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So, for two days my school has had something called Challenge day. Apparently a bunch of schools do it, but for those who don't know, basically it's a day where many student get together and share things about themselves. I suppose the word bonding could be used. It's suppose to bring everyone closer, to cut the bullying and such. But I couldn't help start to think, is challenge day really a good thing?

I mean, sure it's a good thing to open up to everyone, have a good cry and stuff. But I kinda think, isn't it going to just cause the bullying to get worst? People are sharing some pretty personal things, and there are some people out there that would love to use that against them. This is my personal opinion/thought

So my question to you guys is, do you think this is a good thing? or something that shouldn't be done?

I know this is kinda stupid to post, but I'm seriously curious about what people think about the whole thing.
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If it's all out in the open,

If it's all out in the open, everyone knows anyway, so there's no blackmail to be had.
Other than that, I dunno. Not something I'd be interested in; I like keeping to myself in large groups.
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Eh, if gone about it the

Eh, if gone about it the right way I suppose it could be good, but ya... you have some people that could care less either way, it may not fix issues like some others think it will, but make things worse, give new reasons to bully. It's sort of opening up and showing your weaknesses. - I never had this when in school, but if we did either way, I wouldn't participate.

The problem is that most kids

The problem is that most kids aren't capable of sitting through that kind of stuff without snickering and bothering each other. Of course, if the bullies are opening up as well as the other students it should all even out. I'm familiar with this kind of thing but I always make a point to just skip the class for that day. But I guess it could be good, for kids who're holding too much in or something similar...

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One positive potential is if

One positive potential is if the bullies hear a story they can associate with from a victim , they may be less willing to aggress them.

It's hard to say. Like almost all school-related situations, I am sure it varies in success from student to student, class to class, and school to school.
It is almost impossible to have one solution that works every time for the same problem when individual's hearts are involved.

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.
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It definitely has its pros

It definitely has its pros and cons, and this is a sort of thing where you can't quite tell what direction it will go in. As someone said above, no one could really do much with whatever information you give out because everyone else knows it too... for whoever gets on your case about it there'd probably be twice as many people who'd have your back, etc. If everyone opens up it kind of puts everyone on even ground, to an extent, so it could help. There's just the risk of heartless asses that may not take it as seriously as some. I imagine they'll be promptly booted though, if they raise their heads.

I personally would probably be there but just listen to everyone else. xD I'm the type that loves to listen, hates sharing. Fitting that I want to be a therapist xD hehehe.