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Quad is an OOC character.

He will probably be hanging out with fawns and nameless from now on since I will be pretty certain they're not integrated into some deep RP that I'm not allowed to be a part of.

Name: Quad

Meaning: Came from the human word for "Four". He heard this word early in his fawnhood and chose it for his name.

Title: Grand Talux

D.O.B: October 2007

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Pictogram: Click


Main -

Subs -

Mate: Mazey separated

Children: Axie, Zephyr

Status: Video Mate essentially never got finished, so he's still single.

Quad's first mate was Mazey, who he loved dearly. She sadly left the Endless Forest.

Orientation: Straight

A note about Quad's orientation:

Quad is a representation of me, and therefore is considered straight. He has no interest in having a gay relationship, so please don't ask me to change him to accommodate your deer.

He once loved a doe named Mazey, but her player does not play TEF anymore, so Quad is single. He wants to have a doe for a mate, but I have a few things I'd like for his mate...

- I'd like for it to be a player I know pretty well
- Someone Quad's met in-game a few times
- Someone who wants to have a meaningful relationship with him (No mate beggars please)
- And like I said...a straight relationship. Quad won't do a gay romance.

There may be some others thrown in but that's all I really have for that...

If you want your doe to try to ask Quad to be her mate, please feel free to let me know on here but remember the things I said in this thing. Or contact me on my MSN at

Whisper and Quad pretending to be wall-mounted deer heads

Quad is often considered a gentle and friendly stag. He generally is very happy and will dance, laugh, and play with other deer.

Quad enjoys meeting new deer and treats everyone with respect. He has a few close friends, but usually he will hang out with any deer in the forest. He loves parties (groups of deer) and generally flocks to areas with the most deer. Quad especially loves to teach fawns new tricks, including laughing so hard that you fall halfway into the ground, yes-no combinations, and in particular his "listening while spinning around" trick.
Quad loves to look goofy. He loves to stick his head through trees and stare at other deer. He also loves to tilt his head over and over, not in confusion, but to mess with other deer.
When he gets tired, he generally sits in one of four places:
- The broken pillar at the ruins (his sleeping spot)
- The old bridge
- The dragonfly gathering at the pond
- A tree within a mushroom circle near the ruins

For a while, his path crossed with a doe's. He had fallen in love with Mazey, but soon after she left the Endless Forest. Quad waited for her to return, but soon decided to pursue another doe. One day he'll find another, but he will always remember his first mate. *Please note, I actually contacted Mazey and she gave me permission to let Quad mate another doe, so this isn't in any way an affair.*

So in short, Quad is single and looking.

IF YOU NEED A FRIEND, JUST ASK! Quad's always happy to hang out with anyone, so don't be afraid to come up and bow to him!

Powers and abilities:
Quad is a special deer called the Grand Talux. He can grow four wings on his back at will and his body and fur can glow and shine a brilliant white light that can fight against Iugulare's infection. He often comes to the aid of his friends who have been infected and heals them with this ability.

In addition, Quad has been given the gift of rebirth. When he dies, he comes back to life after a few moments, though he will still feel the pain from whatever killed him before. While many may see this as a gift such as 'immortality', Quad sees it as more of a curse, as he has been killed multiple times and suffers deep amounts of pain every time. There is ultimately one way to kill him for good, though only the Twin Gods know it.

Additional facts about Quad

Quad and Laruna trying to be superheroes

Wolf Quad represents another side of Quad. Since Quad is a part of me, when needed, he may shapeshift into a wolf (or another animal) for guidance.

I generally associate Deer Quad as a counselor, where Wolf Quad is more of a teacher. Deer Quad usually helps me get through a tough time in life and is there for compassion, where Wolf Quad teaches me about things I simply don't understand and is there for encouragement and clarity. He is extremely wise, even being a part of me he can teach me things I would have never known about.

So why a wolf? Until recently, I hated wolves, especially the internet fanbase for them, but it was because I didn't understand anything about them and needed serious lessons about them. After much help from my friends and a walk with Quad as a wolf, I gained a better appreciation for wolves, though I still catch myself having resentment for people who like wolves. I just haven't gotten to a state of complete acceptance yet.

I asked for artwork of Wolf Quad and got a great response from my friends. I'm always looking for more artwork of him, and love any and all representations made of him. There is no set-in-stone way to draw him, though he usually retains his blue and white fur from being a deer. He is depicted a variety of ways, too - sometimes he seems kind, wise, and friendly, other times he appears as violent, snarling, and angry. The variety helps me understand who he really is - a serious guardian who believes in tough love.

In the Endless Forest, Wolf Quad may sometimes appear. He will have a different look than usual.

When finding him in the Forest, feel free to treat him exactly as you would when he is a deer. He may not be as silly as usual, but he's still the same Quad.

Wolf Quad will continue to stand by me when I need him to, and when I have learned what he wants to know, he will change back to being a loving deer. He does not seem to mind the transformation, despite turning into practically a polar-opposite animal to who he really is. It's all in a day's work for him.

"Please, don't ever cry for me. There is no need for it. When I die, I don't want any of you to be sad. Don't grieve for me. Rather, be happy, live your life every day with your head high. That is what I want, not this sadness." - Quad

Whootz 8D Quad is

Whootz 8D Quad is awesomesauce. I'll look out for him ^_^

-- Dannii <3


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OKAY. How do you make your

OKAY. How do you make your gallery look like that? : O


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I cropped all of my pictures

I cropped all of my pictures into a seperate 100x100 picture and then linked them all.

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Nevermind...guess I'm just

Nevermind...guess I'm just bothering, sorry. *leaves you alone*
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I asked you a question, but

I asked you a question, but you didn't reply for hours and you were still active, so...I assumed I shouldn't have asked x3 Sorry, heh.

EDIT: Were you one of the people who asked for a poem from me a while back? *feels all confuzzled* If you were, did you want one about you deer? *can probably write one right now*
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Oh I leave a window open on

Oh I leave a window open on this all the time, usually when I'm drawing someone or writing part of a story. I guess I just missed it.

I did ask for a poem, but the thing was kinda stupid, had to do about a mini-abio I was part of. If you're bored I'd love a poem about Quad, and it can really be about anything.

Anyway, here was that thing again:

"Quad is a deer who seems to be powerful and proud, but many know that he's really a gentle and kind stag. He wears his great red antlers because Michael gave them to him during an abiogenesis, and he loves the way the real-deer mask looks with his favorite darkblue and white pelt.

One day at the Playground, Quad and other deer found a glowing orb. The thing brought them to the big boulder, where they stood and watched it. Suddenly, a great metal bird flew overhead. Quad looked up, exclaiming, "Whoa!!"

They followed the orb to the Crying Idol, where it materialized into a deer - Michael! Michael danced and played with Quad and his friends before becoming a frog and disappearing. The deer cried out for his return, but he was gone, and the deer went their own ways."

Yeah whatever you'd like to do with it.

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*almost finished* Was that

*almost finished* Was that the mini-abio where he got his antlers? *confused* You didn't say Sticking out tongue

And my question earlier was...who might the does be? Sticking out tongue That Quad likes ;P You don't have to tell, I was just curious ^^;
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Oh sorry - he got his

Oh sorry - he got his antlers at a regular abio. This was just something random that I remember happening XD

I do remember seeing something about the does, just wasn't sure where it was at XP

I think Laruna considers her deer to be a stag, though, but she was one. The other is Mazey, who I think might like Quad.

For a while I was looking for a mate, anyway. Not sure if I want to go that route now only because school will be starting soon, and I will have much less time to spend on here.

mazey *blushes* yes mazey

mazey *blushes*
yes mazey likes quad
mazey *slaps me* ,"i said NO telling"
she dosent want it to ruin our friendship
mazey *covers face with hoov's*

Please don't kill me!

Please don't kill me! *Hides* ;P

O.O 0.0 o.o ! I LOVE IT!!!

O.O 0.0 o.o ! I LOVE IT!!! ^.^

Did I get Mazey's look

Did I get Mazey's look right?

PERFECT! you even got her

PERFECT! you even got her green eyes ^.^
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I had no idea Quad had a

I had no idea Quad had a crush on Runa... Runa isn't a stag, but is genderless (only referred to as a "he" to make it easier for everyone...) Runa sees Quad almost like a son... and wishes he was able to be more of a mentor for him when he was a fawn... But believe me, Runa does love Quad, so very much, though perhaps not in that way... <3 Runa's different than most deer, and probably isn't quite cut out for 'mates' (he does have a crush though, on a doe we're unable to identify)...

(oh, and he thinks you and Mazey are a cute pair. ;D)
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That's what I was thinking

That's what I was thinking too, since he kinda knew Runa when he was a fawn.

I never really knew about his gender, anyway, and thought since he and Quad hung out all the time that...eh...you get the idea. Laughing out loud

I wish I didn't say anything about it though Sad I kinda feel stupid now.

Anyway, I finally let Mazey know I was interested in being her mate. I hope she's okay with me just telling her that Quad really likes her. Eye

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Aww, don't feel stupid! <33

Aww, don't feel stupid! <33 Actually I'm glad to know what someone thinks of my deer, and I'm happy Quad loves him. I'm a bit paranoid about what people think of my deer actually, but I'm too shy to ask. :/

aww quad your not stupid

aww quad your not stupid your very far from it. mazey would LOVE!!! to be Quads mate. in fact shes always had a special place in her heart for him, i dont mind people just saying there feelings, im a very upfront and truthful person, and feelings are the real truth ^.^

mazey:*eyes sparkle**nuzzlez nuzzlez nuzzlez* C:

(No subject)

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I hope I can get on more


I hope I can get on more when you're on. Sadly, this is my last day of summer and I go back to school tomorrow. We might not see each other on very often.

I normally try to play around 7:00-9:00 PM CST, though some days I can get on early in the morning...but not very often Sad

Heh, we might have to do a TEF wedding! Laughing out loud

ok ill check out timezones

ok ill check out timezones cause i live on the west coast, no problem, i can flex my schedual pretty easily, aww your school starts tommorow *CRYZ* university or college? good luck on that ^.^ TEF wedding?! sounds interesting!! C: iv heard of them and i know revenerred jelly had one? donno much about them?
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I go to the University of

I go to the University of South Alabama Eye

I dunno about the wedding thing, I thought it would be kinda funny. Laughing out loud


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O MY GOD! I live in

O MY GOD! I live in ALABAMA!!!! I live in AUBURN! WAR EAGLE!!! XD


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mazey: roll tide? wuts that?

mazey: roll tide? wuts that? O.O
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Our state is divided between

Our state is divided between two universities - The University of Alabama and Auburn University.

I'm a fan of Alabama and Snowrift is a fan of Auburn, so we were saying our teams' battle cry. Hers is War Eagle, and mine is Roll Tide.


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War EAGLE!!! I live in

War EAGLE!!! I live in auburn!! Ho ho hooo 6 in a rooow!!>:)



aww so nice of you to post a

aww so nice of you to post a song for us 8D ,unfortunatly i cant see it because i live in canada, but i still appreciate it anyway, no matter what it is, i trust Quad ^.^

hi dad! *bounds over like an

hi dad! *bounds over like an awkwierd deer squirrel and hugs*
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The song is "Angel Eyes" by

The song is "Angel Eyes" by the Jeff Healey Band:

Girl, you're looking, fine tonight,
and every guy has got you in his sights.
What you're doing, with a clown like me,
is surely one of life's little, mysteries

So tonight I'll ask the stars above,
"How did I ever win your love?"
What did I do?
What did I say,
to turn your angel eyes my way?

Well, I'm the guy who never learned to dance,
never even got one second glance
Across a crowded room was close enough,
I could look but I could never touch

So tonight I'll ask, the stars above,
"How did I ever win your love?"
What did I do?
What did I say,
to turn your angel eyes my way?

Don't anyone wake me,
if it's just a dream
'Cause she's the best thing,
ever happened to me

All you fellows, you can look all you like,
but this girl you see, she's leavin' here with me tonight

There's just one more thing that I need to know,
if this is love why does it scare me so?
It must be somethin only you can see,
'cause girl I feel it when you look at me

So tonight I'll ask the stars above,
"How did I ever win your love?"
What did I do?
What did I say,
to turn your angel eyes my way?
hey, hey, hey, yeah, awww

mazey:*happy crys* awwww i

mazey:*happy crys* awwww i love you too *hugs in an awkwied deer hug(because deer cant really hug well, being hoofed four legged mammals and allXD)*

StalkStalkStalk ~~~~~~~~~ Th



This post, no matter what it is, requires more Jingle.
Obligatory crazy blog guy.
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Quad, what gender are your

Quad, what gender are your children? xD I'm updating the family tree.
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Axie is male, and Zephyr is

Axie is male, and Zephyr is female.

The Divine Quadilogy

Quad sorry to bug you bud,

Quad sorry to bug you bud, but you wouldn't happen to have Mystress' Magic the Gathering card saved anywhere would you?? I lost it, and all my fanart went out the window when my comp crashed and I was too stupid to save it anywhere.... Save for a few pictures which I did post...

Founder of The Lightbringers
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Here ya go: I'm glad

Here ya go:

I'm glad someone remembered these. I should bump that topic up and make some more.

Quad's Bio
The Divine Series

You totally should, they

You totally should, they pwned so bad... Smiling THANKS!

Founder of The Lightbringers

Quad your profile layout is

Quad your profile layout is great ^.^

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A little cluttered, though

A little cluttered, though XP

Quad's Bio
The Divine Series

My Luis met Quad last week

My Luis met Quad last week in the fog ^^


Want to see some artwork. Then come visit my DA gallery
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Oh yeah! I remember meeting

Oh yeah! I remember meeting Luis. Quad had a great time, although the fog does seem to scare him a little. Eye



ILU <3

-- Dannii <3

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Link: http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u320/cw5685/Quadadopttrue.png

He gave me no trouble at all. Laughing out loud His antlers are spikier & his face is a bit longer than the last ones I made with those antlers & mask. Enjoy. Laughing out loud

-tracking- :3


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Quad needs more fanart

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83 artworks...and I still

83 artworks...and I still don't have enough D: