I think this is his way of asking Virgil to be gentle with whatever he's got in mind for Walterwoman xD)

Gehirn and Dag are

Gehirn and Dag are "interests"? XD
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Tera: The Hart failed to


The Hart failed to suppress a bit of a laugh at the choice of words that came forth from his friend Queze.
"You have me mistaken sir, I assure you I have no intention to advance on... Mrs Walterwoman.
After all, it is much more entertaining to observe her with Sir Silence, much to his dismay~."
He replied with a what could have been a grin, if the facial features of a deer wern't so subtle.

(Teehee, he's such a butthead sometimes. xD)



For the lulzzz!
Though chances are he will act somewhat possessive over them too,
unless a doe he's interested in is around, then they're foes again. :D

"Indeed." He chuckles and

"Indeed." He chuckles and grins almost roguishly. "Silence, poor poor Silence. Better him than me."

(Fff obviously Queze would throw Silence under the proverbial bus >_> lol. I was cracking up when Virgil kept herding Silence into the pit, it was like a cock-fight or something! XD)
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(Ah, more like shoving into

(Ah, more like shoving into the pit. xD Poor guy, but last night was epic lawls and great fun to hang out and play with you guys! ^^)

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