New world to explore

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Wow. I found a new world three days ago. It was so strange. It was full of deer with human faces. And I fell in love with it most completely! ^_^

Everyone, despite the lack of "real" communication, was very nice and they taught me many things like how to do spells on people and run away when they don't like them. Eye

Thank you! I have found a community which I will stay in. It is unlike anything else I have seen so far. And I am sure that Zacharias (Or Zach, as he likes to be known) will have a great time with everyone!
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Hello Zach! It's a pleasure

Hello Zach! It's a pleasure to have you both in the forest~! c:
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!? (:

!? (:

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Welcome! This really is a

This really is a wonderful game and community.
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Aww..those are wonderful!

Aww..those are wonderful! Thank you! ^_^ You're the best, you know that?
And in just a few pictures, you've summed up the best experiences I've had in the last few days.
*hurries to save nice pictures..for she is horrible at taking good screenshots* ;D
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So it is you! Virgil and I

So it is you!
Virgil and I have grown so fond of you these last few days, he's pretty much adopted your little Zacharias(If you'd like I could make that official. ^^) - he's so sweet! <3
We always look out for you, and I'm so glad you've had such a wonderful time so far! <3
Here have a gifty. ^^

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I would love to. ^_^ Little

I would love to. ^_^
Little Zach is, in fact, already looking up to Virgil quite a lot and always looks for him first when wandering around in the forest.
I bet he'd love to call Virgil his dad, too.
*happy bounces from Zack* (Hmm..I take that as a yes..Eye )

And the gift is beautiful. ^_^ Thank you so much!