Introducing "Rock Hounds"

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Rock Hound RP/Event Blog here

I came up with an idea for a new creature during my drive up here to visit my brother and sister-in-law. I wrote down the notes, intending to tell you guys about them later, but since I'm wide awake tonight here they are.

These new creatures are called "Rock Hounds" (which is a term often associated with geologists). The ideas I had for them are the following:

- They are created by my infectious stoat, Iugulare, as scouts and hunters. She has ordered them to seek out Quad and incapacitate him (or even kill him if they are able).

- They are the reanimated skeletons of a lost species of wolf that lived before the Endless Forest. They were wiped out in a mass extinction (haven't decided on this yet), so they are quite bitter toward living creatures. Their bodies are entirely bone and infection aside from a special crystal Iugulare has created that animates them.

- There are four types of crystals, each with it's own color, that gives each Rock Hound a special attribute. The attribute can be determined by the color of the glow within their eyes. The colors and ablities are:

Red - Enhanced strength (Red Rock Hounds can often overpower even the toughest of deer)
Blue - Stronger defenses/more endurance (Blue Rock Hounds can take much damage without wearing down)
Green - Regeneration (Green Rock Hounds can heal their bones quickly)
Yellow - Enhanced speed and reflexes (Yellow Rock Hounds are extremely swift and agile)

- The crystals are made of either quartz or diamond so it is difficult to break them. Removing the crystal lodged in the Rock Hound's skull will 'defeat' them (the bodies fall apart and will no longer move on their own) though the spirit/essence of the Rock Hound remains in the crystal. The Twin Gods may be able to purify the spirit within, but it is a difficult process.

- There are 100 Rock Hounds in total, 25 of each variety.

- Their ultimate goal is to hunt down Quad, but they will attack anyone who gets in their way. They are vicious creatures, biting and infecting other creatures. They use wolf tactics to kill, and often they hunt in packs, their various abilites when used together seem to prove difficult to defend against. They sometimes gut their prey and try to eat their organs, remembering their old ways as wolves, though they have no digestive system.

Their bodies are practically wolf skeletons with some of Iugulare's infection holding the bones together. They may have a slight 'core' of infection that grows within the chest bones (it would look like a black mass that mimicked organs), and their eyes glow one of the four colors listed according to the crystal within their skulls. The crystal is lodged inside the skull so it is not visible, but their eyes glow according to the color.

I really hate to ask, but if anyone has some spare time, could they draw/sketch one of these guys for me? I'd just like to see your thoughts and suggestions, and if you need any more information, please let me know.


Rock Hound stories (and story-based artwork) -

First Move by QuadRaptor
The Fall of the Islander by QuadRaptor
Attack of the Wolf Skeletons by Bluedeerlegend18
Breakdown by Vandettta
Slumber by Mick Kreiger
Not a Mummy by Whyss
Moose vs. Wolf by SnowSauria
Dangerous Encounter by Beaumont13
Promise of Protection by Selruil
Clash of Titans by z.m123
Not so peaceful anymore by Saanra
Not Amused by Pegasicorn
The Power of a Spirit by Bluedeerlegend18
A Hellish Way to End by Dinamo
Gold Streak by Pegasicorn
Shuriken by Pegasicorn
Let's Face...The Infection by ForTwoLifetimes
Sunburn by Pegasicorn
Ren Shi versus Rock Hound(s) by OkamiLugia
Rock Hound Writings by Bluejay17
Embrace by Anjali
A Different Point of View by Bluejay17
Predator Vs Prey by Honeyfur
Fire against Fire by Wingeddeer


Rock Hound artwork -

Yellow version

By Eyestrain

By Vandettta

By Anjali

By Dietywolf

By Gurgelin

By Trigger_Mortis

By QuadRaptor
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I've never really drawn a

I've never really drawn a skeleton before, so I'll challenge myself to sometime.
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I'm going to attempt to draw

I'm going to attempt to draw one myself, though I'm going to have to use a reference on the bones.

Thanks Pega!
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Do you like wolves? The

Do you like wolves? Laughing out loud
The pictures I think it's great, I really like wolves!
I know a really sad Wolf movie He calls Wolf's Rain
from 29 section, I've only cried

Lovely Greetings Shira °
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Wilpferd - It's kind of a

Wilpferd - It's kind of a long story, but for a long while I hated wolves. It's only recently that I have gotten a better appreciation for them. I still like deer better but I'm not so bitter about wolves as I was.

I've heard of Wolf's Rain before, I know a lot of wolf fans love the series. I know my brother really liked it, so he might have the DVD set so I could watch it.

Thanks for the comment Eye

Nice idea, Quad 8o!

Nice idea, Quad 8o!
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I changed something about the

I changed something about the aspect of the crystals - I decided they cannot be broken, but dislodging them from the Rock Hound's skull will make it unable to move, thus defeating it. The crystals still contain the essence of the angry wolf within, but they can be purified.

Also I found a couple of songs that fit the Rock Hounds perfectly. I was really surprised when I listened to these two - Sonata Arctica has their own love for wolves, heh...

Seriously, the lyrics are insanely accurate. I swear I came up with the idea about these creatures before I listened to these!

Lastly, I think the plan I have for these guys is stories/roleplay on the Forums, where one by one they are fought against. So later on I'll have an official bio page for them, but my thought was that anyone who would like to write a story where their deer fights one of the Rock Hounds and successfully removes it's crystal, please feel free to do so and I will consider it a part of their official storyline (i.e. 'make it canon' as many people would say). Quad's going to need a lot of help against them, and so that's why there are 100 of them to deal with, haha!

When I make the bio page, there will be an official tally of how many of each variety are still roaming and how many have been disarmed/captured and converted.
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This is an interesting idea.

This is an interesting idea. ^^

I would be hugely interested

I would be hugely interested in writing something where Queze faces a Rock Hound. I have been wanting to write something with him more aggressively for a long time, but never enjoyed sparring/fighting In Forest (I find it boring >_>').

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Thanks! Terabetha, please


Terabetha, please feel free to write your story any time! I'm very curious as to how it comes out and also which variety of Rock Hound Queze ends up facing. Thank you for your interest, this'll be really fun.

What I may do later on is have a collective RP blog set up, where events that need to be written but not necessarily in their own story can occur. For example, I will use it for all of the crystal conversions/purifications. Also anyone who would like to write Rock Hound encounter stories may do so on that RP blog as well.

As a matter of fact, I'll make that this instant Eye
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rock hound I took some

rock hound

I took some liberties... if it's too different please think of it as an homage

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.
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track track track

track track track
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Eye, that is amazing! It's

Eye, that is amazing! It's absolutely how I imagine them, thank you! Could I use that on their bio page, I'll credit you of course!
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Of course. Very happy that it

Of course. Very happy that it matches your idea.

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.
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Just a warning, guys... The

Just a warning, guys...

The Rock Hounds may kill one of my characters. But it's only because I don't use him a whole lot. So he'd just become 'inactive' in the Forest.

So don't be shocked alright Eye
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I haven't really decided on

I haven't really decided on how the Rock Hounds went extinct (or even a name for their wolf pack), so since this has become a community event, would anyone have any suggestions on either of these? It can be pretty much anything really.

The only thought I had was maybe they were hunted down by the humans that lived in the area before the Endless Forest was created, but I dunno...

Maybe instead of instigating

Maybe instead of instigating humans as the bad guys (since the wolves are the bad guys already) why not make it so that the wolves over-hunted the Pre-The Forest deer and dwindled, eventually leaving The Forest/dying out. Those that died, being the Rock Hounds, could then have a nice little grudge against The Forest deer.
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I wasn't really trying to

I wasn't really trying to make the humans bad-guys, more like they saw the wolves as a nuisance (maybe they were killing livestock or endangering their children), but I did consider something like that, where the wolves were hunting the pre-Forest deer and maybe the Twin Gods intervened and wiped them out.

Thanks, not sure what the plan will be yet, but it helps me have a better idea.

Hm, that's true. I like the

Hm, that's true. I like the idea of the Twin Gods being involved but I just can't see them actually destroying anything lol. Oo, maybe when when they made The Forest endless (and made all the deer live forever) they chose not to include the wolves? I could see the frustration of the wolves, trying to hunt these undying deer. Sort of like the saying "Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink.". Either way, I'm sure you find something that fits the rest of your idea.
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Oooohhhh that's a great idea!

Oooohhhh that's a great idea! Like they were banished from the land to protect the Endless Forest deer, so rather than them being exterminated, maybe they tried to find a way into the Endless Forest and never did, possibly starving to death in the process from lack of prey in the area.

I think this will be the route we'll take on them. Thank you!

You're very welcome Quad!

You're very welcome Quad! I'm having fun planning out Queze's fight with his Rock Hound, I just have to get a break from school-work and then I will write and post it. C:
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Drew some Rock Hounds for

Drew some Rock Hounds for you! Smiling
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You tempt me so much Quad...

You tempt me so much Quad... SO VERY MUCH! I love skeletal things ARG! >3> As if that wasn't made clear lately LOL!

Stop tempting me to draw stuff! LOL! <3< I have so much on my plate fffffffffffffff!

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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X3 I've noticed that a lot of

X3 I've noticed that a lot of TEFers like skeletons/morbid stuff. Heck I really like infection and being zombified so I guess I fit into that category too, haha!

DO EEEIIIITTTT!!!! And feel free to write a story, too! There's still 92 Rock Hounds to be defeated!
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A fawn, -=Hototo=-, has now

A fawn, -=Hototo=-, has now become peripherally involved in the rock hound RP. This is a track as well as an announcement of my decision to involve him.

As far as I can tell the rock hounds infection can be transmitted to deer that they have wounded, however, Hototo has contracted the infection through tracking one such infected deer. Ilrose. Rather than the disease having sickened his body through a wound, he absorbed it through the sinuses, and it is currently attacking his blood-brain barrier, causing a deep sleep and potential neurological side effects.

He may be a sleepwalker when you next see him in the forest. And who knows what dreams will afflict him while he is asleep?
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Aaa I see you put up my

Aaa I see you put up my attempt for a rock hound Smiling
I'm not sure where I got the idea they should have this black goo on them! Puzzled I think it was my vision of what the infection looked like but now I realize it's wrong. Oh well, let's claim artistic liberty.
(I hate the way I draw them.. they look so gross. xD)
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Nonononononononono you got it

Nonononononononono you got it perfectly! There's no right or wrong way to draw them, heck I never defined whether the infection was all nasty and drippy like you make it or whether it really just was between the bones like ligaments. But I love the way you designed it so no worries whatsoever! :3

I like artistic liberty either way, though. It really helped me design some of my characters better. Like Anirapio would have never had her mantis arms if it wasn't for SilentOrosco putting them in a drawing.
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(No subject)

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.
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That's such a wonderful

That's such a wonderful artwork, almost makes the rock hound seem at peace rather than a killer creature. Thank you, I really love it!
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I started thinking of how brd

I started thinking of how brd would react upon encountering one. As a stag, it might result in his death or grievous injury. But as a tree...

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.

I would like to document

I would like to document these rock-hounds of yours. Would you allow me to, good sir?
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Go right ahead, MonsterShow!

Go right ahead, MonsterShow! I'd love to see what you do Eye

I thank you very much! I

I thank you very much! I shall inform you once the entry has been finished and uploaded ♥

I managed to capture a Rock

I managed to capture a Rock Hound running by me after hours of chasing it.
I lament the black and white quality of my camera...
but here it is none the less ♥