This is a stag-- wait a second... [Images]

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Some people know this, but I have a huge fascination in bugs, and all my life have fearlessly caught them to look at.

For the longest time, there was one particular insect I had wanted to catch. Dad, sister and I have always been on the lookout for one of these buggers.
We have searched the most likely places whenever we had the chance, but we never found one.

That changed today.
Sure it took coming up to two decades to find, but we've found it!

Lucanus cervus
Stag Beetle

I must say...
He's a strong fella!

*Ticks off "Catch a Stag Beetle" from her life To Do list.* ♥

Daerrwwwg! *cuddles it* they

Daerrwwwg! *cuddles it*

they look so beautiful <3
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Ah, my little love. Told you

Ah, my little love. Told you already how awesome I think this beetle is.
Thank you for showing him to me per webcam and taking such impressive and professional looking picture.
Also thanks for being only a photographer and not pinning the poor things on some plates like some beetle collectors do

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I don't collect bugs like

I don't collect bugs like that. We catch, look and later release. Such beautiful critters deserve more respect than that a collector gives; Research and museums have my tolerance though. (:

We use to have these fellows

We use to have these fellows come knocking at our sliding glass door all the time. : ) But sadly I haven't seen any in a long time. It might be becouse of all the construction around where I live.

Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. ^^<3

Actually. I might be wrong. Maybe it was Rhino beetles I'm thinking about... Hmm... I don't know. It's been ages since I've seen them around last.

aw, ~head buts beetle~

aw, ~head buts beetle~

aahh he's so beautiful!..

aahh he's so beautiful!..<3 they are amazing, I must say. lucky ;_; all we have out here in
~*BEAUTIFUL*~ Nevada is dust and dirt...ffffFF

that is so cool! great pics

that is so cool! great pics as well.
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If I was there, I'd have

If I was there, I'd have probably screamed, like the time I seen a Cockroach in a public swimming pool. >_>;
Anyways, It looks kinda cute close up though, aslong as its not wriggling around me, I'm okay. xD
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Ahhh! I found one of those a

Ahhh! I found one of those a year ago and I really wanted a picture but I was too afraid it would bite me if I picked it up!

I may be terrified of

I may be terrified of spiders, but I looooove beetles.

Little kids in Japan keep these as pets sometimes. Lucky kids. :I

That's an awesome find there, though. What I'd give to find one of those where I live. He's a beauty!
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I DO NOT like bugs but he is

I DO NOT like bugs but he is kind of mesmerizing to look at.
It looks like he has a little bug personality of his own. c:

OMG that thing is huge! I've

OMG that thing is huge! I've heard of stag beetles, but I didn't realize they were that big. I think I would freak out if I saw one in person, just because of the size. Those mandibles are kinda freaky, too. But it's actually kinda cool looking.
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They are indeed beautiful.. i

They are indeed beautiful.. i could never hold one though.
Kudos to you for letting him go, and not pinning him like Nishi said.

I bet...... you'd want to hold a dobsonfly.
I had one on my window the other night.

Bugs make me want to cry, but I have high respect for people who respect them.

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Kaoori: ... I WANT ONE.

... I WANT ONE. cugktybvdcvil *Stares at big bug in wonder*

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hahaha where I work we help

hahaha where I work we help breed them. get a bigish log pile and covver half with dirt. they will fly by and if the logs are rotten enouth lay eggs in there... it takes a while for them to grown but well worth it. I get them at home to. those hooked feet do murder to the skin!!
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It's beautiful... I'd never

It's beautiful... I'd never seen one so clearly.
They're very popular with children in Japan. Many of the elementary students I met kept them as pets, and at the special education school they kept smaller beetles as class pets. It's likely a slightly different species but they call them "kabuto mushi"- samurai helmet insects. Samurai adornment would also reference insects- sometimes on the helmet of a high ranking military figure would be a long, fuzzy plume representing a type of caterpillar, since it is a creature that only moves forward and never back.

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