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The Dreamer

Physical: 100%
Emotional: 75%
Mood: Upset

Thoughts: "Better luck next time.."

Gender: Male
Birthday: 8th of October, 2011
Age: 1 year
Species: Four-horned Antelope
Speaks with: #CC9900

Appearance: In-game: Golden Butterfly mask/Green Luchador mask, Beluga antlers,
antelope pelt and mini spell
Height: 63cm (24in) at shoulder (Around size #14)

Black stripes from eyes to nose, and on the front of his legs.
Black areas at the back of his ears.
Insides of his legs are almost white.
Also has a white-ish area from his neck to his belly.
Tip of the tail is white as well.
Sotirios is a bit of a dreamer and likes to bring his thoughts forth in poetry like verses, sometimes confusing those around him. He has the tendency to get lost in his thoughts which results in him just standing still for long lengths of time. This is almost meditative to him and allows him to fully comprehend the things he's seen. Due to his habit of overthinking things, he is a bit slow to react in fast situations or conversations and often figures out what he should've said only when it's long overdue.

His spirit is that of a calm, observant one. He likes to walk long distances and observe his surroundings to try and find a deeper meaning to the things he sees. He can be playful too, but only when the he's in the mood.

Large crowds make him uncomfortable as they usually produce a lot of noise that makes it hard for him to think. Also, due to his small size he's a little intimidated by the bigger males and tends to stay away from them. Avoids violence at all costs since he knows that he's no match for the other males of this place.

Due to his dreaming nature, he is known to sleepwalk. So if you see him just walking forwards without stopping or turning, that is what he's doing. In this state, he is not likely to notice anything around him unless someone manages to wake him up.
There was a tale that was told to Sotirios and other fawns at his home herd. The tale of Svarga, a paradise. A place with no humans and no tigers that would stalk you in the bushes. Young and eager to believe such tales, Sotirios couldn't stop thinking about the place he'd heard of.

One day, after an especially vicious attack on his herd, the young adventurer decided to head out to find this land of safety. He needed to find it for the sake of his mother and the others. After journeying for some time, he saw a dream. A dream of a forest, far away. Where many kinds of deer lived together in harmony.

Upon waking up he found that he had not only dreamt of the place, but also somehow walked there in his sleep. Was this the place he'd been looking for? How had he gotten here? He did not know, but he would find out.

Likes and dislikes
+ Quiet strolls through the forest
+ Sitting with friends
+ Playing hide and seek as it lets him analyze the behaviour of others
+ Observing his surroundings from higher grounds

- Deep water / Getting soaked
- Violence
- Excessive mooing - it makes it hard for him to think
- People scaring him (includes waking him up if he is sleepwalking)
- Being intimidated by larger deer just because he's smaller than them
Friends and AcquintancesArt by me and others
  • Art here later on..maybe.
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Enjoyed our time with this

Enjoyed our time with this guy. Smiling
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Likewise. =) (Though Saosin

Likewise. =) (Though Saosin made him feel a bit unsure at first. ;D)
He's taken a liking to your deer, don't know why. Probably because you're nice and calm to sit with.
You'll probably see him around again at some point.
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Pleasure meeting him. Ah,

Pleasure meeting him. Ah, fff, S was just being overly playful. ^^
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I'm aware. ^_^ It's just that

I'm aware. ^_^
It's just that he's rather tiny, being very young that he still is. He's not full grown yet, so any big deer that randomly appear and start hopping around him like that are bound to intimidate him a little.


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Hello there, and thank you. I

Hello there, and thank you.
I suppose that's Vittani who came to say hello? ;D

It came too. xD But it is

It came too. xD
But it is curious, open to new acquaintances. xD Normally haunted. xD
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Sotirios is very curious of

Sotirios is very curious of her, too. =)

That's nice. xD

That's nice. xD

Vittani was this new

Vittani was this new "acquaintance" very curious. It constantly examined. She had a habit behave when someone acted. She craned her neck and a loud hiss she gently bit into the back. It was more just sort of grip, as if she were trying to take away somewhere. "Why is it so small?" she said suddenly. "Why, darling, why? We like small things, do not you, love? Chrrrrrssssss... We can take them, we can take away... And no one will tell us NO." she mumbled. Cheer stretched a bit and muttered.
- - -

Will not mind RP? <3
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Not at all. =) I like

Not at all. =) I like RPing.


Sotirios did not quite know how to act around this new stranger he'd just met. A part of her scared him, but a part of her also interested him. She was something he had never seen before in his life. Part deer, but part something else, too. His instincts told him to avoid her, but for some reason, he stayed to better investigate what she was. The curiosity was mutual, it seemed.

He winced a bit at the tight grip, his ears falling back uncertainly. "What does size matter?" he asked, trying to sound more confident than he felt. This creature was making him nervous.
"And I am not something you can own." he added cautiously, trying to squirm free of the hold.

Vittani lifted her head

Vittani lifted her head intently. "What is it, darling, what is it? Tell us about it. Want to know!" she instructed him gently. Her voice was husky and her eyes had a strange animal ferocity, hidden dangerous beast. But that would kill this creature led, did not seem to. She was very small and its body structure would not be noticed. Yet on other worlds could cause disaster. Again she reached out, this time to one of the corners and took them into the mouth, into the region behind the teeth, which had no teeth and tongue on his horn amused pushed. She was more like a chick that try, if it's to eat and age do match the cub.
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Sotirios was getting

Sotirios was getting increasinbly worried - there was something dangerous in this creature's eyes. Something feral, like he had seen in the eyes of the tigers back home. But it did not seem angry or threatening, at least not yet. Maybe curious? He hesitated a little.
"I..I am an antelope. From a place called India. We're all this small..
He tried to explain. It was very obvious that in this place he was considered tiny - others were huge compared to him.

She grabbed him again and pushed him. A little annoyed, the young buck pushed back with his head, trying to stay on his feet. He did stumble a little, his strength not really a match for the larger creature.
"Stop it. I am not a toy, not a feather you can toss around." he fussed, annoyed now.

Vittani not let him. For her,

Vittani not let him. For her, it was obviously a very fun game, but playing it eventually passed. Just stood against him and the hair on the back between the shoulder blades and she bristled, as if trying to scare him. "A little thing is angry!" she teased.
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Sotirios growled in

Sotirios growled in annoyment. This was what he disliked most. Being looked down on just because he wasn't as big as everyone else. This creature didn't seem friendly at all anymore. He was feeling intimidated now, but he tried to hold his head up high despite that. She was scaring him, that was true. But he did not want to show it to her.
"Who would not be when their person is abused like this." he huffed, giving the creature his best glare. Not that that was very scary, coming from him.
"I thought I would make friends today, but maybe I was mistaken."
he added. Thinking that it was best to go now, he made a move to leave.

Vittani suddenly fell face

Vittani suddenly fell face down on the floor, butt left at the top with a raised tail. Cute and wrenched her head down on the floor and wiped her. "Friends? You wanted to be us friend?" she asked cheerfully.

/ / Sorry, I had to go away. xD But I'm here. x)
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// It's fine.

// It's fine. =)


Sotirios was even more confused now. He had seen some pretty strange behaviours before, but none like this female was showing. He had been about to leave, and still thought that he should - but this new reaction intrigued him.
"Well, yes. But I'm not so sure now. You weren't very nice to me.." he replied reluctantly. Did this creature really not see that she had been rude to him? Maybe it was younger than he thought. He was curious still, but a lot more wary than before, keeping a small distance between them.
"My name is Sotirios. What is yours?" he tried. At least he'd know who she was, if nothing more.

She looked at him with a

She looked at him with a little more enthusiasm looked and held his head. "We are Vittani." she said, lifting her tail intently again.
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"Vittani.." he tested the

"Vittani.." he tested the name in his mouth. At least he knew her name now, though she was still making him very nervous.

He looked at her, puzzled. She acted all funny, being rude one moment and then being almost normal the next. What was she?
"You are not like other deer. I have never seen one like you. What are you?" he asked. He did not intend to be rude. He was merely curious.
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You do not have a soul. You ARE a soul. You have a body.
~ C.S. Lewis
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Thank you. ^_^

Thank you. ^_^
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This is quite pretty :3

This is quite pretty :3
Profile picture by ahimsa ♥

Pixel Wis by squeegie~
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I'm glad you guys think so.

I'm glad you guys think so. ;D
Poor boy is not as active as I'd like him to be. =P He's hard to play when he's so skittish and socially awkward. xD

"We ourselves do not know,"

"We ourselves do not know," she said after a brief pause of silence. "We... we just had... Exists... But someone just has to wonder what we are. And what if we do something that is evil and loves meat, what we eat dead? What if little bodies dig up from the ground, and then we eat? What if we have a predator that lurks and hunt what if we have somebody who kills? We have just..."
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So..a predator? Sotirios had

So..a predator? Sotirios had come to that conclusion a little while ago. But Vittani was not eating least not yet.
"If you are a predator, then you are." He said, trying to figure out this situation. Was he in danger? Would she hurt him? Should he just run?
"We are all different. It is what makes the world work."he added, as if explaining.
"Should I fear you? Are you going to eat me?" he asked in the end. His instincts told him to do so, and they had never been wrong. But so many things in this forest were different. Would she be?

"no!" she cried in alarm. "We

"no!" she cried in alarm. "We do not eat deer. Decent beast is eating, if dead, sick or injured. Why strength for someone who runs away?" she mumbled. Again, another thought that he wants to eat. If she wanted to she would have done it long ago, and without time-consuming getting to know.
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(Sorry about the really late

(Sorry about the really late reply. I haven't been online a lot. =/ )

The suddeness of her reply almost startled him. No? So he wasn't in any danger - at least not for now. He relaxed a little, looking at her curiously.
"You are a curious one." he noted, thoughtful. He wasn't quite relaxed enough to go close, but at least he was not thinking of running anymore.
"Why do you like small things?" She had said so before. Trying to understand this strange creature was more difficult than he had thought, but he tried his best.

// Haha, that's ok.

// Haha, that's ok. <3

Vittani lifted her head and looked at him. "Huh? Emnhhmm... small things... why do we like the small things?" she asked and listened. The male was indeed a great deal smaller than she is, and she's quite curious. Recently, just as often entertained with everything was smaller than she is. Maybe it was just because she did not feel threatened and be a small thing after all it could not hurt. "We do not know." she said finally, after much thought.
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Sotirios listened to Vittani

Sotirios listened to Vittani for a moment, flicking his ears forward curiously. She did not know, huh? Maybe, then, she was mainly just as curious as he was and nothing more? He had just kind of hoped for something more.
"I see..", he stated after a moment. He paused for a little moment before continuing.
"I don't like being this small. I am among the biggest in my home herd..but here I am tiny." He explained, frowning a little bit. Even she was bigger than he was. She probably could kill him if she wanted to. Or at least seriously injure. Again, he was glad that she didn't seem to be a threat.
"It's quite hard to make friends when you're different, isn't it?" He continued then, wondering that out loud.