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When all is quiet.....

I will always be yours.


- OOC -
Thirteen years.
Oh to meet the woman I once was, and ask her questions.
Seems like a new wave of faces and names, and little left of the old days.

- OOC -
Ten years and one week. Has it been that long already?

- OOC -
Two Jettems for a time inforest. Swan pelts and black antlers.
Feel free to approach, and snuggle for a time.

- OOC -
Sitting at Reed's Logs.
Accompanied by Snow/Illrose.
Thank you for the company and warmth, dear friend. I've always enjoyed your presence whenever you come around my Jettem. We should speak more often.

Heard little, smelled more of the crisp fall air on her lips and nose. A rare call went out, curious of those awake and about. *One came running, with pelt of brass and gold. A dance and a jig, and the two were off. Bounding, bounding. Great leaps and much laughter, a reason to bring about a true smile even if the face was not a familiar one. An ending dance, sweet goodbyes exchange.
Another time then, golden toes?

Off again, to find paths once walked and see what faces she might recognize. A smell, a massive rack in the distance. A color that would make bleeding berries envious. A trot here, a stand behind a sapling. Another step closer, footsteps giving enough sound so as to avoid startling the mass heavily **Crowned. A passing sniff, a respectful bow given. Unknown and known of, so snuggles might be a bit much. Resting at a short distance she leaned against a tree, wondering how many were left from the days she remembered and cherished. Just a short visit to not overstay her welcome, just enough to offer silent company to the pale bodied stag before venturing off once more.

Red Hill offers a view, eyes staring outward over the vacant scene. The mind echos of memories, ghosts dance in the place where friends and family once did.

Where have you gone?

*No character assigned to account, but the name was JodiePetal123.
Thank you for the dance.

- OOC -
Sitting atop the Red Hill, company welcomed.
AFK but enjoy a red pillow to rest your head if needed.

- OOC -
Sitting, snuggles enjoyed.
Feel free to join if you happen to wander inforest.
Likely OOC behavior, nudge in a comment if you wish for IC.

- OOC -
Running through the hills, resting between the tree pillars.
Nomming on Lem's zombie brains.





Rushing water roused the sleepless mind, droplets tickling at the velvet inside of a nearby ear tip. Within moments legs took to standing to send the doe into the Idol for a quick rinse, waken the body as the mind was already turning like dusty clockwork. Still figure was nearby, not a stone's throw, motionless and dragging being his own little stream of crimson. Lack of fur or hair brings a moment of curiosity before bounding feet of oncoming Skulled figure sends the doe to hide within the belly of the Idol. Attempts of spying on the bounding figure and crimson tailed one are unsuccessful, as head is visible at the lower gut of the Idol. Future attempts to remain fully hidden taken to note.
Crimson Tail was not amused, wandered off after an episode of awkward staring from the doe who took to sniffing the vacant area of the male once he left. Skinned creatures, peltless, leave behind unique scents and so she investigates before venturing to a nearby patch of blueberries to ease the growling beast within her barrel. Lips are stained beneath the deadly bend and point of her mask.
Fear the Blue Lipped Doe, Destroyer of Berries, Queen of Purple Tongues.

(Wow, nearly a year later with a tiny update)
Drinking water excessively. Finding herself feeling like a fish out of water and taking long drinks at the pond. Apparently thirst has hit an all time high.

Spent some time at her spot between Two Trees to collect her thoughts till she went for a drink at the Crying Idol. Noticed a group of deer sitting around a tree nearby but did not stop to bother them. Glanced in their direction on the way back to the spot before to rest a bit only to have her legs itch for a bit more walking. Stayed within the Hills near the Birch Tree Forest when she saw Reed, joined him swiftly and wandered around back to the Idol with him to find a Talla there to greet them. Her Heart began to strut in front of the two does, earning a smile and laugh from Jettem as the bull pranced about like a peacock.
Played around for a bit and did some dancing, chased after Reed and Talla toward Reed's Logs however she was still unsure to approach them. Instead approached Reed to stand beside him, leaning against his large frame for a time then dashing off again in chasing games.
(Sadly disconnected at this point)
Missed you...

Woke between her Two Trees and wandered briefly, seeing her Heart near his Logs with a few she didn't know very well. Took a seat nearby to give them some space. Watch after a few moments to see him and another move off.
Retreated back to her Towers to give her Heart some time with others and to lay down, pondering to herself silently. Fell asleep briefly before the need to drink rose sharply, heading to the Crying Idol once more and drinking before seeing an odd sight. Investigated the somewhat scuffled figure, a pig or boar of some kind wearing a skull mask. Sniffed it, finding Reed's scent on it, curious as to why before her Heart showed up and stood between herself and the boar creature. Realized the scuffle had not been friendly and backed off, seeing others nearby that made her wonder what had happened. Followed Him to greet the mystery deer from before he had been sitting with, giving a gentle greeting and bowing to the smaller figure to ease any tension, hopefully.
Was herded back to His logs where she stood for a time, seeing others had followed them and feeling watched for some reason. Sniffed the smaller deer a bit and stood by during the awkward moment before moving back to her Heart after having been apart from him for some time.
The ache in her chest has diminished significantly.
Relaxed for a good while with her Heart, resting off and on near him and using him as her pillow at time before waking up a bit more and whispering soft words to him as he rested/slept next to her. Eventually felt the need to sleep again, nuzzling him goodnight and curling up for the night against him.

Woke in the middle of her trees and was promptly visited by a deer wearing the magpie pelt and no mask that she had seen before, cautious till it began rearing and pawing at the ground around and behind her. Moved off to watch, curious of the deer's actions before heading off to the Crying Idol for a drink, very parched for some reason and feeling a dip would be refreshing in the summer heat. Saw a familiar sight and exchanged nuzzles with the smaller doe.
(disconnected at this point, trying to get back in)

What ever happened to just asking instead of assuming the worst?

Watched the Demon Killer near the Idol, careful as she took her time in getting closer as he slept near his companion. Ran off when he woke, still fearful of tines being lowered to her as previous events had ended in despite her constant wish to try and mend what had somehow been broken. Retreated towards the God's Hill near the Pond, took refuge in the outskirts of the Birch Tree Forest for a time. Still the feeling nagged, returning eventually at a later time to still watch and hope someday she'd find the answer on if it even was mend-able. Ran off again when he not only stood but ran towards her, long legs taking flight instead of standing her ground. The fear is still too strong, knowing one day the crown of unforgiving tines might be the end of her. Best to keep a safe distance even when he was asleep.

Retreated once more to the Birch, rested shaking legs and saw the scared grey stag she once was the eyes for in the distance. Made no movement to visit him, weary still of his words from before and wondering if they would ever cease to echo in her mind. Resting for a bit she wandered later, seemingly lost yet not, eyes searching and feeling her chest ache for what was missing. Wandered for some time before resting again.

The familiar scent came near again, the scarlet ibis following after it to settle near the older stag, looking over the scarring on the side and empty socket. Stayed there for a while, watching and guarding from a distance till Reez appeared. Greeted the little doe and danced a bit with her, feeling worries slip away to be replaced with more happy thoughts, indulging herself in a bit of fun. A comforting weight returned to her, chest no longer aching. Instantly searched for her Heart, leading Reez along till they came to his Logs. Both does crowded Reed and sandwiched him multiple times. Eventually jumped and danced about, each chasing after the other and bringing a smile to her face.

Walked aimlessly and with no destination, finding a little Riptail nearby alone. Took quiet caution in approaching, sniffed before standing over as the little stag slept. Ran immediately once Cutlass appeared, giving much distance, knowing how protective the larger stag was of his frail Riptail. Wandered for a long while, feeling lost and out of place with the many unknown faces and unfamiliar scents all over the place. Became afraid for a time, hiding inside the Oak for a time. Was not able to rest due to growing worry, leaving the singing oak and turning towards the pond where she saw a familiar sight.
Took her time going around, approaching Bright Eyes wearily, wondering why such a large creature would be so low in the pond. Thought him to be sick, stood nearby simply watching. Followed the large bird stag to the Crying Idol and attempted to close the distance slowly, finally getting a few sniffs in and wondering what ailed him. Didn't have time to hear the answer, hearing Jack approach from behind and running away to the Red Hill, saw a sleeping Isiel but did not approach.
Illrose came up soon after, Jettem grateful and instantly curling up against the dragon doe with a heavy sigh. Trying to disappear inside the other, not sure why she feels lost recently and worried something is wrong.
Missing her Heart.


"Hmm, must do something about this pelt of yours. I can see bones Illrose... I don't ever want to see bones showing through on such a beautiful doe."

Woke from her rest, wandered till she found herself in the Birch and smelled Ephire nearby. Approached at a distance when she saw others near him she did not recognize. Thought better to let the Raven Stag have his time for others who had missed him while away. Wandered to the Playground where the cardinal doe spotted the silver blue doe Isiel and the rather scary looking stag creature, Ramsus she believed if she remembered correctly. Apparently was much softer in personality than his looks portrayed. Wary though of the two despite the growing urge to associate herself to the doe, knows Ramsus is very protective of Isiel. Walked towards the Idol for a drink till she saw an odd sight, Illrose huddled close to a tree and looking very poor. Underweight, pelt losing its shine and the light in her eyes was diminishing.

Immediately went to Illrose, greeting her warmly and insisting she follow her. Took the silver doe to the blueberries past the Idol, made sure she actually ate and enjoyed a small snack herself. Washed down the sweetness and stained lips with some water and a good body rinse from the Idol's tears, leading Illrose off again to a sunny patch to begin the grooming process and tend to her dear friend as best she could, letting the starved and worry worn doe rest a bit.
"Mmm, good to see your face again Ephire. I have missed you. I trust your journey went well?"

Heard news of the Raven Stag's return, sought him out near the Birch Tree Forest and sat with him a while. Enjoyed having the bull in the Forest again, questions forming though keeping her peace and letting him enjoy being home once more in silence. Later followed him to where Herla and Gehirn sat. Gave bows and hellos to both, snuffing lightly in the royal crown of the smaller doe before giving Herla's forehead a small kiss. Sat at a distance with Ephire, intending to at least sit with him as long as she could. Later moved with the little well known band to sit together for a while, happy to be in their company and rest among friends. Had a treat when Lem stopped by with lit antlers and gave a few nuzzles at how spectacular he looked. Intended to follow after him when he left after a short greeting but found he didn't wait so she returned to the trio for more afternoon snoozings.

Woke to hear Ephire was leaving, said her goodbye and thanked him for sharing some time with her. Grateful to have him back among those who love him. Sat with the couple for a bit longer before catching a familiar scent, saying her goodbyes and following her nose to the beautiful Illrose. Seeing the doe had her smiling, joining her and her companion for some more sitting.

Currently lounging over the large doe, intending to snuggle fully with her and disappear within her brilliant silver white coat.

"When I'm with you.."

Wandered for a bit, ran into a few new deer she did not recognize and paused to see a white stag with large red antlers and red hair, human faced and resting across the river near the Crying Idol. Wandered into the Birch Forest between the rock piles and blueberry bushes before sitting near a tree and resting, smelling Lem nearby. Approached at the side till the stag moved off a way, went back to her tree to rest before waking up again and feeling the need to return to Reed's Logs for some time. Rubbed herself against the logs, trying to get rid of the scents of other deer that had come by. Reminded herself that the stag was back, that she didn't need to defend the spot anymore.
Heard Reed come by moments later after sitting down, getting up and surprised to see him looking a little different than usual though it hardly kept her from going to him and following him around as they moved from place to place in the Forest to rest. Happy to have her Heart back.


Mentally and emotionally numb. Slow to respond or connect with even those that are close to her. Wanders aimlessly.


Johan! So big now! What has Herla been feeding you?

Came to visit Herla and Johan for a bit, watched over the two for a while before tending to the healer's feathered crown and grooming her lightly. Found Johan to be a bit of a surprise when he stood up, such long legs! He was only just a wobbly fawn the other day, hiding between her legs. Now he was hardly worth standing over as he stood by her, though the red doe didn't mind doing it still. Played around a bit, tried to play a game of hide and seek with him but didn't think he understood her actions exactly. Saw a boldly colored black and white doe with bright feathers (Aurora) approach, handed off babysitting to the doe since Johan reacted with a positive note to her presence. Said her goodbyes at the familiar scent of a dear friend, turning quickly into the Birch to find Lem. Sat with for some time, feeling the day was starting off nicely.

Unknown Date
She's so beautiful. For such a large creature she manages grace as if they two were sisters held close together in the womb. I admit, I fear her. Not because of terror, but of the amount of need I would begin to feel for her, to be close to her, to hear her stories and listen to her experiences in life. In the life before I've heard about her form others. Whispers of how she once had wings, such great wings that made the clouds look like dandelion flowers beneath the shadow of a fawn.
It was good to see her again, as hesitant as I was in the beginning. But then seeing others I did not know I took to resting against her. She is so warm, I wonder if the fawns come to lay by her during the cold winter nights. I took to resting my head against her side. Her heartbeat is strong, it reminds me of what the Great Oak would sound like if it had a heart. It was brief but very much needed, the chance meeting tonight when I saw her. I look forward to laying near her one night to feel the warmth of her heart.

Between chasing Reed and being chased through the forest I found a fallen log to be my sudden grandest discovery. In show I reared, I ran and jumped. Such a small log for such a high show of performance, after a few times of doing so and possibly confusing Reed I had to laugh before standing near him.

A flash of purest blue caught my eye. Not any blue, not the sky blue or the jay bird blue. Not even the midnight sky blue with all it's stars. It was a deep blue like water. Water I've never seen before. So startling and bright, I couldn't help but stare at the Blue Stag in the nearby distance. Such a coat, and feathers at the ends of each hoof. Feathers on legs amuse me, I wonder if it were possible to find a way to get some of my own. But he was such a lovely color, and I was so blunt in my staring I must have took offense in my admiration of such a sought after pelt. I adore the color so opposite to my own. Blues of every shade catch my attention, I felt horrible when both the stag and Reed taunted to one another at something that was my doing. It seems not all admiration is wanted, and not all enjoy having such attention. I hope things get better, but for now, sleep calls. And having such a vibrant red stag to lay against sounds too good to pass up.


Unknown Date

Please listen as you read

I never felt so still before. Have you ever sat there, by yourself or with another and felt it? The quiet peace? The sound of snow falling past your ears? The rain that falls down the blades of grass? The dreams of a fawn tucked against the warm belly of its mother? How do you capture that noise, that sound, the feeling. Is there a safe place to keep it till it is needed?

I've found it. I've found it in many hearts of those I love. I've seen it dance in their eyes, in the notes as they've laughed and cried. To where I don't need to search far to find that feeling. I desire it, need it. Can you become addicted to silence and stillness? Can one's fur be soft enough to hold it there and cradle it while I sleep, or will it slip by to another in need of the calm stillness.

I want to create it. That magical moment when hearts beat as one. When a fawn takes its first breath. The feeling of water running over stones. The music of the wind that makes the bluebells dance and the poppies jingle beneath the fireflies. There is nothing quite like it.

Yet when I see you sitting or standing there...when the world falls away and I can't help but feel like a rabbit in the jaws of a wolf with you. You are all that's left in the end. You are the stillness. That ever so soundless and perfect creation. And all I can do is year to become like you. To be known like you. To be craved like you. Adored. Hated. Coveted. Needed. To be loved...

You don't realize yet do you..

Basics Likes, Dislikes, & Fears Relationships Art

Name: Jettem
Identification: .oOo. (click)
Size: #13 (click)
Tumblr: (click)
Gender: Doe
Set: Magpie Mask, Butterfly Antlers, Crying Idol Pelt

Quiet Moments
Light Drizzles
Fresh Snow
Grey Skies

Constant Mooing
Losing Set

Being by herself in total darkness
Not being able to see clearly
Losing loved ones
Being Forgotten Above All Else

ReedGiven Gift - Heart
RayvenClosest Friend, Fascinated By
LemFriend, Fascinated by
LacieAdopted Sister, Desires Her Time, Snuggle Buddy
IllroseFriend, Snuggle Buddy
JoroFriend, Shy Around
KaooriAdopted Sister
WeskerAdopted Brother-in-law
NoelleAdopted Sister, ?
DagFascinated by, Cuddle Enemy
Methuselah Extended info in here, displayed on hover
Lalita Extended info in here, displayed on hover
OsiasFascinated By
Saosin Extended info in here, displayed on hover
BylahGiven Gift - Strength
NineGiven Gift - Hope
Levi Extended info in here, displayed on hover
Ama Extended info in here, displayed on hover
Tally Extended info in here, displayed on hover
Seed Extended info in here, displayed on hover
Me-Yuki Extended info in here, displayed on hover
Timberrc Extended info in here, displayed on hover

Art here.

....all you hear is a missing heartbeat.

Coding done by Matthew - Reed

Rowanelm's picture

Cute bio. ^^

Cute bio. ^^

Silvamord hasn't seen his

Silvamord hasn't seen his little friend in a long time. He's been especially busy practicing for the rut, what with stripping trees with his antlers and sparring other stags. Perhaps he'll see her sometime soon? Eye
~Meet Silvamord~
Dawnhidden's picture

Cute! Thyme would love to

Cute! Thyme would love to see her in the forest sometime! Smiling
DragCave Dragons
The Mute Deer
silentlikethat's picture

Oh! That would be nice,

Oh! That would be nice, Thyme seems like a gentle stag and Jettem is in need of more gentler friends nowadays.

A wounded Deer leaps the Highest
-Emily Dickinson

-pokes- Hun, Silvamord would

-pokes- Hun, Silvamord would never do that. That was my other character Beliar. <3<3<3 He hates fawns DX
See the pictures section of the site where it says Beliar- that's him. I was just using Silva's account.
Sorry if I made Jettem think Silva was totally off his rocker! Sorrysorrysorry <3<3 But it wasn't Silva. So no worries.
Beliar's just a little off in the head O.o

Dawnhidden's picture

Thyme is a gentle stag. And

Thyme is a gentle stag. And a little silly looking at times when he's trying to "say" something but the message isn't getting across! lol
DragCave Dragons
The Mute Deer
silentlikethat's picture

Oh! I'm so sorry, I'm a bit

Oh! I'm so sorry, I'm a bit of a klutz! I'm trying to not be so obsessed with other peeps dairies and pictures so much anymore. I've really been working on building up my own characters, but I missed that part! Thank you fro letting me know, little Jettem is heartbroken for the moment, but she'll gloss over the trauma and forgive Silva next time she meets him. Caution: She may take a little bit longer thought o come to him, but I'll be sure to have them be friends again soon enough!

A wounded Deer leaps the Highest
-Emily Dickinson

silentlikethat's picture

@ Dawnhidden: Jettem will be

@ Dawnhidden:
Jettem will be more than grateful, she's a bit of a mute too, she's only called out about three or four times during her entire two and a half weeks I've played her. She'll be sure to follow Thyme around for a little bit till she gets acquainted with him! it'll be nice for her to have more friends.

A wounded Deer leaps the Highest
-Emily Dickinson

No but, hun, you aren't

No but, hun, you aren't quite understanding- there shouldn't be anything to forgive Silvamord for- because it wasn't Silvamord. It was Beliar.
So she can be afraid of Beliar and hate him (I would, especially with how he acted O.o) but Silvamord wasn't in the forest at all today. I just used his account so Beliar had Silva's pictogram by accident. <3

silentlikethat's picture

@ Crimsongale: Ahhh, I see.

@ Crimsongale: Ahhh, I see. I read your little post thingy, I'll edit it to something different then. Smart Idea though, get the pelt saved and all first, then when you log in as a grown Beliar, you already have his look and everything! Brilliant....

A wounded Deer leaps the Highest
-Emily Dickinson

Yes, I figured I should get

Yes, I figured I should get it done now since Vira sent me the Zombie mask and all Laughing out loud But yes if you ever see Silva's pictogram being used by the crazy mean stag who looks nothing like Silva, run faaar away XD Unless you like crazy mean stags. Beliar's a bit off his rocker :3

Dawnhidden's picture

Hey! Thyme saw Jettem

Hey! Thyme saw Jettem yesterday! He was the one wearing the brown and golden-stripes pelt with the real deer mask and poppies. Laughing out loud
The Mute Deer
The Mute Deer
swiftdeer's picture

the other of those two stags

the other of those two stags was mine... the peacock-pelted one Smiling
silentlikethat's picture

@ Dawnhidden and

@ Dawnhidden and Swiftdeer:
Oh yay! Jettem was very happy to meet you both the other night after having had a very hard morning. She was attacked by a doe, so she was a little skittish and afraid when you both came up and followed her around a bit. But she really likes both of you and hopes to see you again and maybe have another Dance fest!

A wounded Deer leaps the Highest
-Emily Dickinson

Has Jettem grown up quite

Has Jettem grown up quite yet? Sorry Silvamord hasn't been around lately... He misses her <3

silentlikethat's picture

Oh she's grown up alright,

Oh she's grown up alright, and had a personality change, a broken sane mind and taken to following one of her attackers around while still trying to hold onto reality and fantasy. You on? I'll get her on anyways...

Poor Jettem X.x Lawl nope

Poor Jettem X.x
Lawl nope I'm not on right now- not as Silvamord. I'm on my mom's laptop so everythings screwed up, so when I get my own computer back from the liquidators today, I'll be able to get everything back to normal I hope. I'll be playing as Garth primarily. You can click my siggy to get to her Bio, if youre interested XD

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Jettem will never forget

Jettem will never forget Silva, not ever. He was the most current deer in her life, so even if her mind is broken, her sane thoughts know he is is, what he meant to her and I'm sure she'll run up to him when she see's him again.

Yay I'm happy to hear that

Yay I'm happy to hear that :3

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Found you XDDD I was

Found you XDDD

I was wondering who defended Corvus from that stag before. Corvus is thankful for her defending him C:
I have no idea who that stag was or what their problem was with him, needless to say Corvus is rather afraid of them now. He's not the bravest of stags XD and he's very shy.

DraakxMitra C:
silentlikethat's picture

And I was just about to post

And I was just about to post a picture to find out who you were too! Jettem takes to watching others when alone, and saw the stag attack for no real reason, so she went all grr on him as best as she could with butterfly antlers.
Jettem will be sure to come up and give some nuzzles if she ever sees Corvus again!

Draak's picture

xD ahaha (I wanted to put up

xD ahaha (I wanted to put up a screenie asking who the attacker was but I didnt have any good ones that showed the picto) Yeah? Lol Corvus does that too |D. He watches, though he knew one of the white deer but not the other..then the others came along and that all happened.
8D aww, Corvus will be sure to remember her :B

DraakxMitra C:
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Tally thanks you for the

Tally thanks you for the company.

Don't worry, we can play and frolic when im feeling a bit better. <3
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You meet Arch yesterday.

You meet Arch yesterday. :3
(orca pelt, yellow antlers, realdeer mask hanging out with you and Timmberrc)
Timberwolf's picture

Hello Jettem, old deer bows,

Hello Jettem, old deer bows, saw you the other night by the pond with Arch, you were nervous so I did not approach you, then you ran off.

Tally's picture

I apologize for Tally's

I apologize for Tally's anger at you. She tryed to be nice and was very happy to see her but Jettem just wouldn't return the friendliness. Inacceptance is unacceptable to her. Sad
Sithrim's picture

Owww god, she's so grown up

Owww god, she's so grown up now x3

silentlikethat's picture

@ Tally: Jettem wasn't sure

@ Tally: Jettem wasn't sure if Tally was her friend. Remember the two stags who started to fight at the Playground? The red one was her friend, and she was hurt to see you and your nightpelt doe friend just sitting there and not trying to stop the fight.
SO when you came up later, Jettem was hurt and wounded, and didn't know if you even considered her a friend anymore becasue you did nothing to stop the fight, other than sit there.

Tally's picture

You my friend are very

You my friend are very confused and i really need to fill you in. xD heres what happened:

Kaoori(nightpelted) and I were trying to be nice to this lonely looking stag, who i couldn't see the pictogram, when he threatened us. Tally got angry and returned the hostility, so a fight started. Saosin, red stag, ran up to HELP Tally and stop the battle. Thats why it was not Tally's place to rejoin the fight and i don't think Kaoori ever fights, so all we could do was lay down and watch. Saosin is a strong stag, Kaoori and I knew he could handle himself.
Tally's picture

It actually hurt my soul to

It actually hurt my soul to give Jettem the cold shoulder today. XD

She is still in self-turmoil & she was having a odd but comforting time with Wesker.
silentlikethat's picture

Jettem is only sad that she

Jettem is only sad that she was unable to make things better faster between them, but Jettem is patient, and doesn't mind waiting till Tally needs her. She's still sorry about the day before. Tally has been a constant friend during Jettem's fawnhood and doehood, so she's willing to give Tally some time to find herself.

Kaoori's picture

I believe I do owe your poor

I believe I do owe your poor deer an apology, or at least an explanation.. Sad
Kaoori was nervous around her because she's only seen her before by Bylah, and well.. to be frank Bylah scares the crap out of her. She's curious of him but terrified. I hope she didn't come off as agressive or anything.

I'm a little wolf inside a girl.

Lightbringer-apprentice to Yorres
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In truth, it was

In truth, it was practically the same reason fro Jettem's appearance to the cemetery. A doe named Asbjorn, one who takes pleasure and bliss in tormenting Jettem, has taken to liking the stag Wesker. Jettem can't figure out in the blazing hellfires why, as she considers him to be only one sided on seeing Asbjorn attack Jettem. He's protected her when Jettem retaliated once, so she trying to figure him out.
And I do apologize for Jettem's outbreak on attacking you, but she did notice you rearing and bellowing at her and such and was basically like, "*$@!?, leave off me eh! i ain't hurting anyone!" and then proceeded to run off and come back ever so often.
So! No hard feelings, I sort of understood why everyone was uptight with her. They normally are, for the same reason that Kaoori was with Jettem: Bylah.

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o 0 o Someone wants to share

o 0 o Someone wants to share the sunny spot, oohh! Track.

Nine(9) is my main deer.
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Re-tracking. XD {Click to

Re-tracking. XD

{Click to view Nine's bio}

{Click to view Nine's bio}

I'M CONFUSED. {Click to view


{Click to view Nine's bio}

{Click to view Nine's bio}
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Have you changed Jettem's

Have you changed Jettem's picto? There's a deer here that looks, acts, etc like her but the picto is diffferent. Bylah is understandably confused.

silentlikethat's picture

It is her, and I'm almost

It is her, and I'm almost certain I logged out of my other character to play Jettem, that might be why she is a bit confused over Bylah's actions, Nine's as well. She give him a nuzzle and a hop of happiness and he just went......'wha?' I'll have to check.

Edit: bad. I wasn't on Jettem's picto account. Woops.

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In a slightly threating way

In a slightly threating way Tally stood nearby, mangled leg giving the otherwise beautiful doe an odd stature. It was obvious she was not happy but her emotionless face suggested nothing of her thoughts. In an unexpectedly quiet and tense voice she murmured "What did I do?". Her eyes flickered as she gave a moment of thought.

Sorry, I'm itching for some rp and Jettem miffed Tally a bit. (she was only being nice?)

Can't reply today, but i will tommoro.
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Again. It never did go

Again. It never did go completely away, their stares. What could she say? That she was crazed, afraid of herself more than others? Of what she could do to them while she slept? She turned to her dear innocent friend, a glazed look in her eyes as the red doe managed to cough out some words of explanation, anything to keep the thin line of friendship between the two does.
" Wonderful Tally...I feel as if I am a danger to those I love for the time being. I wish for you no to see me like this, as our first meeting tonight seemed to set off something..not..right my mind. Please do not hold yourself accountable for my weakness to tell you of my pains, I wish the best for you and your stag truly."
Her voice was raspy and unused after so long of silence and unrecognizable murmurs. She did not even know the last time she said so much, to a single individual but nonetheless, Tally did deserve an answer to her odd reactions as of late, even if it was one she didn't understand herself.
Grimly she gave a stumbled bow in apology before hiding herself away again in the trees, unable to take the sorrowful looks in her friend's eyes. She only hoped that Tally did not think it was her that was bringing about Jettem's fragile sanity.

So sorry Tally! It really was nothing you did, Jettem simply realized she had been spotted, and in fear of injuring Tally or her mate, fled the area in hopes of ridding herself of her demons alone without getting anyone else hands (or hooves rather XD) in the process. Jettem is still a bit whacked out from fawn experiences, plus some random stag has been attacking her lately so she's kinda waaaah teetering on the edge again. So Tally did nothing wrong at all! Jettem will get over it once I post another journal of her. But till then, she'll be wandering and removing herself from parties of deer.

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"I feel as if I am a danger

"I feel as if I am a danger to those I love" the words sent a sharp mental blow as such words were identical to something Steele once said. She trembled invouluntarily and closed her eyes. Though Tally had been free of her hallucinations for a few days she knew this kind of talk would bring Lantern back again to laugh at her. She just knew, she could hear him now! "I-...I-I... I have to go." she stammered with eyes wide with paranoia and darting from side to side. Suddenly she turned and dashed away like a rabbit from a hawk, leg dragging uselessly in the grass. She didn't stop. She didn't even acknowlege Jettem's apologies, but she did hear them.

It's ironic. Tally has been having horrible mental problems as well. (Steele too, they're suffering together.)

Since you likely have no idea what just happened:
Tally was attacked one night by a multisouled stag named Lantern. After awakening from a long coma she and Steele murdered him in his fawn form. Lantern them haunted them both, driving them to both insanity and a unexplainable exstacy as they 'killed' him again and again. When sane both of them feel horrible about what they've done, but Lantern continues to live on in other forms.

You has MSN, love? :c

You has MSN, love? :c

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Is it possible to become that

Is it possible to become that attached to someone that doesn't even exist? I wish i knew what to have Jettem do to make Nine happier...and I wish I had MSN as well. I must sign up. I must I must I must. Give me a little while? <3

Boo. :c

Boo. :c

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? What's wrong hun?

What's wrong hun?

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Jettem, you are more than

Jettem, you are more than welcome to sit by us anytime.. please remember that. And never stop believing in yourself.. that's one thing others can't take from you.

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-poofs- I feel like I should

I feel like I should say something since I spy Jettem keeping company to my Edward. If he starts to kill you with boredom, feel free to leave his side. He just had a fight with Jacob and isn't feeling well so he won't be really active now.
Actually I just wanted to say how much I loved to see that someone came to him after a little hesitation.(sp?) C8
-poofs away-