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Quad is an OOC character.

He will probably be hanging out with fawns and nameless from now on since I will be pretty certain they're not integrated into some deep RP that I'm not allowed to be a part of.

Name: Quad

Meaning: Came from the human word for "Four". He heard this word early in his fawnhood and chose it for his name.

Title: Grand Talux

D.O.B: October 2007

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Pictogram: Click


Main -

Subs -

Mate: Mazey separated

Children: Axie, Zephyr

Status: Video Mate essentially never got finished, so he's still single.

Quad's first mate was Mazey, who he loved dearly. She sadly left the Endless Forest.

Orientation: Straight

A note about Quad's orientation:

Quad is a representation of me, and therefore is considered straight. He has no interest in having a gay relationship, so please don't ask me to change him to accommodate your deer.

He once loved a doe named Mazey, but her player does not play TEF anymore, so Quad is single. He wants to have a doe for a mate, but I have a few things I'd like for his mate...

- I'd like for it to be a player I know pretty well
- Someone Quad's met in-game a few times
- Someone who wants to have a meaningful relationship with him (No mate beggars please)
- And like I said...a straight relationship. Quad won't do a gay romance.

There may be some others thrown in but that's all I really have for that...

If you want your doe to try to ask Quad to be her mate, please feel free to let me know on here but remember the things I said in this thing. Or contact me on my MSN at

Whisper and Quad pretending to be wall-mounted deer heads

Quad is often considered a gentle and friendly stag. He generally is very happy and will dance, laugh, and play with other deer.

Quad enjoys meeting new deer and treats everyone with respect. He has a few close friends, but usually he will hang out with any deer in the forest. He loves parties (groups of deer) and generally flocks to areas with the most deer. Quad especially loves to teach fawns new tricks, including laughing so hard that you fall halfway into the ground, yes-no combinations, and in particular his "listening while spinning around" trick.
Quad loves to look goofy. He loves to stick his head through trees and stare at other deer. He also loves to tilt his head over and over, not in confusion, but to mess with other deer.
When he gets tired, he generally sits in one of four places:
- The broken pillar at the ruins (his sleeping spot)
- The old bridge
- The dragonfly gathering at the pond
- A tree within a mushroom circle near the ruins

For a while, his path crossed with a doe's. He had fallen in love with Mazey, but soon after she left the Endless Forest. Quad waited for her to return, but soon decided to pursue another doe. One day he'll find another, but he will always remember his first mate. *Please note, I actually contacted Mazey and she gave me permission to let Quad mate another doe, so this isn't in any way an affair.*

So in short, Quad is single and looking.

IF YOU NEED A FRIEND, JUST ASK! Quad's always happy to hang out with anyone, so don't be afraid to come up and bow to him!

Powers and abilities:
Quad is a special deer called the Grand Talux. He can grow four wings on his back at will and his body and fur can glow and shine a brilliant white light that can fight against Iugulare's infection. He often comes to the aid of his friends who have been infected and heals them with this ability.

In addition, Quad has been given the gift of rebirth. When he dies, he comes back to life after a few moments, though he will still feel the pain from whatever killed him before. While many may see this as a gift such as 'immortality', Quad sees it as more of a curse, as he has been killed multiple times and suffers deep amounts of pain every time. There is ultimately one way to kill him for good, though only the Twin Gods know it.

Additional facts about Quad

Quad and Laruna trying to be superheroes

Wolf Quad represents another side of Quad. Since Quad is a part of me, when needed, he may shapeshift into a wolf (or another animal) for guidance.

I generally associate Deer Quad as a counselor, where Wolf Quad is more of a teacher. Deer Quad usually helps me get through a tough time in life and is there for compassion, where Wolf Quad teaches me about things I simply don't understand and is there for encouragement and clarity. He is extremely wise, even being a part of me he can teach me things I would have never known about.

So why a wolf? Until recently, I hated wolves, especially the internet fanbase for them, but it was because I didn't understand anything about them and needed serious lessons about them. After much help from my friends and a walk with Quad as a wolf, I gained a better appreciation for wolves, though I still catch myself having resentment for people who like wolves. I just haven't gotten to a state of complete acceptance yet.

I asked for artwork of Wolf Quad and got a great response from my friends. I'm always looking for more artwork of him, and love any and all representations made of him. There is no set-in-stone way to draw him, though he usually retains his blue and white fur from being a deer. He is depicted a variety of ways, too - sometimes he seems kind, wise, and friendly, other times he appears as violent, snarling, and angry. The variety helps me understand who he really is - a serious guardian who believes in tough love.

In the Endless Forest, Wolf Quad may sometimes appear. He will have a different look than usual.

When finding him in the Forest, feel free to treat him exactly as you would when he is a deer. He may not be as silly as usual, but he's still the same Quad.

Wolf Quad will continue to stand by me when I need him to, and when I have learned what he wants to know, he will change back to being a loving deer. He does not seem to mind the transformation, despite turning into practically a polar-opposite animal to who he really is. It's all in a day's work for him.

"Please, don't ever cry for me. There is no need for it. When I die, I don't want any of you to be sad. Don't grieve for me. Rather, be happy, live your life every day with your head high. That is what I want, not this sadness." - Quad

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I added a new picture to my

I added a new picture to my biography:

For those of you who don't play Impressive Title, this was made by a friend of mine on there named Kyra. She plays as a lion and of course I have Quad as a deer, so it is pretty funny that the two of us hang out even though our species are enemies.
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Tracking for art reference :

Tracking for art reference : D Even there's already a nice amount of fanart up there 0_x
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Yeah...I've been here nearly

Yeah...I've been here nearly 3 years and I ask for art all the time. I did a contest last year called Head Tilts for TEF that some of the artworks came from, and others were done when we all were still active on iscribble.net.

As far as Quad's look, I'm really happy with anything. I never made it set in stone if he had a real deer face or wore his real deer mask, and otherwise I always said he was a little fatter than other deer. Hope that helps Eye
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Hah yep, it helps, I like

Hah yep, it helps, I like playing with indeterminated designs anyway! And you might end up having 4 or 5 completly different sketches and 2 finished ones, since I always end up playing with a ton of different programs and get too lazy or frustrated to finish them so I just start new ones. Here's a good example of that situation, even I didn't upload most for saving page space.
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Didn't know about this

Didn't know about this Shocked -trackity-
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QUAD ~ dunno where to put dis

QUAD ~ dunno where to put dis so, chekk your pm for "yay"^____^

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Anjali had fun dancing with

Anjali had fun dancing with Quad and the others today! Smiling It was awesome to finally meet him.
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Haha the same with you, I

Haha the same with you, I always love dance parties.

And sorry for casting that pelt spell on you, I was aiming for the fawn that was in front of you Eye
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Oh, that's okay, we didn't

Oh, that's okay, we didn't mind. Laughing out loud
Anjali's spells sometimes go awry, too. And fawns move so quickly! They can be hard to aim at, lol. I thought it was funny that Anjali got Quad's regular pelt, though.
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Finally got around to

Finally got around to updating this bio, and I added the info about Wolf Quad. If there's anything you think needs to be added to his info, let me know.

Also updated about Quad's status. I made it clear that him looking for another doe isn't cheating on Mazey, she gave me permission via MSN for Quad to date.

I don't know if he'll ever find another doe that will love a silly fat stag like him, but who knows.


ASDFGHJKLPRITU. -keyboard abuse-
The one time I find me a Quad in-forest, I have to have my pansy deer out and about. D8
Oh well. <3 It was nice to finally meet Quad. He's a real sweetie. c:
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X3 I was wondering who that

X3 I was wondering who that was. Quad always feels bad when he scares someone with his antlers, he's only trying to look silly wearing them. He's a semi-pacifist (he doesn't like to fight but sometimes he has to fight his rival, Iugulare), so he would never hurt another deer unless they were threatening him or someone else.

Glad to finally meet one of your deer *nodnodnod*

Haha, no worries. It wasn't

Haha, no worries. It wasn't just the antlers, in all honesty. Large groups of deer frighten Chess to no end, and with both Quad and Ravus having massive antlers as well... Ah, poor guy. His worst nightmare. XD Also, I would have joined in that little Quadder x Toukan dance, but Chess doesn't understand 'fun'. He can't play, and thinks dancing is utterly ridiculous. I, on the other end, was dying of laughter. It was just too cute. :'D

And yes! You too! -nodnodnod... snugsnugsnug- 8D
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Quad's thoughts - "It's very

Quad's thoughts -

"It's very difficult to see my friends fight one another. I'm stuck in the middle of all this - on one side I have my adoptive father, Walter. He and Ephra raised me many years ago, and I may not always agree with what he does but to this day I still sit by his side. But on the other side is Kaoori and her family, who have been fighting my Dad for as long as I can remember. They accept me as a friend and guardian...

What if one day I found the two sides fighting one another again? Who should I stand by? If I stood by Dad, my friends would reject and shun me, seeing me as a threat...but if I stood by Kaoori and her family, then Dad would disown me, and I'd be breaking my promise to defend him.

Why can't I stop all this from happening? Why I am I so weak? I can fight against my own foe (Iugulare) with ease because she is driven back by the light I can produce. But in sheer strength situations like this...I'm pathetic. I'm afraid to fight other stags, and hate all the bickering and bloodshed going on.

Why can't we all find peace? Why can't my Dad stop fighting everyone? Why can't Kaoori and Wesker see him as the good person I know?

Why is all this so hard?"

He also wrote a poem about this today:

Two crystals grow within my heart. One of quartz, one of pyrite. Both are important to me, but each despises the other. They are constantly trying to outgrow the other, and thus the capacity of love I have for both is quickly being devoured. If I lose one, I feel empty. If I lose both, I am lost to the darkness. If both grow too fast, I may die from the loss of my own heart.

Do I favor one crystal over the other? Do I love them equally and die for both? Do I end my own suffering so they see that they are equally important?

What do I do?

I asked a friend about this, and they gave me an honest answer. So Quad might make a brutal decision soon...

I should track this. o-o

I should track this. o-o
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The wolf first was caught in

The wolf first was caught in the predicament again. He tried to be by both his friend, Kaoori's, side and by his adoptive father's, Walter. He thought his old man was going to think of him differently for being a different creature than he normally was accustomed to, but also for going and saying hello to the shika deer before coming to him. Quad was certain he had shamed his adoptive father, but soon the old man returned and nuzzled him. The old stag nuzzling a wolf, it must have been a strange feeling for him.

It wasn't much longer that Walter was fighting again. The wolf didn't know the other skull-faced stag, but it didn't matter, he had to break it up. He's lost his father before due to fighting, he wouldn't let it happen again. Their antlers were swung so wildly that Quad got hit a few times, but he stayed on his paws and kept barking at the other stag and shaking his head.

He thought it was settled when Walter backed off, but the other deer pursued him. Wolf Quad tried to keep up, but the two were very fast (and Quad's asthma and diabetes kicked in, perfect timing). He nearly caught up with the two, but they zipped past him so quickly that he was astounded at their speed. The only other creature he had ever seen run that fast was a yellow-eyed rock hound!

Finally Quad caught up with the two, who began their fight again. He stepped in, once more getting hit, but he broke them up. He kept his old man from taking any more wounds while the other skull-faced deer angrily snapped at him. "Leave my father the hell alone!", the wolf spat. Finally, after the long tense moment, Walter was given the precious moments to go off on his own without another pursuit. The wolf followed him, and when he sat on the gentle ground, his son sat by him.

It was at that moment that Quad was able to survey his own body. A deep gash had cut through his shoulder. There were a few puncture wounds, and he now felt the pain from a few cracked ribs. There was a line of blood dripping from the wounds, and Quad then saw the blood trail that both he and Walter left. He didn't know how much blood he had lost, but he was more concerned with his father. The old man took another beating, and Quad could not bear the thought of losing him again.

"Dammit, Dad....why?", he questioned, unsure whether the words really came out of his mouth or if he just thought it. He was so drowsy that soon after, he felt himself rest.

The word repeated in his head again and again.

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The wolf awoke to find not

The wolf awoke to find not only his father, but his mother together! He was very happy to see both of them, and eventually morphed back into a deer to be with the two of them. They had fun splashing pond water at each other and dancing in trees. Quad even gave his mom a make-over Eye

It reminded him of his fawnhood. It was this that he always sees in Walter, a stag who loved a doe, and a doe who loved a stag, and nothing more.

His wounds have healed a little more, but he is still sore from them. The dancing didn't help, either...he may have opened a few of them up from all of that.

But it didn't matter. Getting to see Ephra and Walter together again was more important.

He was very happy today.
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Because of certain events,

Because of certain events, I'm considering redesigning Quad's look in the Forest. I haven't fully decided if I'm going to do this or not, but if it happens, I'll make him as non-cliche as I can. I suppose it could be his 'rebirth' set after his death.

Anyway, I want to keep the beluga pelt no matter what. Since the issue, however, involves overused set components...as in the Zombie set and the Real-Deer Mask, I'd have to change his mask and antlers to something else. I've got the Wolf Quad set but I'd like something separate from that so I don't scare Virgil again Eye

I *could* possibly have the green luchador mask as his permanent new look + a different set of antlers...

Sigh...I'm going to miss wearing the real-deer mask though. It always made Quad look like he had a big silly smile on his face. But if it'll bring more variety to the Forest, then I don't feel like I have a choice.
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Quote:It always made Quad

It always made Quad look like he had a big silly smile on his face.

Then don't change it.
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I don't feel like I can,

I don't feel like I can, since taking a side on an argument against wearing cliche'd sets, but wearing a cliche'd set, would make me a hypocrite.
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I'm going to have to second

I'm going to have to second Pega here.

Why should you be forced to change something that you like? To appease someone else? That's hardly fair. While I will admit that the forest is often overrun with characters wearing either the zombie mask or the real deer mask, it is still a stylistic and individual choice. Don't change something for anyone other than yourself.

(Besides, given what I have read over the past couple of months, what appears to be angering some players is the fact that some of the forest's characters are becoming stereotypical, with little thought being put into their creation and development. Quad's set is not part of this problem.)
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I understand the point you're

I understand the point you're making. I just haven't learned to be assertive yet.

I'm by nature a people-pleaser. If I'm doing something that someone doesn't like, I don't feel like I have the right to continue to do it. If I say something that offends someone, I take it back. I can't be like AliceV or Vandettta and just jump out with an argument and defend it to the bones. I don't have a voice because I'm so afraid of what people would think of my opinion.

So that's why I'd rather conform myself to solve the problem rather than just not worry about it. I'm a passive person.

Sigh...so Quad's not cliche'd? I mean I made him into a damn mary sue character in my stories...
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Meh. Cliches really are what

Meh. Cliches really are what everything ends up as. There is enough of anything if you look hard enough to make it a cliche. So, whatever if Quad's a cliche or not, he's yours, that's enough difference to make him special.
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I'mma stalk this.~ *skips off

I'mma stalk this.~
*skips off to updates page now*
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So I've been making Herla

So I've been making Herla flirt audaciously with this blue stag, she’s being a real pouty bitch. I have no idea who this stag is since the map hates me most of the time. But I finally figure it out. And it’s Quad. Poor Quad! LOL!
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I thought you were asking for

I thought you were asking for closeups XD

Oh well, sorry I didn't know. When I saw "scratching the boulder" I interpreted it differently than what you meant. That's why I kept walking away, I was making the camera zoom in on you.
Sighthoundlady's picture

They are beautiful close up,

They are beautiful close up, so thank you. I appreciate it.

But nope, she was being difficult and bothersome because it is her nature. LOL.

I pretty much threw her into the forest and set on the first stag like deer she could find. She's shameless!

If I could find some way to make her toss her head and look coyly over her shoulder, I'd do it.
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X3 I can take some more if

X3 I can take some more if you'd like. Just face her AWAY from Quad when he runs off and you'll get better pics of her face rather than her butt Eye

Quad's a bachelor, by the way, although he's been on four dates recently. I spoke with his former mate since she doesn't play TEF anymore and she gave me permission for him to find a new mate.
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Aww, that’s okay. I feel

Aww, that’s okay. I feel like I already put you out, “demanding” close ups already. Lol!

I think it’s just so funny that Quad is the one she meets first! I literally had just started “playing” her in her newly established personality, and sent her out “stag stalking.”

Herla is extremely jealous of other does, in fact she would like nothing better then to “steal” a stag just to compete with another female and prove that she could “win.” Her heart is hard but perhaps the right stag could make her fall from her high horse. Eye
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hmm wondering if I should

hmm wondering if I should make a 'relationships' section for Quad. The only thing is he knows...like...everyone XD. It would be a lot of work anyway, but it would help me keep track of everyone he's met.
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Track, Quad was very nice for

Track, Quad was very nice for Levis yesterday(mini with zombie antlers). I wanna meet him again (:
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Apparently Quad's chest is a

Apparently Quad's chest is a good pillow, cause Herla just buried her face in it XD!!
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He's sitting beside my doe,

He's sitting beside my doe, Jade, now ^^
He's a fun guy~
tracks <3
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Hey guys, I wanted to make

Hey guys, I wanted to make this announcement just so you know ~

if you're sitting with Quad and you'd like to go wander off or there's someone else you'd like to go hang out with, please don't feel like you have to stay with him. By all means, feel free to leave if you'd like to, you won't hurt my feelings and actually I'll understand.

I'm always afraid that I'm wasting your time when there could be someone else you'd rather hang out with. It's just my mind thinking I'm wronging everyone XD

Anyway, don't feel obligated to stay with Quad if you'd like to go somewhere else. It's no trouble at all.

I love how the Wolf Quad

I love how the Wolf Quad concept is more like that of the Animal Spirit concept of the Wolf as a teacher. I know most people use wolf forms as more of an aggressive alter ego, but this is refreshing to me. (:
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I'm starting to wonder if

I'm starting to wonder if Quad's too fake of a character or if I shouldn't even worry about that. I mean how many deer do you see that are passive and do not participate in aggressive things like the rut? I'm wondering if he needs to be more realistic to fit more of the standards for deer in TEF or if he's fine just the way he is without changing a thing.

In a way I'm starting to think I failed in designing his character to be 'correct' or 'right', since he's a pacifist despite having such huge antlers, overeats, farts, ect... He's tried to find a new mate since Mazey left TEF but I'm just really worried that people would reject him for stronger, prettier stags.

He is who he is. And that is

He is who he is. And that is the strongest conviction you can have.
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I guess I'm starting to worry

I guess I'm starting to worry that Quad doesn't really fit into TEF that well, or otherwise I'm afraid that TEF has become all roleplay and that there's no place for him. I'd hate to change the way I've made him to fit the standards of TEF deer but it seems like a requirement that our characters have to be aggressive now. Or otherwise Quad's just too unrealistic and 'in the real world' he'd be the first to get killed and eaten while other deer like Virgil, Dag, or Wesker would live on because they're strong enough to defend themselves.

I don't know if there would be a reason for Quad to become more aggressive anyway. It would be like forcing a dog to be a cat.
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^ I have to agree with you

^ I have to agree with you there about the "Agressiveness in TEF" thing.

Just popped in to let you know that the beluga pelted deer laying with you all is The Blue Stag

(thanks, starling! The avatar is amazing! And Thanks Pretzil for the siggie!
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Quad: "It was foolish of me

Quad: "It was foolish of me to think I was of any use. Fighting against darkness and infection is one thing, and yes, I know I am important for protecting the Forest from Iugulare. But when it comes to fighting with antlers...with being normal...who am I kidding? I'm pathetic.

I thought a close friend was in danger today when really he was just having fun with another deer. I tried so hard to stop them from what I thought was a fight to the death, and when nothing seemed to work, I ran away. I'm no hero, I have no strength. I'm nothing but a coward with big stupid antlers that are useless on my head. It would have been better if Michael had given these antlers to someone else.

My only other alternative is to seek help...to seek out someone who would be willing to teach me how to be strong and brave. Maybe then I wouldn't be so afraid when I see other deer fighting. Maybe then the does might actually find me to be attractive...sigh...

I miss my Mazey...the only doe that has ever really loved me. And yet...I never did have to fight for her love..."

Before Toukan and Ourania, Quad hits his antlers on a tree until they snap off, the heavy antlers hitting the ground with a thud. He feels his head being lighter, and turning, he speaks to them:

"I want to learn how to fight, and not run away. This which is left will be enough to work with (I hope). See...I didn't deserve those antlers, they're for strong deer, and I'm nothing of the sort. That's why I want them to regrow...I want to earn them back. I want to prove to this Forest that I'm not a coward"

((Quad is now wearing the beluga antlers, which represent his 'broken' zombie antlers. In time, he will wear the zombie antlers again, but only after he has proven to himself and to the Forest that he is a strong deer.))
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"It's gone on for too long.

"It's gone on for too long.
I've played his games for far too long.
I should have known better.
What a fool I really have been.

I've told him that this cannot continue,
Being torn between him and my friends has been torture,
Taking one side over the other...taking his side...
Many of these times knowing he was wrong...

It is surprising to me how a deer can change over the years.
Maybe it was him that changed...or maybe it was me...
But it's over and done with.
I'm too old to be falling for this foolishness anymore.

Goodbye, Walter.
Thank you for raising me as a fawn,
But from this day on, I am no longer your son...
Just another stag to you."

*Please note, this is Quad speaking, not me. I'm not in any way angry or upset with Verdalas, in fact I still respect and love Verdy as a player. Quad just needs to move on.

"Morning has come...I'm still here, no deer came to kill me overnight...
What I feel...how I feel...I don't even know how to begin to describe.
Relieved, free, inspired...







Remember the offer...remember Kaoori and Wesker's offer...
Do I dare take it?

Do I even consider what Walter would think?
Would it hurt his feelings...?

....To think of my needs is selfish...

...But maybe it's time to do something for myself for once..."

I like how Quad is such a

I like how Quad is such a part of you, like how my Candlehound is for me. It's very interesting that he has two sides, almost contradicting since one is a deer and one is a wolf.

Tracking for sure. Smiling
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Another morning comes, and a

Another morning comes, and a different mindset for Quad...

"Enough of this!

Enough of being the victim!

Enough of being afraid!

I am not weak, and I am not useless!

Stay strong! Stay strong!


That's the spirit, Quad.

That's the spirit, Quad.
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"So what's the decision?

"So what's the decision? What is the best choice for me?

Will this even work?

...It will be so awkward...considering them my family instead of him...

Things are so much different than when I was a fawn. Why can't I accept that?

I choose...

to accept Kaoori's and Wesker's invitation to become a part of their family."
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*Inserts stalk scrambles

*Inserts stalk scrambles away*
Hope you don't mind about me stalking this...Quad seems interesting =)

Thank you Kaoori for this drawing!Natali looks beautiful =D
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Quad... I said some stupid


I said some stupid things this weekend about you. But I wasn't thinking clearly. I just want you to know that I love you and you should be exactly as you are, it's unfair of me to even consider you any different. I should have not said what I did, and for that, I'm sorry.

You have every right to be who you are. Don't ever, ever change, Quad.
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You can thank Ouriana for your request. Eye
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