The Diary of Seed, 11/13/12

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It started out so ordinary...I found Ourania besides a sleeping mini-deer, casting pelt spells. At first, I assumed she was peacocking (which seems cruel, on a mini-deer), until she passed that pelt by with only a shake of her head. It turns out my friend was aiding her, and I joined in until we had it! The deer rose and thanked us, and soon Sage appeared on the scene to join our group...
Which was disrupted when Oura left, and the deer we aided went back to sleep...

Leaving a fawn, Sage, and myself. My heart beat faster, my head felt hot, light and heavy at once....
And the world began to turn around me, the sky, the trees, her features all twirling around, in a world that seemed distant and removed. Only Sage remained, just barely, in my focus as I felt so small and overwhelmed by the sky.... It was then I realized...Regardless of what I say, regardless of what I do...I care for Sage. It was a strange thought to have, then: but it seemed to me that just being near her sent me somewhere in a lighter air, filling my lungs with the aether of her scent. I whirl about to chase it -- to chase her, ever-spinning center of the world...

This was the point where I realized that what I was feeling was not love, but rather some manner of vertigo-inducing fever. I realized this when I collapsed into a shaking pile, passed out on the ground.
I tried to rouse myself again, but the world merely kept spinning until I could not maintain my grip on my stomach's contents (to put it delicately), and collapsed again.

After a while, I awoke again to find the spinning had stopped. Sage was sitting beneath a tree, watching over me...But no sooner had I wobbled my way to her did I faint once more. Flitting back into conciousness took a little less time, but...My vision made no sense. I am pretty sure there were not two of me there -- though maybe there was. I only know what I saw, but my phantom went away after a while. He had looked at me so disapprovingly... Yes, he was disgusted, either by my pitiful state...Or by my pitiful will. Or perhaps that was the fever talking -- but shouldn't a fever have something to say? (Ah, I think I'm still not making sense...)

It was very cold, and very warm, and I and snuggled close. Her fur smelled like flowers... Her skin beneath her fur, as I lay my head into her shoulder, was the color of a white peach's skin.... I ended up staring at whatever I could, to try and focus the world. The veins on the tree's leaves above us -- or my own leaves? I wasn't sure -- the space blended together.
I slept fitfully, in small doses. My dreams were full of beetles and mushrooms and the purple-ish scent of death and ink. There may have been a clown. I've never even seen a clown. How is that fair?
I'm sorry to have been so much trouble, Sage...

About the clown thing. I mean, you have to realize...There are things I know, via the complex informational web of trees, but don't actually *know*. I know the Oddessy....And yet, at the same time...You know, I don't know what a boat really looks like. I've never seen a loom. How do boats work? I've never left these Gods-Blessed woods, man...But here I am, full of stuff that's all at once meaningful and meaningless, All swirled around until my brain's a soup!
I wish I had some soup....Just, you know. Once. In general.

...Twin Gods, I must still not be well at all, to have said all that. Not that my normal ramblings are more intelligable, I suppose.

Back to the day, perhaps. Yes. The day.
This went on for a while, until I awoke and the world once began spinning...And I fainted dead away once more. When I awoke, I tried and eventually succeeded in getting my head on straight.
I thought perhaps if I had some water, maybe things would be better...Cooler. With a feeling like cold fire in my bones, I waited for Sage to rouse so she could help me there...

I knew when I woke up I couldn't make it all the way from the Birch Forest Edge to the Lake -- I was nearer to the lake than the idol -- on my own. But when she woke up, she agreed to set off, and she began gently guiding me there. My steps were slow and heavy, the world bobbing up and down with my steps... I shook from the fever as I walked, and had to stop from time to time. Panting, I leaned on her shoulder as we walked. And with every step, she encouraged me onward.
Every step, her side was there to lean on, her voice encouraging me forward. Through the daze, I saw her when I paused, waiting patiently for me...

Eventually, we reached the water, which cooled my head enough to write...Most of this, anyway, as I dozed beside her under the willow tree...
I stand...Well, actually, I lie. I lay? No, silly, lying is what people do...By what I thought before. Even if I never say a word...I meant it. I really about her very much. I love her.
It may be the fever talking.
But maybe the fever's got something important to say...

((I had a weird, glitchy evening. And when I glitch, Seed gets sick, XD. I still can't figure out what made the camera spin the way it did, which is what intially gave rise to this whole narrative...Anyone know?))
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Ediited it with a bit more

Ediited it with a bit more explanation and a little question... It's odd when you end up writing a diary that's half events and half Character A's relationship with Character B, because you're never sure if anyone other than the player of character B actually bothered with any of it. Eh, well. I suppose it doesn't matter too much. If I want a better sense of my audience, I should...I dunno. I'll think about it. Do something. Get out more, maybe.
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Did you click ctr+alt+p by

Did you click ctr+alt+p by mistake? That takes a panoramic shot of your deer and spins the camera.
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That's a lot of buttons to

That's a lot of buttons to have pressed by mistake 0.o
...But...Maybe. It kept happening over and over again, so it seems unlikely...