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White Deer Herd in Wisconsin

Very interesting stuff, and what beautiful animals!
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Help for a Class...

Will you, the fantastic TEF community, do me the honor of filling out a survey for my class? I am taking a class this semester that requires me to design something. I need input from potential users before I can start working on a prototype.

Please be honest with your responses on this survey. You input will help me a great deal. I am in graduate school, so I am expected to get some good data

Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell you anything. Eye I will not know who responded with what, so don't worry about what you say. Just be honest.

Thank you! The survey will be closed next Sunday.
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Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

This has been posted in the community before, but I thought I would bring it up again to make y'all smile. Smiling
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Jumping on Bandwagon

I know that this is a very vain questions, but I'm curious anyway.

What do you think of me?
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Trailing Graphical Effects When Running (Idea)

I'm crossposting this from the forums since more people come to the community site.

Since I got a Wii for Christmas, I am finally able to play Okami. Of course, I love this game. One of my favorite aspects of the game is when you run for long periods of time, flowers, grass, and sometimes lilypads sprout in your footsteps.

Here is a video that shows this in action.

I was running around in the Forest this evening, and I thought about how it would be neat if our deer could have the same effect on their environment. Possible copyright issues aside, having the deer trail effects such as flowers, grass, lily pads, and even sparkles behind them while running for a period of time might be pretty. Someone mentioned sparkles coming off the deer's hooves in a Christmas thread a couple of years ago.

Maybe this effect could be granted to someone by other players as pelts, masks, and antlers are:

1)A player eats a special fruit or berry, casts a spell on another player.

2) The player receiving the spell would sparkle for a moment to indicate that the spell has taken effect.

3) The trail of flowers/grass/mushrooms/sparkles/whatever would only show up when the player runs.

4a) The trail will remain with the player until he/she sneezes it off or falls in the pond. Or:

4b) The trail fades after a period of time.

Like the other enchantments, the spell would be random, so players would not know whether or not they received the ability to leave behind flowers, grass, mushrooms, sparkles, or some other effect. Players could also have a chance to trail different kinds of flowers, such as poppies, purple flowers, small dandelions, or new flowers that are introduced into the game.

I had this idea in my head and just wanted to get it out there.
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Project Greenleaf Items

Hello all,

I have an online store called Redkora's Forest Fare to help raise funds for Project Greenleaf. My store is one of those listed on the Project Greenleaf page.

Anyway, I have re-listed some items up there. Check it out!

Also, I wasn't able to reopen custom commissions during the Holidays due to the large amount of responsibility I had in organizing and dealing with things I had this time around. After I take stock in what I have for supplies, however, I'll reopen commissions. Smiling

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Concerning the Harvest Moon Party (Sorry)

Well, it looks like the Gods couldn't make it. Auriea told me that they would be there, but if Fatale was giving them problems, they would have to stay off and fix the bugs.

I posted this information in the invitations and the diary entry with the poster, but I think I still accidentally mislead a bunch of people by not being clear enough.

I'm sorry, everyone. Sad
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Sorry I Left So Fast

I have to go to bed. Sad

I had fun, and thank you so much for getting me a set to wear!

Also, I enjoyed the fawns who joined us. Laughing out loud
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O~+Harvest Moon Forest Gathering Tomorrow! 4 PM Central through Midnight!+~O

I may or may not be there because some real life stuff has come up suddenly. Even if you don't see my pictogram, I want you all to have a good time! It's not my party -- it's everyone's party! Laughing out loud

If you know me on Facebook, you may have received an invitation. I have sent it out three times in total.

The Twin Gods will be in the Forest for this unless they are panicking about the release of Fatale. Yay!

Here is the world clock to see everyone's times in relation to yours:

Here is another Time Zone Converter:

Time: 2:00 PM Houston Time, and will go on all the rest of the day!
Location: The Playground (rock formation in the Birch Forest)
What to wear: Anything, including nothing!
Activities: Dancing, sitting, running around, and just having fun.

I want everyone to have fun!

Have fun, all!
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Stagleaf, and Endless Forest Blog on Blogspot, is Shutting Down

If you have been here for awhile, you may know about Stagleaf, an Endless Forest blog on Blogspot that I started in April of 2007. As time went on, I invited Laruna, Jen, and Wildbluesun to be contributors on the blog. However, after talking to the other contributors and months of reflection, I have come to the conclusion that it's time for this blog to be put to rest.

Since then, Michael and Auriea, the creators of Tale of Tales, created the community site. Since the community site has a place for blog posts, there really wasn't any reason to keep an outside blog running other than to bring in people from the outside. However, not enough people are reading it.

I am in graduate school. If you're unfamiliar with that term, it means that I am in a university program that one attends after receiving his or her Bachelor's degree. Grad school is very intense, time consuming work that leaves very little energy for non-academic endeavors.

That said, I can not afford to put energy into a blog that few will ever read. I have posted links to my blog numerous times, but not enough people have expressed interest in it for me to keep it up; however, I am not angry. That's life: Some things take off, some things don't. Some things, like Stagleaf, do well in the beginning and then fizzle out. This is just the way things are. All one can do consolidate energy elsewhere and move on.

If you're interested in what the writers at Stagleaf have to say concerning the Forest, follow me, Jen, and Laruna on the community website and forums. Wildbluesun can still be followed on deviantART.

I would like to thank Laruna, Jen, and Wildbluesun for contributing when they could to this blog. They are wonderful people.

If you have been reading it, I apologize, and thank you for reading.
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