Understanding Lemon!

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Okay! I've been trying to make something like this for a while, and Zerg's post prompted me to get it finished. c: Well, not really finished. I'll add more as I think of them. For now, this will do!

Here's an explanation for some of Lemon's common behaviors. <3


BOW + HEAD TILT | The doe bow/curtsy. Lemon happens to think that tilting one's head while bowing is very feminine, while simply bowing without the head tilt is quite masculine.

HEAD TILT | Can be used to say, "aww!", or "what/eh?". Lemon also has a habit of tilting her head whenever someone tilts their head at her. If the other deer is inclined to do the same, this sometimes results in never-ending head-tilting sessions. c:

AMAZEMENT | Lemon's favorite action, for sure! Lemon will become amazed when seeing a beloved friend, or when meeting up with someone she hasn't seen for a long time, along with other generally shocking or surprising moments. She also may become amazed at random moments, simply because it's fun to do. And like head tilting, Lemon will copy you if you become amazed at her.

SCRATCH GROUND + LAY DOWN | "I'll be right back."

SCRATCH GROUND + NOD + HEAD TILT | "Will you wait for me? I'll be right back." Lemon is expecting either a nod or a shake of the head, when she asks this.

NOD + HEAD TILT | "Is this what you want?" or "I'm... not sure what you want."

SCRATCH GROUND + RUN OFF | "Follow me!" Lemon may also rear and turn in the direction she wants you to go. If you don't follow her immediately, she will stop and wait. If you still do not follow, she will repeat the scratch + run action.

FEAR + HEAD TILT | This is Lemon's way of saying, "Why are you scaring me? What did I ever do to you?", or "Please don't hurt me!".

SCRATCH GROUND & SAD + NO & LAUGH (or) REAR + NOD | A bit of a complicated one; Lemon's telling you to cheer up! She's saying, "don't be sad, be happy!"

REAR [standing on hind legs] + HEAD TILT | In the presence of butterflies or fireflies, it means she's chasing them. c: Otherwise, this is her polite rear. It may also be a show of mild excitement or joy.

REAR | Depends on the context; either a display of extreme excitement, or extreme anger; Lemon rarely extends into a full rear, unless she's really got a reason to be riled up. May also be combined with a roar for added effect, in either case.

NUZZLE + NOD | This usually means something along the lines of "it's okay" or "I'm sorry".

HOPPING IN CIRCLES | Celebration! This is the customary greeting she gives to fawns and good friends. c: She usually only does this when she's feeling very happy, however -- if she's feeling more laid back, she may simply make due with a curtsy and a nuzzle.

FEAR + ROAR | This is Lemon at her most terrified. By the time Lemon has resorted to fear + roaring, she's in an extreme state of panic, and is probably darting all over the forest trying to get away from whatever set her off. Displaying fear and roaring at the same time is exclusively reserved for this state of severe panic, and is usually either a cry for help, or a warning not to come any closer.

SAD + ROAR (or) ANGER AT TREES | If Lemon seems to be beating up trees, or roaring while looking sad, she's in self-anguish mode. It means she feels like an idiot for something she recently said or did. Lemon may also hide in the Old Oak, in a tree, or in one of the playground rocks when she is in this sort of mood.

CURTSY + SAD + NUZZLE | This is Lemon's "goodbye". Should be an obvious one. Eye


If anyone has any questions about Lemon's behavior, please post them here and I'll answer. c:

This is a helpful post! I

This is a helpful post!
I now understand Lemon's 'exited rearing', which I recall had me baffled once or twice lol.
When reading about her Anger at Trees...I couldn't help but picture Lemon smacking her face against a tree going "Botha, botha, botha" (Potter Puppet Palls reference, cookie if you got it >_>) which had me snickering Sticking out tongue

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rofl the potter puppet

rofl the potter puppet pals.. XD
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*hands Kaoori a cookie*

*hands Kaoori a cookie* :B

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Wow this is useful, I think

Wow this is useful, I think every deer should kake one! *thinks - maybe I should make one...*
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Omg I prompted something. XD

Omg I prompted something. XD That's new.
These things are really useful.. Especially since not everyone 'talks' the same way in forest. XP