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Fat reserves and winter fluff is ready for the season.
Extra worry and concern for his mate, will be protective but won't chase away nonskulled strangers and friends. Looking forward to meeting their fawn when it's born.


Kiyoko (Love )

Biological Children

Lucian (Biological Son)
Isabelline (Biological Daughter -)
? (Biological Son/Daugter | Unborn *Kiyoko)
? (Biological Son/Daugter | Unborn *Kauna)

Best Friends

Gehirn (Best friend )
Poltergeist (Best friend | Deceased)
Terrant (Best friend | Deceased)

Nonbiological Siblings

Ephiré (Brother)
Iaurdagnire (Brotherhood +)
Kaoori (Sister -)
Saosin (Brother, Rival, Possession)
Wesker (Brother-in-law)

Nonbiological Children

Aleit (Son | Disowned)
Bird (Son)
Dajhi (Daughter-in-law)
Jacob (Son-in-law -) *Picto?
Kayl (Son | Missing)
Laurette (Daughter | Missing)
Raimundo (Son-in-law | Missing)
Rainflower (Daughter)
Red (Daughter)
Zacharias (Son)

Nonbiological Grandchildren

Firefly (Granddaughter | Assumed Deceased)
Myta (Grandson | Missing) *Picto?
Willow Leaf (Granddaughter)

Nonbiological Nephews and Nieces.

Hoshiko (Niece | Deceased)
Takeshi (Nephew)
Waarhijd (Niece)
Yori (Nephew)

Naturally Nameless
The Sentinel
The Noble Guardian
The Knight
The Red

Answers to Virgil
is a symbol that translates to box, which
represents simplicity. Within that box there is a
confrontational line opposite the doorway, and
another box of contradictions above that. This
tells a lot about the bearers nature.

Hart - Stag - Male - ♂

Six Years - Prime - 03/06/2004 - IC
Creation - 06/12/2008 - OOC

Cervus Elaphus Scoticus (Scottish Red Deer)

Scottish Accent. Warm, mid-age sounding, hint of rust.

Red Hill
Feels most at home in the Birch Forest.
Scouts the entire forest daily > Map of Paths & Trails
(He doesn't hold any official claim over any part of the forest.)

Realistic Deer Base, he is a creature of instinct.
Follows many of the laws of his birth-world.
Influenced physically and psychology by the annual turn of the seasons.

- Half Colour-blind
- Very average scottish real-deer life before the forest

The rest is for you to interpret.
Meet him, get to know him, and you'll find out what type of deer he is.

Photographic Reference

Scar Reference
Body shape

Golden Butterfly Pelt | Deer Mask | Default Antlers
+ Decorations on his antlers on occasion

Height: 113cm at the shoulder
Weight: 126kg

Length: 120cm
7 Branches per antler

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sorry cant move along

sorry cant move along transfixed by wonderful css.
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Awh xD

Awh xD

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Ooohh very pretty Is the

Ooohh very pretty
Is the black center a text box itself?

8D And how'd you get that background? Worked it out, ehh~
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I like the colours c:

I like the colours c:
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I love what you've done to

I love what you've done to this place! Beautiful css.
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rofl oh god epic and off the

rofl oh god

epic and off the charts

I just snorted so loud.
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I think I died because of his

I think I died because of his mood |D
"The cruelest prison is one we make for ourselves out of fear and regret."