+++Falamir's Bio+++

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Name: Lord Falamir Morvolo Longback
Origin: Named after a stuffed gazelle from player's childhood and Faramir from "LOTR"
Gender: Male
Age: 19 years of age in human years
Mood: Calm
Currently: Getting use to his antlers
Physical Health: 99% A wee stretched out
Mental Health 87% A bit confused by growth
Picto: Click it
Orientation: His door is a revolving door: it swings both ways. XD But he prefers does.



It was a sunny warm day when Falamir and his sister Rhiannon came into the world. His elderly grandfather was the first thing he ever saw, followed by his mother and father. He knew how to walk within an hour of his birth (still tumbling some) and followed his parents everywhere they went. Then one day, when he was sleeping under the Big Oak, his guardians and Rhiannon decided to take a stroll out of the forest (they were not the wisest of deer), and were attacked by a famished wolf. The wolf had not eaten in a week due to a famine and was happy to see a meal on sixteen legs. It rounded up a pack of other starved wolves and killed Falamir's mum, da, and grandpa. Rhiannon ran away with scars running down her body and her whereabouts were unknown.

When Fal awoke, no one was there to say, "To be awake is to be alive." He knew his granddad wasn't there, so maybe his twin was beside him. No. Maybe his mum was there grazing outside the tree. No. His father often stood on top of the rocks on the Playground, but when he loped at full speed there, he could not find him. Choking back tears, Falamir spent a week trying to find his family, then realized he would never see them again.

On the first day since he got over the death of his parents, he met Mordred and Eyeres. He played with them whenever he saw them and they became close alies. Then Mordred mated with Angel and Eyeres grew up. These events hurt Falamir and made him feel alone in the wood. Depressed, he hauled himself by the ruins and sobbed himself to sleep. He woke up at dusk, his head feeling heavy. He looked up to see he was now a bigger stag. All he needed was to change in a different set.

A stag named Bastilion was by the ruins, relaxing, when Falamir came up and bellowed and made gestures at the pine trees surrounding the ruins. It took a long time to get the antlers upon Fal's head (he kept getting the peacock), but after ten or twenty minutes, Falamir was the beautiful stag you see before you today.
Rhiannon: Yeah right.
Falamir: Shut it, I'm gorgeous
Faust: Yer aboot a bonnie one as mah ass!

Now, the stag spends his time meditating and running around meeting new deer that he used to avoid out of want of peace.

Moonwalkin' Eye
Buggin' Mordred and Virgil
Changing sleeping deers' sets

Mean, older deer
The fact Forest Magic wears off on fawns
When a prank back fires
Rhiannon being cruel

((If anyone wants to be his pal, just ask.))

Best Friend: MORDRED!

None, he doesn't hate anyone.

I'm looking for her. *sigh*

Drawing of Fal

I drew a boatload more pictures of him, but this is the only stag picture. I'll draw more. XD

"Ima Falamir Fan" by Endorianki
"She Said Her Name Was Billie Jean" by Iris
Gift Pixel by Vira

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

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Noooo ;_; I feel so sorry

Noooo ;_; I feel so sorry for Falamir... I and Mordred shall join in the search for Rhiannon!
It is good that you try to run around and meet new deer, Falamir, and stay away from wolves. You could hear them howling yesterday...-shiver-

And this whole biography is awesome C:
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Aww, tanks. I have not been

Aww, tanks. I have not been playing wit Rhiannon since I created her; I will introduce her when she grows up.

Fal: -nuzzles endorianki's leg- I do stay thousands of leagues away from the wolves. And yes, I heard them howling. Their dirges sent me into a right state. -shudder-

Haha, Fal does talk very articulatly. X_ D

"I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand."-Confuscious

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Let me try talking like

Let me try talking like that, Fal. I watch Lord of the Rings too. Shouldn't be too hard Laughing out loud

"Do not fear, Fal. I shall slay the foul beasts before they catch your trail."

We should do a little game in the Forest next time the wolves come out. Might be an idea! Cmon Mor. And stop hiding behind that tree little Falamir. The wolves are gone today =)
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I finished your little art.

I finished your little art. Well, it was supposed to be little, and the sky wasn't supposed to look that green, but I hope you like it Falamir!!!


I said that you were trying to escape from wolves, lol-z. Laughing out loud
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Fal isn't that scared of

Fal isn't that scared of wolves; he didn't know the fate of his family. He just knew they were not there when he awoke. He is convinced they abandoned him for being "incompetant".

Falamir: That is nice art, mamsie! XD -bow- Hey Mordred! -nips Mord's ear-

"I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand."-Confuscious

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-roars at Falamir- "Why you

-roars at Falamir- "Why you little!"

Uh-oh. It's going to be some game of tag....

And that makes me even more sorry for poor lil Fal.

"Do you need a nuzzle Fal?" Mordred's being kind again. Just a few seconds ago he wanted to bite Fal's own ear in payback.
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You bipolar, Mord? Fal:

You bipolar, Mord?

Fal: -cuddle-

Hey, I think I just saw Mordred in the forest at least a deer with a similiar symbol and set. XD

"I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand."-Confuscious

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Lol yup that's Mordred! And

Lol yup that's Mordred! And he's not bipolar. He just has mood swings.



That was some Forest Fun we had today! The freaking-out Virgil moonwalk!
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We gotta teach Walter that.

We gotta teach Walter that. Then I am sure Verycrazygirl will keep Virgil off from some time. XD

"I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand."-Confuscious

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Aww but Mordred's a Virgil

Aww but Mordred's a Virgil Fangirl-

"Excuse me."

Ahem- Male. fan. of Virgil. Not attracted in any way.

"Yup. Got that right. Cmon Walter."
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Fal: Yeah, Virgil's pretty

Fal: Yeah, Virgil's pretty amazing with his fame and such. I only wish I aspire to that. Ah well, what is fame but I smile on a dog?
"I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand."-Confuscious

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Lol-z. Nice definition of

Lol-z. Nice definition of fame. Personally I don't think fame exists but..

Anyway, I'm so very sorry. I will be gone for the next week or so, and it was the first time Mordred and Angel really got together in the Forest. So he felt a little overprotective over blind Angel..

"-nuzzleFalamir- I didn't mean to hurt your fawnyfeelings"
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Nope: fame is

Nope: fame is vanity.

Falamir: S'okay. I forgive you. -butts Mord in the head with newly grown antlers- I guess your gonna miss seeing me as an adult stag.

Yaaaaaaay~! Congratulations

Yaaaaaaay~! Congratulations Falamir!

D': I'm sorry if I made you feel alone! I would have hung around more the other day but Iris went swimming so I had to leave the forest >_> But whooo! Now you have antlers too!


.:The Highwayman:.
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Fal: S'okay, Highwayman!

Fal: S'okay, Highwayman! -butts Eye's head with Moose Antlers- Hmm, I need a title. Moonwalking Deer is not verreh nice. XD

-grins and butts back-

-grins and butts back- Moonwalker itself won't work?

8o Who's Faust?


.:The Highwayman:.
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click Gift arts for Falamir

Gift arts for Falamir |D

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@ Eyerys: Fal: Nope!

@ Eyerys:
Fal: Nope! -butt-
Oh and Faust is a new deer. I won't play him 'til he's grown. He's an Irish Elk Baron.

@ Vira: