.:|Akira Bio + Updates|:. {Not in the Forest}

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† .:|Akira|:. †

.:|Physical Health|:.

.:|Mental Health|:.



Aki, Kira, and Ida.


Undead Deer


12 years - Semi-Immortal


Parents: Unknown.
Siblings: Unknown.
Friends/Acquaintances: None that are still around, but she has recently considered Jennie to be a friend.

October 31st

Zombie Pelt
Crying Idol Mask
Ram Antlers


.:|Reference Image|:.
Front Side
Side View

Outside the month of Halloween, Akira is very reserved and silent, seemingly void of personality except for her occasional polite gestures. Within the month of Halloween, on the other hand, she is very lively and commonly seen roaming the forest. She is also more prone to acts of mischief. These odd shifts in behavior are due to the fact that she regains her state of living during the month of Halloween, or October, which reveals her true personality before she died the same month. Her personality outside of October is dull and lifeless since, during such times, she has a closer connection to her dead self. At these times, she loses partial or complete memory of anyone she newly met during October, including any events that took place during this month. An exception to this is if she sees whoever she met as particularly special, such as the Big Zombie Deer who she respects greatly.

.:|Favored Locations|:.
The ruins. She can also be found near the pond and playground.

“Our Lord must have departed sometime ago, seeing that the forest is back to normal. Nonetheless, he will return soon, as will I.”


10/26/2013 – Akira ventured through the forest for a short while today, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Big Zombie Deer once again. Sometime passed and, eventually, she decided to fall asleep. When she awoke minutes later, she was elated to find that the BZD had appeared and was sleeping by the Drinkplaats, just as it had during its first appearance. Seeing that there was little of a crowd this time, Akira took the chance to briefly sit by the side of the BZD whom she most admired. Not wanting to keep others from obtaining his appearance, however, she stepped back and resumed her sleep not far from him. Awakening once again later on, she found that the BZD had disappeared, although the faint thundering typically brought by his presence could still be heard. Even later on, to her surprise, the BZD reappeared in the same location and was, of course, asleep. To delight her even further, Jennie was also present a short distance from the sleeping giant. Having nothing else of interest to do, Akira happily sat down beside her, as well as one or two other deer who joined them.

10/19/2013 – Akira had been anticipating this day for sometime. The Big Zombie Deer finally appeared in the forest, but Akira was a bit late to join in. She came in time to find him sleeping among a massive number of other deer who were eager to obtain his appearance. Unfortunately, some deer seemed intent on preventing others from doing so. Later on, she took part in a dance with the surrounding deer and afterwards sat peacefully amidst the eerie fog. Arriving in the forest again sometime later, she found that The Ruins were blanketed in fog, but to her surprise, the BZD was not there. It was certainly odd, but pleasant. Anyhow, Akira is certainly eager to see what other exciting events occur throughout the month, and especially hopes to find the BZD awake.

Made by Crimsongale (This was an old design)

Made by Pegasicorn

Made by Rell

Made by Edmund

Made by Ashdrau

Made by Butterbrot

By XxBlackSoulxX (Me)

By Jennie

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Nice bio

Nice bio XD
Gazel & Coraline
My deers!
Gazel & Coraline & Peekaboo
My deers!
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thank you ^^

thank you ^^

© Rell
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great bio! you know, i think

great bio!

you know, i think ive seen akira around.

My deer is Natalia
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glad u like eet :3

glad u like eet :3

© Rell

Track! One of my deers is

One of my deers is undead as well and he had just seen yours, lol xD
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Thanks! And cool, lol. I

Thanks! And cool, lol. I think I might've seen him too. Undead deer be everywhere this month~ <3

© Rell


Yush! <3
Can't wait when he obtains zombie stuff from the BZD ^^
I'm waiting for it from beginning of summer in fact, when he was made! xD
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Same here! I've been waiting

Same here! I've been waiting to get the zombie pelt since I returned a month or two ago. I had it previously, but that was about over a year ago before the save feature was added. When I returned, no zombie pelt -headdesk-.

© Rell

Luckily, it'll be soon ^^

Luckily, it'll be soon ^^
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Yup c:

Yup c:

© Rell

Don't you feel like our deers

Don't you feel like our deers could meet?
Mine is bad at interacting, though xD
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That would be cool XD. Akira

That would be cool XD. Akira is pretty bad at interacting, too, but only outside of October. As of late, she's been rather vibrant. c:

© Rell

OK xD Picto to look out for

Picto to look out for Eye
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Found you XD. Akira had a lot

Found you XD. Akira had a lot of fun, lol, but I had to go since I got really hungry. T_T

© Rell
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found ya! xD tracking!

found ya! xD tracking!
"Common sense is not so common." -Voltaire
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Lol thanks! XD

Lol thanks! XD

© Rell

Akira is really sweet to my

Akira is really sweet to my Jennie, that's lovely! ^^
Sorry for the artwork not being done yet, a lot of stuff happened and I was sorta busy xD

.: Oh cool! This is a very

.: Oh cool! This is a very nice bio and character!

Artwork done ^^! Hope you

Artwork done ^^!
Hope you like~
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Mhm, Akira has grown very

Mhm, Akira has grown very fond of Jennie. c: And I love how you drew Akira!! <3 Thank you so much~ T_T

Oh and, thank you Ainimalia! ^-^

© Rell

Glad you like! She did?

Glad you like!
She did? That's so sweet, may I know why? ^^
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Well, Jennie is a lot of fun

Well, Jennie is a lot of fun to be around and Akira really enjoys being able to play with her c:. It's been a while since Akira met someone quite as welcoming. They always seem to run into each other, too, lol.

© Rell