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The Diary of Seed, 12-28-12

[=darkgreen]Today I awoke, and found Jettem sitting under a willow by the pond. The large one. Whether she wanted to hide or not, I don't know; only that it seemed unlikely to work, a red figure against the green leaves. I was happy, since I don't see her often when I get the chance to hang out with her. It makes me feel regretful.
I joined her for a while, and quite enjoyed it... But when she got up, she completely ignored me, and dashed off without even a hello. I've always thought of our relationship as friendly, but... I get the impression it's not mutual. With that thought clouding my heart heavily, and her figure retreating, I went to bed...

I woke up in better spirits, because I noticed Lemon yet again; I'm happy to see her as often as I have been; for one, I've not been seeing much of anyone else, so not only has her company been wonderful for getting re-acquainted, it's also been a wonderful way to pass the time.
She looked a bit hurt, though -- had something happened? It looked like it would slow her movements a bit, so I have no objection to sitting and letting her rest and recover. I don't know exactly what happened, but it has me worried.
With her was Malikorin, who she seemed to be sitting comfortably with. Had he defended her from whatever happened earlier, or had he just come along when she was hurt and scared? Well, either way... I want to thank him; she seemed very comfortable with him, which I know is what she really needs after something bad's happened. Anyway, he was a fine companion as well.

When she fell into a deeper sleep, I found myself still sitting with Malikorin. I elected to stay even after he fell asleep; sometimes I don't, in favor of finding something to do... But I'm never confident in it; it seems rude... Still...I get the impression that sort of thing isn't much value...When I sit with someone, it's rare to see it acknowledged.
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The Diary of Seed, 12-25-12

It's been a few days since the return of my sister. Such a darling girl...I never thought I'd see her again, to be honest; Oh, I hoped. I dreamt occaisonally, and thought of those times I spent with her in days past, of those times I'd sit by her side, watching the slight movements of her grey chest, the fitful movement of her eyes like a cloudy night beneath their lids, shaking in a dream that was sometimes fitful and sometimes peaceful, but outside my power to change either way, much as I might wish.
Oh, seeing her again...At first I didn't believe it; I've often seen someone who looks like a lost loved one, only to find it was someone else, and my mind was decieving me. But the trees whispered it first, so when I saw her...I had as hard a time disbelieving as I did believing.

These past few days, seeing her so often, have been a delight. And tonight especially, when the world seems shrouded in a precious darkness, but at once a sort of light on the edges of reality. It came up from our lips in shimmers, and flickering in candle-light off the falling spores of mushrooms. In the distance, I see the rainbows rising off the bubbles, creating a rainbow horizon that reflects a world slightly off-set our own, only the candle-light and the faintest of figures familiar; and they perhaps imagined.

I met her in that darkness with a deer I am not well-acquainted with, but hope to be, for he seemed a fine fellow. He led us along a walk, slow and thoughtful, in the dark. I wondered, for a moment, if the whole of it was lost on her, to whom the darkness of the night was the same as any other...But I was being foolish, and worrying over, I think, very little, for it seemed as I gave that thought, as we walked side by side, that all my other senses rose to connect me.
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Happy Holiday Art Bonanza!

I have conquered my scanner! Mostly. The scan wrecked a couple of them, but...Oh well. I've got just one left, ha-ha! Well, technically one doable one and one not-doable ones...

10. Aria and Akhenaton

11. Moon

12. Scape, Seed, and Zerg

13. Glisseo and Enthbril

14. Allison

15. Pandora

16. Farrah

Hope everyone enjoys these! I'd normally do these seperately, but...That'd be a little much, ha-ha.
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The Diary of Seed, 12/10-17/12

[=darkgreen]I made a resolve or two at the start of the week; first off, I resolve to write more diary entries, maybe combining a week of entries (We'll see if this happens). The second, I resolved to abandon my candles; I like them for darkness and bad weather...But they're inconvenient the rest of the time, and it's annoying to have to knock them off my antler-branches every time, and find them again in whatever flowerpatch I left them in later. Better to just get them when I can and need them.

On Monday, I spent most of my waking hours beside Sage, often watching her sleep. When someone I care about sleeps...It's such a sweet and tender thing. They seem so small and frail, like soap-bubbles or tiny frogs with transluscent skin. I want to keep them warm and protect them, even if the gesture's meaningless to them, because they'll never know.

While she was sleeping, I met a small fawn; she was still clumsy, and didn't seem to know how to express herself clearly. Well, I say she, but I'm just guessing -- the trees knew nothing of her to pass to me. I showed her some spellcasting, and gave him some of my flowers -- and the fawn mingled some new flowers with my own, too. We played a while, and I reacted to whatever the fawn tried, as best I'd show what to do. The fawn seemed grateful, for my company or for my guidance.
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Mistletoe: A Seed Comic Series

I hope I'll be able to get these done for Christmas...On top of all the other things I want to complete. So here are some little Seed Comics, telling a Christmas story.

#1: Suddenly, Shoujo Sparkles!

More Coming (I hope)
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The Diary of Seed, 11/13/12

[=darkgreen]It started out so ordinary...I found Ourania besides a sleeping mini-deer, casting pelt spells. At first, I assumed she was peacocking (which seems cruel, on a mini-deer), until she passed that pelt by with only a shake of her head. It turns out my friend was aiding her, and I joined in until we had it! The deer rose and thanked us, and soon Sage appeared on the scene to join our group...
Which was disrupted when Oura left, and the deer we aided went back to sleep...

Leaving a fawn, Sage, and myself. My heart beat faster, my head felt hot, light and heavy at once....
And the world began to turn around me, the sky, the trees, her features all twirling around, in a world that seemed distant and removed. Only Sage remained, just barely, in my focus as I felt so small and overwhelmed by the sky.... It was then I realized...Regardless of what I say, regardless of what I do...I care for Sage. It was a strange thought to have, then: but it seemed to me that just being near her sent me somewhere in a lighter air, filling my lungs with the aether of her scent. I whirl about to chase it -- to chase her, ever-spinning center of the world...

This was the point where I realized that what I was feeling was not love, but rather some manner of vertigo-inducing fever. I realized this when I collapsed into a shaking pile, passed out on the ground.
I tried to rouse myself again, but the world merely kept spinning until I could not maintain my grip on my stomach's contents (to put it delicately), and collapsed again.

After a while, I awoke again to find the spinning had stopped. Sage was sitting beneath a tree, watching over me...But no sooner had I wobbled my way to her did I faint once more. Flitting back into conciousness took a little less time, but...My vision made no sense. I am pretty sure there were not two of me there -- though maybe there was. I only know what I saw, but my phantom went away after a while. He had looked at me so disapprovingly...
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Feeling like a Happy Holiday [25 Days Thing]

Yeah, I figure...I'll do a better job of my art if I have something to draw every day (on average; I don't expect to get a lot of art done when finals roll around, but...), and since everyone else is doing one, I feel like pulling my communal weight!
So I'll be doing 25 chibis, coloring method undetermined, slots for grabs! You can request multiples for others, but not for yourself (you can ask for one of yours and one for someone else, or whatever; just not all of your deer. You can even ask for one of yours if someone else has requested one of yours for you.)
...For the sake of interest, I will also accept couples or linked pairs (IE, something with a relationship to show off) as a single entity. It gives me something neat to draw.
So, drop a bio/reference/description link on my if you want one!

Complete! Collect your art, praise me, or go home!

Posting List
1. Khard
2. Neah
3. Ryou and Marik
4. Stormchaser and Mitsuki
5. Ozzie
6. Angeal
7. Aeis and Teri
8. Yuki
9. Naya & Leonardo
10. Aria and Akhenaton
11. Moon
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Seed's Poetry Corner: The Blending of Breath

I do so love a change in weather...Almost enough to make me decide to play with punctuationless poetry.

The Blending of Breath

in the fog the elements shifting fire white
as air in mirrored gasps thick
as water split between the surface and the under dark
as earth that grows the slender poppy heads rattling empty
as the thoughts in my head, swallowed by the fog
as it captures me the fifth element

((This has been another visit to Seed's Poetry Corner))
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Seed's Poetry Corner: A Pair of Lightbringing Poems

Today being the Lightbringer's Convention, I felt -- as I always do when deer gather, in light or dark, to share in everything the forest is meant for -- I had to write something for such a lovely sight. In this case, I wrote a pair of small poems.

Rising Leaves

The leaves that tumble
to the fall chill, to land
at the base of the oak:
the bright, the brown, the crisp, the cracked,
the broken and the whole assemble, layer on layer,
freezing the world between their veins
like lace. Dancing in the wind,
the lines of leaves kick up;
the lines of leaves settle down
into a semi-circle stack
at the base of their mother,
their warm-light protector.

But in the frost-lined night,
the ground and air are mirrors: they are still
aloft, the children of the woods,
listening to the humming of her branches,
carrying the light from her heart
to one another, in an unbroken canopy.

To Be a Star

Little flame flickers
It jumps along heart-lines;
One light shapes blazes.

Like hearts in the sky,
One star makes constellations
when each calls the next.

((Like what you just read? Check out Seed's Poetry Corner.))
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TEF Nightmare

Alright, so with Halloween a-coming, I had myself a TEF dream...And it wasn't a nice one.

It started with Seed and some friends chilling around on the red hill, and then a fog came rolling in...And with it, The BZD, coming right up and looming over Seed. This was pretty exciting...And then some new characters appeared. I only remember one of them clearly, but there were two of them: the one I remember was a massive wolf made of something like grey cobwebs, just grey transluscency dangling from it, like the shadows of fur.

I remember someone in my dream saying that The BZD did not kill -- it was just the overseer. And that's when the wolf bit Seed's neck.
The scene cut and I/Seed was...A sort of invisible spider, in a The Path-like house covered in black, red-eyed little mites that scurried around the furniture. I instinctively knew that to get back to normal, I had to get out...And somehow did eventually get outside the house to a grey garden, with a small swing and a fountain. And another dog, this one an actually normal-sized white pitbull. At this point, Seed was sort of back to normal, but not in the clear...As he ran, the dog bit his leg, pulling him down to the ground. The process repeated, but this time, he was being chased by the dog and the grey wolf...And there was Rose from The Path standing with a little bit of water from the pond in her hands, and I suddenly had the feeling this would fix everything and make the dog friendly (the wolf, I was sure, could not be friendly). And then...I woke up.

So, yeah. I'm suddenly kind of glad for the game's quiet and mild Halloween stuff and distinct lack of horror.
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