The Diary of Seed, 12-25-12

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It's been a few days since the return of my sister. Such a darling girl...I never thought I'd see her again, to be honest; Oh, I hoped. I dreamt occaisonally, and thought of those times I spent with her in days past, of those times I'd sit by her side, watching the slight movements of her grey chest, the fitful movement of her eyes like a cloudy night beneath their lids, shaking in a dream that was sometimes fitful and sometimes peaceful, but outside my power to change either way, much as I might wish.
Oh, seeing her again...At first I didn't believe it; I've often seen someone who looks like a lost loved one, only to find it was someone else, and my mind was decieving me. But the trees whispered it first, so when I saw her...I had as hard a time disbelieving as I did believing.

These past few days, seeing her so often, have been a delight. And tonight especially, when the world seems shrouded in a precious darkness, but at once a sort of light on the edges of reality. It came up from our lips in shimmers, and flickering in candle-light off the falling spores of mushrooms. In the distance, I see the rainbows rising off the bubbles, creating a rainbow horizon that reflects a world slightly off-set our own, only the candle-light and the faintest of figures familiar; and they perhaps imagined.

I met her in that darkness with a deer I am not well-acquainted with, but hope to be, for he seemed a fine fellow. He led us along a walk, slow and thoughtful, in the dark. I wondered, for a moment, if the whole of it was lost on her, to whom the darkness of the night was the same as any other...But I was being foolish, and worrying over, I think, very little, for it seemed as I gave that thought, as we walked side by side, that all my other senses rose to connect me. The rising of the crickets, silent in the day; the hooting of distant owls (or, perhaps, distant owl-deer); the lull and the whistle of trees, a woodwind murmur that seemed all the richer for the silence of songbirds. So too came the sensation of the chill of the night, the warmth trailing off our bodies, the scent of the mushrooms adding an odd, dusty wetness to the air. The way the starlight hits you, somehow feeling like a thin spiderweb blanket of silver, as much feeling like heat as it is a matter of light.
It gave me a little to think about. Anyway, I hope we all enjoyed the walk as much as I did; I love a good walk.

As we went, our new friend took us to something...Well, to be honest, I'd never seen it before. I've been in the forest for many years...But I don't remember three candles, thick and tall as the trees that rim the blue bowl, all clustered together. The warm wax slivered down their sides, creating an aura of warmth you felt before you understood that the great white trunks before you were candles. I may want to come back for some of that wax, before they're gone: I bet I could find a good use for it. My antlers are a bit more delicate as branchlers (I need a good word for it), so it's a bit harder to carve poems from stone; maybe wax will be better?

I was stunned, but after Lemon and I's excitement calmed down, we kept walking...We reached a point -- not a special one, but a point -- when we all just stopped...And bust loose. Sent bubbles flying. Ran and laughed and skipped in the dark. Danced on and in the rocks. For a while, we just goofed around and enjoyed each other, sending hoofbeats and laughter, the thin strains of dance music and

We even went and joined Toukan and Khati and a friend of theirs I see often, but never get to really identify clearly. We mostly sat and rested...In fawn form, as a little twist.
Lemon had to go, and I followed soon after, though.

When I came to, it was just Toukan, Khati, and the deer whose name I'd like a better sense of, sitting on the cool rocks, in the cool darkness... Lemon showed up at some point, and I went to join her. We just snuggled in the cold, catching up as siblings. Maybe I should ask her for advice (I am sad I didn't get to see the weather changing with Sage; she always likes it...She lights up, and takes up her mask and...Ah, I'm off-topic.)

Anyway, I was happy to share the day with my sister, and with friends old, new, and everywhere in-between, is my point.
This season is best spent with family, after all.
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This is so beautiful!

This is so beautiful! <3

Lemon loves being able to hang out with Seed again! ;3; We had so much fun today, especially in the birch forest! xD

Your writing always amazes me...
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Aw, thanks... Anyway, it was

Aw, thanks...
Anyway, it was a lot of fun as always.